Residential Pre Purchase Building Inspection Melbourne

Residential Pre Purchase Building Inspection Melbourne
residential pre purchase building inspection

Building inspection will detect building defects

Residential Pre Purchase Building Inspection Melbourne Report will detail all defects major and minor giving you peace of mind that the property you are to buy is defects free of structural wall defects,water internal damage,no issues with drainage,all plumbing is serviceable

The biggest areas of concern for home owners is the sub floor as these areas are prone to fungal decay under wet areas like bathrooms and laundries and are the hardest areas of inspection.

How many time have we found termite damage to floor joists and to bearers cut by plumbers when installing there waste pipes and rot to timber stumps that are structurally unsound.

Inspecting properties that are constructed on concrete slabs are a lot easier than house inspections of houses with a sub floor that the inspector is required to crawl under and if he’s not diligent he could miss areas of termite infestations to structural timbers that could be considered to be structural.

The Roof space and the roof are other areas of concern and are also difficult to inspect due to limited space between floor joists and rafters ,step the wrong way and you will fall through the roof,it has happened.

Do you know the condition of your future Melbourne home or investment property before the expiration of your contract cooling-off period or prior to bidding at auction with a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection we adhere to the Victorian Building Authorities guidelines.

Our comprehensive pre purchase building inspections cover the following

  • Interior and exterior of the building
  • Floors (tiling / timber flooring)
  • Internal walls for structural issues
  • Paint / plastering
  • Ceilings
  • Drainage issues
  • Window and window frames
  • Doors, door frames
  • All Kitchen appliances
  • Stairs, balustrades and handrails
  • All Wet areas (bathrooms / powder rooms / WC’s / laundries etc.)
  • Basins, vanities and benchtops, cabinets, plumbing fixtures & fittings, toilet cisterns
  • Shower recess (frames / tiles & grout / floor trap drainage flanges
  • Baths (tubs / hobs / seal to wall, floor, and vanity junctions etc.)
  • Rising damp to all walls
  • Roof space framing structures (where accessible)
  • Sarking / sisalation
  • Party walls
  • Insulation and downlight clearances
  • Roof coverings (Colourbond sheeting / tiles etc.)
  • Skylights and vents
  • Flashings, valleys
  • Gutters
  • Downpipes
  • Eaves, fascia, barges
  • Balconies
  • Pergolas / verandas
  • Columns / support posts
  • External walls and cladding
  • Window and window frame exteriors / lintels
  • External doors
  • Hot water units
  • Subfloor ventilation
  • Patios / decking
  • Outbuildings (sheds, granny-flats, external WC / Laundry etc.)
  • Garages and carports
  • Site features within 20 metres of the dwelling inside site boundaries
  • Overhanging trees / vegetation )
  • Paths, driveways
  • Fences and retaining walls

The Purchase of your future home is often the largest investment that most people will make, so it is critical that you do everything in ensuring that your investment is free of defects.

A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection will inform you of the condition of your future home and will make you familiar of any potential defects that may exist, giving you an idea of potential repair and maintenance costs prior to committing to the building/property. This knowledge will result in you avoiding potentially expensive repair costs if a defect is found and in turn, giving you increased bargaining power when negotiating the purchase.

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We will conduct a thorough Pre-Purchase building inspection of your prospective property and structures within the site boundaries (including fences) in accordance with “AS4349.1 – 2007 Inspection of buildings – pre purchase inspections”, and will provide you same-day via email a comprehensive written report detailing all of the major and minor defects complete with coloured photos.

 Our building inspector will also contact you by phone following the completion of the inspection discussing the findings and providing you with specific advice, or you or you may choose to be present during the inspection process.

Contact George now to organise your pre-purchase building inspection, we also conduct pre purchase building and pest (termites) inspections at a reduced fee.

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