We are the Pre Purchase Building and House Inspection Experts in Melbourne

As professional house inspectors, we help you know the true condition of a property. Whether you are buying a new property or renovating an existing home, our experts can help you understand a home’s condition.
Our pre-purchase building inspectors empower you. You’ll know you are making a solid decision; how much work the home needs and if you should re-negotiate the home’s sales price right away. We put you in a position of power with our quality building inspection Melbourne report – all reports follow Victorian Building Authority Guidelines
At this time, Victoria doesn’t have specific legislation regarding who can conduct pre-purchase or pre-auction building inspections in Melbourne. Anyone can claim that they do a great job. You have to do your due diligence and find the right inspector. You need one that will conduct a thorough investigation, write a qualified report, and have the right insurance in place.
We are a Melbourne-based building and property inspection company that meets each of these qualifications. We specialize in finding structural building defects in Melbourne, Frankston, and surrounding areas. We always follow the guidelines set by the Victorian Building Authority ensuring that your building is safe, sound, and most importantly, a good investment.


Our team works together with you, helping you make a good decision. We know the importance of knowing a building’s condition. Not only do you need to know if there are structural defects, but you also need to know if there are termite issues, pest issues, or defects that could affect the home’s safety. You can trust that our reports are 100% accurate – ensuring that you know every detail of the home’s condition before you purchase it.

Hire Experienced Melbourne Building Inspectors

When you need a pre-auction or pre-purchase building inspection, you want an inspector with knowledge and experience. Our inspectors all have many years of experience behind them. We can also gladly offer you referrals from past clients, allowing you to hear for yourself about the quality of our work.
Each of our inspectors works with integrity and professionalism. We get into the property as quickly as we can, conducting a thorough inspection. We then write up the report in a timely fashion – sometimes as quickly as within the same 24 hours, so that you have the answers you need right away.
What We Do
You probably wonder just what a building inspector does. What can we see that you can’t tell on your own? It all comes down to the trained eye. As you walk through a property, you are blinded by the features that you love. Your emotions take over and you don’t look in the nooks and crannies for little details that are telltale signs of structural issues.

That’s why we do what we do. We are your rationale. We walk through the home with a trained eye. We look for structural defects, cracks to your walls, pest or termite issues, mould growth, and other structural building defects within our building inspection guidelines. We are the impartial advice you need when buying a home.

After we conduct pre-purchase or building and termite inspections in Melbourne, we write up a report for you to keep. You can view the report on your own time, taking it all in and allowing it to help you make a decision. If we find issues, you typically have a few options:


  • Ask the seller to fix the issues
  • Re-negotiate the sales price
  • Back out of the sale


Don’t make the mistake of thinking a home is in great condition. Even brand new homes have structural issues. Unless you get the green light from professionals like us, never assume. The building inspections report makes life easier as all defects will be highlighted with easy to read formats.

The Benefit of a Pre Purchase Home Inspection
We understand that buying a property is a lifelong investment. You probably even saved up for many years for it. You want your investment to be fruitful and that’s what we do. Don’t leave your purchase to chance. Call the experts in pre purchase building & house inspections today at 0450632867 for a top-quality inspection at affordable prices!


We will report on all Internal and External areas of the property including but not limited to the following:

  • Sub Floor
  • Roof Space
  • Any Structural Defects
  • All wet areas
  • Retaining walls
  • Carport/Sheds
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical


At House Inspections Melbourne we offer same day reports emailed to you with photos and a phone consultation.

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George has provided me with amazing service and support. I was in an immensely frustrating and maddening situation in which nobody was even slightly willing to step in and help me. George was the one and only person who not only patiently listened to my problem, but he also understood my position. Despite how time consuming and exasperating it was to find a solution, George worked intently and with a great deal of patience and resolution.

He’s really active updated me frequently on how things were going and really devoted himself to helping me out. I definitely recommend his service, without a shadow of a doubt!

Thanks for your help George!


Thanks for your help George!

George has helped me when nobody else could. Excellent customer service, honest, easy to communicate with and an expert in his field. It’s been an absolute pleasure to deal with George and I can highly recommend him to anyone that would like an affordable and stress free outcome. I’m very grateful to have come across him and will never use anyone else in the future.


George has been a huge help for us. He has been friendly, reliable, professional, honest and have a great attention to detail. He did a very thoughtful job and came up with solutions. We are extremely pleased with his work. We highly recommend George and we will definitely be using his service again in the future. Thank you again.