No matter if you are buying, selling, or renting a home, getting a building inspection is one of the best investments you can make. A building inspection reveals whether there are any issues with the house such as dampness, termites, or anything else that needs fixing.

While a building inspection may seem like a somewhat expensive initial outlay, it can prove to be very beneficial, as it gives an insight into the condition of the property. People often make the mistake of not paying for a building inspection, which then becomes very expensive in future due to unforeseen issues and repairs.building inspection

Before signing any legal real estate contracts, it’s critical to have a building inspection undertaken on the property. If there is an issue discovered, there is an opportunity not to proceed with the purchase if costly repairs are required.

While unlikely, there is a possibility that the building has had illegal modifications, in much the same way a car has. If so, then you could end up being liable. This often occurs with heritage listed buildings, with some City Councils or State Governments having the authority to request the building be reverted to its original condition – at your own expense.building inspection

Another scenario is that building works weren’t done in compliance with safety regulations and building codes and standards, which could lead to a death trap or accident waiting to happen. Carrying out building inspections will help alleviate these concerns and allow you to make an informed decision in regards to the condition of the property in advance, and to also negotiate a property price reduction to factor in the cost of the repairs. You may also request that the terms of the sales agreement cover the repairs in the final price.building inspection

Without a building inspection, there is also the risk of making an unconditional offer on a property, only to find out that you are unable to take out insurance. The majority of banks require insurance as a condition of a loan agreement, and if an insurance company declines to offer insurance, then you run the risk of being out of pocket a significant amount for the deposit already paid. In the long run, a building inspection is one of the wisest investments you can make

Building Inspections Melbourne

Before purchasing a home in Melbourne, or anywhere around Australia, it’s crucial that you do your due diligence before signing any agreement or investing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Buying a property is one of the most significant decisions you will make in your life, and is not one to take lightly.

There is a long and complicated process that goes into buying a new property. Firstly you need to obtain finance and work out your budget, then the search begins. Once you have a shortlist of properties, its time to attend inspections/open homes. After finding the perfect property, it’s strongly recommended to get a house inspection too.

building inspections melbourne
Home inspector looking for possible problems for a potential buyer looking for needed repairs

A building  inspections Melbourne report lets you know of any faults with the property before signing a contract and is essential. It allows you to withdraw from the deal if there are significant faults found, which can potentially save you a lot of money if a defect appeared after the purchase was already complete. Which in that case, you would be personally liable for the cost of repairs, which depending on the fault, could become quite significant. This can be easily prevented by paying for a house inspection before making an offer.

If a significant issue was later discovered which was a deal-breaker, and you chose not to proceed with the sale, you would be legally liable for the deposit, any legal fees and the finance approval fees if you hadn’t first had a home inspection done.

building inspections melbourne

Building inspections Melbourne reports often seems like an unnecessary cost, and one that can be avoided. However, with the significant amount being spent, sometimes in the millions, its one of the best investments you can make. A qualified independent builder  can check the property over and advise it’s exact condition. If any defects are found which need repairing, this knowledge can provide bargaining power when negotiating a price.

Getting an independent building inspections Melbourne report conducted allows you to avoid the risk of the vendor omitting known defects, to try and ask for the highest price possible. It’s similar to when buying a used car, a lot of sellers don’t disclose faults. However, a home inspection lets you know exactly what you are getting ahead of time, and ensures no nasty surprises will surface later on.

Building Inspections in Melbourne

Most homeowners want to keep their maintenance costs down, and the best way to do so is to eliminate unnecessary expenses. That’s why it’s essential to have your home checked for termites and other pests. It’s not surprising that termites can leave entire rooms destroyed and cost several thousand dollars to be repaired. Worse still, the whole room may need to be replaced.building inspections in melbourne

Having a building inspections in Melbourne report carried out will identify pests early, and reduce the risk of them spreading throughout the home. It will also provide the option to fumigate before it becomes out of control, and prevent further infestations from happening, all while saving you money in the long term.

If there are termites in your home, and they go undetected, it could end up becoming very expensive to repair the damage they have caused, with the worst case scenario being the entire home needing to be demolished. Homes also lose value if they have termites, and it may turn off potential buyers from still being interested, leaving you stuck with a property which can’t be sold while costing you money.

building inspections in melbourne

A building inspections in Melbourne report is also beneficial when you wish to buy a property. If termites are found after an inspection has been done, it then gives you bargaining power to negotiate a lower price for the property, that is if you still wish to go ahead with the purchase.

Without having regular building and pest inspections, you face the risk of having a pest infestation, leading you to continually needing to repaint the walls, costing both time and money. If termites are discovered, they need to be treated immediately, or it can lead to whole rooms or the entire house being unsafe and uninhabitable and needing to be knocked down. In addition to the building repair/renovation costs, you will also be liable for temporary accommodation costs too.

building inspections in melbourne

Paying a small amount for regular building and pest inspections are nothing compared to the more significant problem of having a pest infestation that may be undiscovered and slowly destroying your home.




Pre Purchase Building Inspections

It’s no surprise that buying a property can quickly become expensive, with legal costs, real estate fees, and not to mention the time costs of searching for a new property. All of these expenses are unavoidable. However, there are other costs which are as equally important, pre purchase building inspection costs.pre purchase building inspections

It may seem unnecessary and rather expensive at the time, however, it is one of the best investments you can make and is cheaper in the long run than buying a property which may require repairs. Property Pre Purchase Building Inspections are essential to protect your investment, which may range from hundreds of thousands of dollars, up to millions of dollars. An inspection allows you to identify any structural issues which may be present with the property, which could pose a safety risk in future, or be costly to repair.

A pre purchase building inspection gives you the change to either decide to proceed with an offer on the property or to back out before making an offer and commitment if repairs are going to be expensive. If the inspection uncovered undisclosed issues, it then gives you the negotiating power to submit a lower offer to the listing price which will cover the cost of the repairs, due to the time involved and inconvenience caused, or for any associated costs like temporary accommodation.

pre purchase building inspections

An inspection also gives you a chance to budget and allow for any repairs which need to be undertaken, which is critical if you need to apply for finance. Having repairs done allows you to negotiate terms such as when you will settle, move into the property, and also exit your current property. If the repairs are going to take weeks or months to complete, then this is extremely important.

The most frequent faults discovered during an inspection are usually to do with electrical wiring, structural, or plumbing issues. Once the issues have been identified, you are then able to request the real estate agent or vendor’s consent to get repair quotes before submitting an offer, which will give an indication of the time and cost of the repairs, as well as what is involved.pre purchase building inspections

This allows you to make a better-informed decision if you are selling your current property also, and will eliminate the time you may need to seek temporary accommodation while the repairs are being carried out.


Building Inspector

A building inspector has the vital job of checking a home to ensure that it is free from defects, problems, or issues which may not be obvious to the plain eye. Building inspectors are qualified professionals who know what to look for and can easily detect any issues with the building which may need to be repaired.building inspector

If something was to go wrong and you decided not to hire a building inspector, then you may have no recourse while still being legally obligated to proceed with the purchase. A building inspector can determine the true condition of the property and not just the condition which has been disclosed to sell the property. It’s common knowledge that most sales consultants only reveal the benefits and advantages of a property to make a sale while ignoring any issues. A building inspector provides the full picture.

If any repairs need to be carried out, or anything replaced, then you will be able to budget for post-purchase expenses ahead of time. This gives an accurate cost for the whole process and allows you to decide if it still makes financial sense to proceed with the purchase of the property or to submit a lower offer which takes into account the cost of any repairs required. It is not uncommon for most homes to require some renovations or post-purchase changes, but a building inspector gives an accurate idea of what is required.building inspector

As a seller, it is also a good idea to have a building inspector check your building before listing it for sale. Doing so will help to build trust with buyers if you are honest and open about any defects found from the inspection results. It also has the benefit of allowing you to fix the defects ahead of time, and then set a higher listing price for the property than if it was to be sold still with defects. For every renovation done to the property, you can demand a higher selling price, so it makes financial sense to get a building inspection completed before selling your property.

It would be a worst nightmare come true to list a property for sale, only to discover it is deemed uninhabitable based on legal standards, or that there is a serious issue later discovered such as termites, or building dampness. Getting a full building report from a qualified building inspector can help eliminate these problems from occurring.

Pre Auction Inspection

It’s easy to get carried away after finding the property of your dreams, and not wanting to get things checked out properly because it seems perfect. This is a big mistake and can cause you to overlook things that are wrong, while only focusing on the things you love about the home. This is where a pre auction  inspection is highly beneficial; they are performed by an unbiased inspector who can offer independent advice and also identify any problems which are easily overlooked when making emotional decisions and not logical ones. A Pre auction inspection will give potential buyers the full picture, revealing any faults, and allowing them to make an informed decision.pre auction inspection

Inspections include checking all the windows to ensure they work correctly and have no issues with latches, as well as checking all doors open and close perfectly. This may seem like common sense, but it’s not something that is often done. An issue with a door or window may be a sign of a bigger problem such as moisture or mould, which can lead to severe health issues like asthma or other respiratory conditions.

A Pre auction inspection also include a check of all electrical equipment and electrical outlets to ensure that each power point is fully functional, and a check will also be undertaken for equipment rust. Any detection of rust is potentially a sign of a bigger issue – dampness, which is known to cause serious health and safety issues and can be dangerous if electrical equipment is in exposed areas with a high risk of moisture.

Plumbing checks will also be carried out to ensure that it is working properly, and the inspection covers areas which are not easily accessible to the average home buyer without professional testing equipment.pre auction inspection

Melbourne, like the rest of Australia, is subjected to extreme temperatures, making it essential for both the air conditioning unit and heater to be tested to ensure they are working correctly. This is an area often forgotten – but can lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs.

The roof will also be checked as part of the property inspection, to check for any cracks between seals, as well as identifying any possible leaks which may cause water to leak through the sealing.

A Pre auction inspection will help to identify issues with the home but also allow you to make an informed buying decision, whether you wish to proceed with the purchase of the property, submit a lower offer to factor in the costs of the repairs, or decide not to make an offer at all.

Are Sub Floor Inspections Necessary

A sub floor inspections sounds like some code word, but it is an inspection which checks for moisture or any other issues underneath the building. This type of inspection is often overlooked due to accessibility and access problems. While it may be hard to get under the building, it is an essential area that must be inspected, to ensure that the floorboards haven’t been exposed to moisture, which may cause extensive damage to both the timber and carpet.

sub floor inspections
damage to floor boards in sub floor

A sub floor inspections report is crucial because left unchecked can lead to other defects suddenly appearing in a building. The easiest way to identify whether the property has sub floor issues is to see if you can notice a musty or dry humid smell. If so, then it’s most likely issues originating from the sub floor.

Occupants can end up suffering serious health conditions such as asthma and other respiratory problems if there are sub floor faults. There are cases reported where people have become extremely ill due to living in damp homes, and in the most extreme cases, have died.

After organizing a sub floor inspection, you will be able to repair any detected issues. If there is damage, you may need to get the timber reinforced. However, in some cases, the timber may need to be replaced completely, which can prove to be very costly, while also taking a large amount of time, and money to repair.

sub floor inspections
Rotten floorboards in sub floor

A qualified sub floor inspector will check between floorboards for gaps, to determine if moisture can get into the building. Extreme weather can lead to floorboards changing size and shape. Additionally, if the house is damp, this can lead to the sub floors expanding, which can make issues even worse. For sub floors in very poor condition, they pose the risk of making the floorboards shift which can destroy the carpet or allow moisture into the home.

An easy way to determine if the sub floor condition is below standard is to see if the floorboards are squeaky. If so, the most obvious reason is that the joists under the floor are uneven and have shrunk. The solution to this problem is to find all floor boards which appear to be shifting and to secure them. If this isn’t possible, then additional joists will need to be installed.

Sub floor issues may not always be easy to identify. However, a qualified inspector is trained to look out for these problems, and it’s worth booking an inspection to put your mind at ease

Are Roof Inspections Required?

Some apartments in the 90s and early 2000s were found to be leaky, due to homes being built without meeting strict local building standards. Leaking buildings could have been avoided by conducting roof inspections. Over the last 20 years, people have now come to realize the importance of having a property inspected before submitting an offer, and roof inspections are regularly carried out to detect any structural issues or defects.roof inspections

A roof  inspection will identify any potential problems before purchasing the property such as termites, unstable joints, and any damage which could lead to a leaky roof if not properly addressed. A roof inspection also checks if the joints between the roofing planes have been properly sealed.

If termites are found they can quickly spread through the timber like a plague and eventually make the entire house uninhabitable if they are left untreated. If other roof problems are detected, then they can lead to a lot of damage if left unrepaired. Most importantly there is the risk of water damage, which not only will cause moisture damage, dampness and mould, it can lead to expensive designer furniture being damaged beyond repair due to mould in the fabric.roof inspections

These issues will also make your home colder, leading to a higher heating bill during the winter. By getting roof inspections done, and fixing the issues upfront will save you money on electricity bills in the long run. A dry home will keep you and your family healthy, and prevent you from getting sick due to cold getting in the house, and from dampness.

If any issues are found during the roof  inspection, it will allow you to either negotiate the terms of sale, extend the settlement date to allow time for the roof to be repaired, or to cancel proceeding with the sale completely.

Significant roof damage can also be a fire hazard. Due to electrical wiring being located inside the roof, if there is a roof void issue, it puts you at unnecessary risk due to water coming in which could potentially get into the electrical wiring. However, this can be avoided with a simple roof void inspection.

Building and Pest Inspections

Becoming a property owner has all sorts of costs that go along with it, ranging from property manager fees, repairs, and regular maintenance expenses. One forgotten expense is for termite inspections, and the frequency that inspections should be carried out vary based on the type of location you live in, and the materials the home was constructed out of.building and pest inspections

Building and pest inspections are recommended at least once every 12 months for homes in low-risk areas. Homeowners with a timber house or in high-risk areas will need to arrange termite inspections more frequently. Regular inspections allow early detection of termites and will give you time to take preventative action to eradicate them before it’s too late

Failing to address the issue of termites in your home is potentially putting rooms, and even the entire home at risk, as infestations can cause serious structural damage making the property dangerous, and uninhabitable, which is a breach of Australian building standards. Termites left untreated can result in a home needing to be demolished, at a cost to the homeowner, and then the huge financial investment of rebuilding it.

building and pest inspections

Addressing the issue through routine termite inspections will give significant time to take action early on against a termite infestation, and allow for treatment to occur which will prevent it spreading. Chemicals which are toxic to termites can be used to treat the wood, as well as injecting Dri-Out directly into the wood. Another option is to spray the wood with a fungicide and a termiticide.

It’s easy to become complacent after treating your home and getting a building and pest inspections carried out. However, termites can return, even to treated wood. Regular building and pest inspections allow you to treat your home routinely, ensuring that termites don’t move in and wreak havoc. While the cost of treating termites, repairing your home, or taking further preventative measures may seem steep, it is a small price to pay in comparison to having your home become uninhabitable due to termite damage.

Building and pest inspections identifies any obvious signs of termite infestation and structural damage. A qualified inspector has special equipment to identify termites, which may not be evident to the average person


Discovering your building has Mould is one of the worst things you can experience. There is obvious dampness and mould that you can see and are aware it’s there, but there is also some which can’t be seen or easily detected; leading to you not even knowing that it may be affecting your health. Mould can lead to serious health issues such as asthma, difficulty breathing, severe coughing, and other similar respiratory conditions.mould in buildings

These conditions can have a long-lasting effect on a person’s health and quality of life.

It’s not just health that can be affected by mould in a building. Electronics are at risk too. Moisture can lead to short-circuiting, especially with appliances that are kept in the basement, or in dark places with a lack of light have a higher risk of damage than those kept in sunlight. If you are living in a damp home, then you should take precautions with your electronics and wrap any which are unused in plastic, to prevent moisture getting into them, and offering more protection

A building is also at risk of structural damage if there is too much moisture in the air, resulting in your walls getting destroyed with mould and causing a very bad smell that can often take weeks, and many cleaning attempts to fix. In the most extreme cases, the wall has to be completely removed and replaced, costing thousands of dollars. Moisture, mould, and dampness can also lead to you having to repaint or replace wallpaper more frequently.mould in buildings

If your home has excess moisture, then there are options available to fix the problem. A dehumidifier is the best thing to try first to eliminate moisture. However, keep in mind that this is a quick fix which won’t solve the main issue, and like air conditioners and fans, a dehumidifier can be very expensive to run. Turning on your heater can also help. However, this only offers a quick-fix solution also.

A non-expensive option is to improve the ventilation in your home, such as by opening a door, and windows, which will reduce any moisture which is in the air, and allows it to escape from the building.