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Since purchasing a home is not cheap and it takes investing time and your savings, buying a property for yourself and your family is an extremely vital decision. On the other hand, prior to investing in a property or a house, it is vital to thoroughly inspect the property or building to ensure that it is pest-free, termite-free, and worthy of your buying. Our expert building inspectors are well-trained and fully qualified to do pre-purchase building and pest inspections to make sure you are making the right choice, and that the property you want to purchase is ideal for you and your family.

Problems faced when buying/selling property:

Structural issues:

Properties may have structural issues such as cracks in  foundation/walls, roof leaks, uneven floors that can be expensive to fix 

Pest infestations:

Pests such as termites, rodents or ants can cause significant damage to a property & may be difficult to detect without a professional inspection.

Plumbing issues:

Leaks or blockages in the plumbing system can cause water damage & may require costly repairs or replacements. 

Compliance issues:

Some properties may have compliance issues such as unapproved structures or additions, which cause problems with local council regulations & affect property’s value. 

Defects issues:

Major components of a building, including the exterior, ceilings, walls, floors, windows, doors inspection of any structural building defects.

Insulation issues:

Poor insulation or ventilation can cause energy inefficiencies, leading to high heating & cooling costs for residents

Why Pre Purchase Building or Pest Inspection is vital in Melbourne?

It’s an important step to do a building and pest inspection, to make sure that the property you’re acquiring is not a hideout for termites and other types of pests and is worth every penny that you’ve invested.

Building and Pest Inspection: What Do We Inspect During the Process

Interiors & Exteriors
We inspect all parts of your home or building interiors & exterior, including roof voids, ceilings, railings, doors, fireplaces, walls, windows, tiling, kitchen, bathroom fixtures. Subfloor, roof exteriors, footings, gutters, soffits, and many others.

Fences, retaining walls, steps, walkways, driveways, pergolas, drainage, etc. as just some of the areas we check during the building and pest inspection.

Our experienced inspectors will check the structure for active termites and subterranean termites. This takes account of the Garage, Chimney, Attic, balconies, deck, foundation, basement, patio, and a whole lot more.

Who Can Benefit from Building Inspection/Pest Inspection?

Building inspections are required before buying or selling a property ensuring its free from any structural issues that could cost you thousands to rectify. Why do some people buy a house first and then decide to do a building inspection when potentially it might be too late as you cannot go back on your contract, always conduct an inspection with a registered building practitioner prior to purchase? 

The clause within your contract ‘conditional upon a building pest inspection” does not provide the protection that many people believe,did you know that your building inspection is required to be conducted by a registered building practitioner so how do you know that your building inspector is registered when in fact he may not be, always check his name under the database of the Victoria Building Authority (VBA)

Advance Tools & Technology​

Moisture Meters

Moisture meters are used to detect the presence & levels of moisture within building materials such as wood, drywall, & concrete. These meters help identify areas of potential water damage, leaks, or moisture intrusion, which leads to structural issues or mold growth.


Thermal Camera

Infrared camera building inspections identify problems by viewing differences in temperature on a gradient scale through thermal imaging. his is a non-invasive temperature measurement tool that can keep you from spending money on repairs in the future.


A borescope is a flexible tube with a camera and light attached to it. It’s used to visually inspect areas that are difficult to access, such as inside wall cavities, ductwork, or pipes. By using borescope, our inspectors can examine the condition of hidden components and identify any defects or damages.

Termatrac Device

Termatrac’s detection technology is unique to the market, designed and specifically calibrated to detect termites and other insect activity. The radar technology confirms movement by penetrating through most building materials to locate and track termite and other insect activity.

Registered Practitioner

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Our Most Valuable Clients

kayla bishop
kayla bishop
George and Anne were very prompt and efficient in arranging a pre purchase building and pest inspection for me. The report was detailed and George called me to explain the defects noted. Highly recommend to all!
Scott Whitehead
Scott Whitehead
George and Anne are fantastic! Right from the get go Anne got in contact with me very promptly and George was on the job within two days giving us great and thorough feedback. Highly recommend the service
Sharna B
Sharna B
Highly recommend this service. Anne and George were so helpful. Thank you
Excellent service and wonderful job done
Cynthia Listis
Cynthia Listis
I Building and pest inspection conducted by George went better than we expected as initially we were sceptical to spend the money as property seemed ok but when Building report was emailed to us we were surprised at so many detailed defects,we eventually got the vendor to fix all issues so we did save ourselves a lot of money,George was extremely helpful with taking us through the report, highly recommended
William Luu
William Luu
Efficient and professional with practical advice. George picked up on some critical items and provided great follow up advice on how to address the issues. Was able to speak to him for a good half hour as a follow up on any questions I had.
Danica Pringle
Danica Pringle
Super professional and gave me such valued advice on a potential property purchase! Great and prompt service, will not hesitate to get in touch with George again throughout my house hunting journey
Ryan Antidormi
Ryan Antidormi
Great quality service and top quality detail on a building inspection. Highly recommend George!
Yang C
Yang C
George's service is professional, responsive, and friendly. He does a good job even when it is called upon on short notice. His reports are comprehensive and he's always available for a follow-up chat for clarification or quotation for maintenance/fixing. He's direct and will provide you with an objective view of needs to be done. Thanks George.

We provide building inspections throughout the Melbourne area whether in the Western, Eastern, or Northern suburbs, we are there. Make an informed decision, contact us on 0450 632 867 for free advice, or to book an inspection today. Trust us to provide you with the most reliable and professional building inspection services in Melbourne.