Building and Termite Inspections in Melbourne may seem like costing you  money you don’t have, especially if you keep losing at the auction. Is the building inspection required or is it actually worth it? We know it is because we see so many houses a year and we view the problems.

We have all noticed the house buyers attend the open for reviews and look for defects, test the doorways and leap up and down floors. Everything appears fine, but are you sure…. House-Inspections carried out a building inspection in Lilydale recently for a client who was initially undecided if a building inspection  was worthwhile or not. He considered the home appeared in good order…

.Admittedly the house looked great to us from the outside also. The house had significant defects with the sub floor as the stumps had been become rotten and required urgent replacing and the bearers were not sitting on the stumps believe it or not. The cost to rectify was approx.. $8,000 and it was money the client did not have so yes it was worth it  as he saved himself thousands. Our customer bought the house and was astute enough to have a decent building inspection clause written in his offer.

The building inspection wasn’t a waste of money – he got his moneys worth and made cash by negotiating a better price for the house. All houses have issues. In 25 years performing pre-purchase building inspections we likely find one perfect home per year and that includes new homes.. When we come across homes like this it makes as wish that they were all the same but they are not.

Don’t be too Particular

Home buyers should not expect the home they’re buying to be perfect because it won’t be. They need to expect that there’ll be maintenance issues that need rectification always. All houses have defects and they are no different from an automobile as continuous maintenance is required on a regular basis. You are somewhat insane if you do not get a building inspection report  as it has the potential to save you thousands. Never buy a property without the services of a Building Inspector in Melbourne We are VBA Registered Building Practitioners with many years of experience so before you sign your contract give us a call.

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We can generally undertake an inspection within 24 to 48 hours, however sometimes up to 3 days notice may be required. At the time of your call or email enquiry, we will advise our exact availability. It is recommended to confirm your appointment ASAP so that there is sufficient time to schedule with the agent or to allow notice for the Tenant or Vendor. If you are not yet ready to book an inspection, please let us know your request by email or call us, so that we can reserve a place for you in future.