House inspections  Melbourne are an important part of real estate contracts for many  buyers, as people are becoming more aware of the benefits of conducting a house inspection before pre purchase of a property.

A building inspection gives you a better understanding of the condition of the building that you’re looking at buying.

.It also allows you to re negotiate your purchase price I the case that defects are found, whether they are minor of major defects.


Essentially, buying a home is a very emotional process -for many clients considering  buying a property as once in a lifetime affair and as such want there house to have no minor or major defects that will cost them thousands to repair in the future.

House Inspections has the expertise at conducting thorough investigations of your building before purchase allowing you to make an informed decision on the property .

If any defects are found within the inspection report you may be able to re negotiate the contract price saving you thousands of dollars.


Before you put your home on the market, consider having a house inspection performed to obtain an objective report on the condition of the property therefore saving time and also you the home owner money if any defects are found.

If there are defects they will be detailed in the report therefore giving you recommendations as to the best way of proceeding further.

Just like making sure your property presents well with appearance making sure that there are no significant defects existing will ensure that your property will be sold with minimum fuss and loss of money to you the owner.

An experienced building inspector will complete a thorough and extensive inspection of the property both externally and internally to identify if there are any major structural defects, or any other issues, and document these with photos.

Where access is possible, the Sub Floor and Roof Space will also be inspected, along with a comprehensive maintenance check, and an estimated cost required for any necessary repairs. We also focus on wet areas, to check for any dampness issues, or leaking. At no extra charge, we can also offer any building advice you may require such as in regards to renovation plans, or remove walls.

We do a visual inspection, of all electrical and plumbing, and test for water pressure, drainage, water hammer, as well as checking the safety switch and any old electrical wiring. We can also advise if there may be asbestos present in any material used in the property.

If any issues are found, it is recommended to engage a licensed plumber or electrician to further investigate, and provide more qualified advice. Please let us know in advance if you have any concerns, or requests about your property, to ensure that the inspectors are fully aware of the issue.

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