Pre Purchase Building Pest Inspections Melbourne

pre purchase building pest inspections melbourne

 When buying property, it is essential to be fully aware of what you are buying, before you sign a contract and hand over your hard earned money!

What if there are major defects detected in future which will break the bank?

Maybe there are smaller, hidden problems, which if they had been known, could have given leverage to negotiate a lower purchase price.

If you are purchasing a new property, has the workmanship been completed to a satisfactory standard which meets your high expectations?

At House Inspections our primary job is to identify any issues, large or small, that could affect the final purchase price of the property, and bring them to your attention.

We have no relationship with vendors or builders, so you can rest assured that all of our inspections are genuine, authentic, and are undertaken with your best interests in mind.

Our Pre Purchase Building Pest Inspections Melbourne report is designed to thoroughly examine all areas of the building and is undertaken in accordance with AS 439.1

 We provide a detailed report within 24 hours of the inspection by email and use industry-standard software to provide easy to follow reports which include clearly labelled colour photos to highlight any issues.


We examine the following parts of the exterior of the property:

– Starting outside, we check for any signs of cracking, wear, or dampness on the external walls, which is a critical step, as any of these could allow rainfall to filter through to the building’s inner walls.

– A thorough check of any decks, patios, balconies, verandas, handrails, and balustrades to ensure they comply with all relevant safety regulations.

– Examination of electrical and hot water systems to make sure they are fitted with correct safety switches, where applicable.

– Careful examination of external woodwork including all external posts, windows and frames, and doors and frames.

Boundary Areas

It is often easy to overlook inspecting areas which are not near the main building

– Check to ensure that boundary fencing shows no sign of termite nests or damp areas, and is in a good state of repair.

– Inspection of all paths and driveways to check for general surface cracking, or signs of deterioration.

– Verify there are no signs of possible underground water retention or drainage problems, which could lead to rising dampness on the main walls.

– Inspection of the condition of the structure of any garages or sheds, if appropriate.

 External Roof

– We physically climb onto the external roof, which lets us authentically locate any damaged or broken tiles, and ensures that the overall roofing structure has no failure or weakness.

– Examination of the security of guttering, flashings, ridges, valleys, as well as the condition of chimney or flue structures, making sure they have been securely attached to the building.

Sub Floor

Quite often the original builder leaves unused building materials in the sub floor area. We inspect this area to make sure all materials have been removed, and nothing else is stored here.

Material left in sub floor can restrict airflow and ventilation, as well as being a potential breeding ground for pests and even encourage a termite infestation. We also check that there are no signs of dampness, there are sufficient pest capping, structurally sound stumps and piers, and that the electrical wiring is in a good state of repair.

We ensure that there are unblocked air vents, as well as no restrictions, to guarantee that there is adequate ventilation in this area.


Although it may seem unnecessary, we carefully measure and examine all internal walls, making sure that they are exactly perpendicular, as well as they have no signs of surface cracking, general decay, movement, or signs of dampness.

We also:

– Inspect the ceilings for any signs of water leakage, either from outside or caused by leaking pipes in the roof cavity area.

– Check and inspect that all floors, doors, and windows have been fitted correctly and close properly creating a tight seal. Also, we check there is no dampness, or signs of movement, which could lead to possible future decay.

– Verify all wet areas including toilets, bathrooms, laundry, and kitchen, and also internal plumbing to look for indications of excess moisture, indications of mould, or faulty waterproofing.

Roof Cavity

We thoroughly check for any signs of damaged electrical wiring, external rain leakage, and deterioration of insulation material.


We also make 100% sure that there is adequate airflow and ventilation and that no vents are obstructed or blocked in any way.

Most importantly, we make sure there is no evidence of rodents or pests nesting in the roof cavity

.Pre Purchase Building Pest Inspections reports are well worth the small cost

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