Benfits of a Building pest inspection in Croydon


Croydon is a picturesque suburb of Melbourne  30 kilometers east of the Melbourne Central District, located within the city of Maroondah, with a population of 28,608 at the 2021 census (Wikipedia). Many Australians choose to invest in a property in this location, which could be a residence or a commercial space. However, investing in a property with a thorough building and pest inspection in Croydon can be a good idea. That’s because the modern landscape of Croydon is not immune to pest challenges and can be prone to many issues related to old or unsafe buildings. 

Croydon is in a termite declared area, as stated within the local council, with all new buildings and renovations required to have a termite treatment installed

Here are the top benefits of hiring expert inspectors for building pest inspections Melbourne – 

Ensuring Structural Integrity

Croydon has a range of buildings, many of which are old, while others are modern. A professional inspection helps identify structural integrity issues as you get a detailed report on the building’s existing condition. If there are any potential hazards, they can be identified immediately. Similarly, if the property needs costly repairs, these can be identified during a pre-purchase building and pest inspection in Croydon. It gives you a better perspective and helps you make an informed decision.

Identify & Eliminate Pest Vulnerabilities in the Building

In Croydon, termite and pest infestations are quite common because of the presence of water bodies and natural landscapes. Pre-purchase building pest inspections in Melbourne protect buyers from considerable repair work and pest eradication expenses. Buyers can negotiate a lower price or ask the seller to fix the problems. 

To summarise, building and pest inspections in Croydon have many benefits. It helps safeguard buyers from unforeseen expenses in the future and safety aspects, and it helps the buyer purchase the property with confidence. 

Clients ring up constantly with the first question, “What is the cost for a building and pest inspection?” which is frustrating as the cost price is important but not as important as asking questions like “Is the building inspector registered?” “How long have you been in business? ““What does the building and pest inspector check? ““How long does the building inspection take?Questions like these should also be asked during the phone call. Not all trades are the same, ,not all doctors are the e same. Obviously, choosing the cheapest will sometimes come back to haunt you if crucial defects are not picked up during the inspection.

As this profession in Victoria is not regulated, any person can call himself a building inspector, with dire consequences to some clients .

For a thorough building and pest inspection in Croydon, give us a call at 0450 632 867 . Our professional building reports will be emailed to you the same day,, not in 24 hours like most inspectors quote.