A Dilapidation Report is a record of the condition of the existing buildings before building works are started, they can be required by the local councils so as they can protect there assets before heavy haulage uses there roads or footpaths as well as the builder can also require a report of the existing condition of the building that abuts his new construction works so as to avoid disputes in the future .Councils also require these reports as part of the development phase for building approval, on completion another report is conducted outlaying any changes to the existing council assets and existing buildings Report. We recommend that you have a Dilapidation Report done for your protection as well as to be in compliance with the local authorities.

dilapidation reports

Is a Building Report Required?


The condition report will also document the condition of all footpaths and kerbs as well as all crossovers that may be affected by the building works, and it will record condition of these assets before building commences and then at the completion any deposits paid to council will be able to be refunded if the condition report shows that no damage has occurred.

House Inspections have experience and the knowledge in the conduct  of Dilapidation Inspections as they are the professionals in this field so you can have peace of mind that nothing has been missed, access to any properties for inspection can be organized by us if you prefer .dilapidation reports

The Condition Report will include photos of the existing defects and nature of defect as well as location ,any cracks will be measured before and after to show any difference in width of cracks to therefore to provide a better understanding of the nature of the damage. The exterior of the building is inspected as well as all the interior sections are recorded, we also record any retaining walls, sheds, pathways and fencing, give house inspections a call for any concerns or for any free advice.

dilapidation reports

Have our professional inspectors conduct a Dilapidation Condition Report to provide you with expert evidence to support you in the case of any claims for damages in the future.


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