Building Inspection Before Buying House

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Building Inspection Before Buying House

Building inspection before buying a house is critical as it could save you thousands if defects are present

There are a number of different types of defects that can be found in buildings. Some are structural and some are functional.

Structural defects include cracks, gaps, or openings in the building envelope. Functional defects include improper use or installation of equipment and fixtures.

A building inspection is a comprehensive examination of the condition and features of a building to establish its suitability for occupancy or use

A building inspection can be done by a professional inspector or by a self-inspection. In this section, we will talk about the various defects found in buildings and how they can affect the safety of the structure.

Defects to sub floors

Normally to sub floor inspections we notice defects to timber stumps that are showing signs of decay causing unevenness to flooring

Dampness and mould to sub floors caused by plumbing defects within the ground,contour of the land allowing water to enter the sub floor, decay to timber flooring caused by defective showers/baths or termite infestations, inspection of a sub floor is very critical as most defects are found there.

Inadequate ventilation to sub floor can lead to serious problems occurring with termite inspections as termites love these conditions, rising dampness is caused by low level of ventilation.

Home owner should always ensure that weep holes/vents are free of debris and not covered by soil or vegetation as there effectiveness will be compromised .

Retaining Walls

Retaining wall defects are common and quite expensive to rectify if major defects exist due to termite infestations or inadequate design and poor workmanship in not allowing for drainage .

A building Inspection will provide the owner with a clear precise building report attaching photos and location of defects and how best to rectify ,buying a house and then finding the existence of major structural defects could set you back thousands so a building pre purchase inspection can act as an insurance policy ,for the small amount of cost involved its not worth the risk.

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