do you have cracks like this?
Are you worried about all the cracks that are appearing throughout your walls and are concerned of there future defect in terms of the structure and are there other defects that are causing you concern then you dont need to worry as we are just a phone call away ,we will report on all defects and how to best rectify with detailed information supplied.

Our VBA registered consultants will help you to better understand what you are dealing with so you can sleep at nights -our pre purchase building inspections reports are very detailed with photos and defects found and how to rectify .

  • We will inspect over 1000 items throughout our inspection process including the roof space and sub floor
  •  We will also inspect the drainage and conduct a pest inspection all through the home 

We service all Melbourne suburbs and are always on time providing the service that we are famous for.

Give us a call as most concerns we can rectify over the phone with no cost involved or we can book a date and time to conduct an inspection of your building-house

We will ring the real estate agent on your behalf to set up a time and we will confirm with you ,you have the option of being present and if you cannot make it we will give you a call detailing all items of concern which will be detailed in the report.

Give us a call today on 0450 632 867 for any advice