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Home Inspections Melbourne Inspectors will identify any structural defects within the property and advise what course of action should be taken.

Our professional building inspectors come to your building and carry out a thorough inspection.

For your peace of mind, we provide a Building Inspection Services report for the house you are considering to purchase in Melbourne.


Give our professional staff a call today, and we will provide you with a fixed price no-obligation quote. Otherwise, you can complete a quick and easy online enquiry form to receive a quote. When you are ready to book your inspection, simply give us a call, or reply to our email.

We will then, on your behalf, arrange access to the Property with the Tenant or Vendor via the Agent and will email you the details once confirmed. We will notify you by phone if any issues arise when organising the inspection.

You will love our professional service and competitive price!

Contact House Inspections today to request a quote or give us a call on 0450 632 867, and our professional staff will provide you with a fixed price no-obligation quote right away.


We can generally undertake an inspection within 24 to 48 hours, however sometimes up to 3 days notice may be required. At the time of your call or email enquiry, we will advise our exact availability.

It is recommended to confirm your appointment ASAP so that there is sufficient time to schedule with the agent or to allow notice for the Tenant or Vendor.

If you are not yet ready to book an inspection, please let us know your request by email or call us, so that we can reserve a place for you in future.


An experienced building inspector will complete a thorough and extensive inspection of the property both externally and internally to identify if there are any major structural defects, or any other issues, and document these with photos.

Where access is possible, the Sub Floor and Roof Space will also be inspected, along with a comprehensive maintenance check, and an estimated cost required for any necessary repairs.

We also focus on wet areas, to check for any dampness issues, or leaking. At no extra charge, we can also offer any building advice you may require such as in regards to renovation plans, or remove walls.
termite trails in sub floor-how would you now they are there?

We do a visual inspection, of all electrical and plumbing, and test for water pressure, drainage, water hammer, as well as checking the safety switch and any old electrical wiring. We can also advise if there may be asbestos present in any material used in the property.

If any issues are found, it is recommended to engage a licensed plumber or electrician to further investigate, and provide more qualified advice. Please let us know in advance if you have any concerns, or requests about your property, to ensure that the inspectors are fully aware of the issue.


All our Pest Inspectors are trained, fully licensed professionals who are covered by insurance. Inspectors will conduct a thorough and careful Timber Pest Inspection using industry-standard state-of-the-art technology which includes a Thermal Imaging Camera and Moisture Meter, combined with using old school visual inspections and tap sounding techniques.
termite damage


We can provide a Building & Pest Inspection package, conducted by our professional inspectors. Doing both inspections at the same time allows us to offer a very competitive discount while being highly convenient.


One of the most common building defects which can easily go undetected is cracks in brickwork. Our building inspectors are experts in detecting any cracks during pre-purchase building inspections.

Where an inspector’s expertise is vital is in determining whether a crack is minor and part of an ageing house, or is instead a reason to be alarmed.

Factors which can affect the building inspector’s assessment of the cracking include:

Structural wall defect

  • Exposure to harsh environmental conditions (e.g. drought or flood)
  • Poor quality workmanship when the building was constructed
  • Signs of damage
  • Age of the building
  • The building’s geographic location
  • Different soil types
  • Other signs of building defects such as jamming doors and windows, uneven floors, the sub floor
  • structures condition, and more.
  • Common types of Brickwork cracking include:
  • Vertical cracking
  • Horizontal cracking
  • Stepped cracking
  • Diagonal cracking
  • Cogged cracking

Using these factors alongside measuring the cracks in the bricks make it possible to determine a rating of the severity of the cracking, and accurately attribute the cause of the cracking in most cases.

Frequent causes of brickwork cracking are:

Sinking foundations usually caused by environmental factors which have caused the building to sink over time, and caused it to pull away from the rest of the building.

Cracks to my walls
Structural wall defect

Over time, the force of built-up soil, tree roots, and water movement can affect a retaining wall and cause brickwork to crack.

Our building inspectors provide a severity assessment which considers the location, number, length, and width of the cracks to identify if cosmetic, minor, or remedial work is needed

Or if it is more serious, a structural engineering solution would be needed to determine an appropriate course of action to prevent further cracking, and offer a permanent fix.

A building inspection which focuses on cracks in brickwork will help to put your mind at ease and stop you stressing.

A qualified building inspector will carry out a thorough inspection and provide you with a written and insured report which details the type of cracking found, the cause of the cracks, and also some recommendations about how to repair the cracking.

If you have concerns about internal or external cracking in your building you can contact House Inspections on 0450 632 867 to arrange an inspection and a no obligations fixed price quote.

Fixed Fee Costs

Comprehensive electronic inspection report that complies with Australian Standard AS4349.1

– we provide reports within 24 hours of inspection

Our reports are thorough, unbiased and easy to read.

Types of inspections conducted Inspections

  • Structural Inspections
  • Pre purchase inspections
  • termite inspections
  • Dilapidation reports
  • Defect Reports
  • New Buildings Inspections
  • A structural inspection includes the following elements:
  • The interior or the building: walls; ceiling, floors;
  • The exterior of the building: cladding; stairs; balconies, verandas, patios, decks, balustrades;
  • The roof exterior; structure; and
  • The roof space: framing and party walls;

The sub-floor space: timber floor (including supports, floor, ventilation, drainage, structural dampness);

The property within 30m of the house and within the boundaries of the site: car accommodation, detached laundry, garden sheds; retaining walls (where supporting other structures and landscaping retaining walls >700mm high; steps; surface water and stormwater drainage

We perform Building Inspections in Geelong as well as all suburbs in
Melbourne and the Peninsula. All are carried out by an expert structural inspector.


Our pre-purchase and building inspections in Melbourne and Geelong encompasses the following elements:
The interior of the building – ceilings; walls; floors; windows; doors & frames; kitchen;

bathroom; WC; ensuite; laundry; stairs and damp problems. The exterior of the building – walls (including lintels, claddings, doors & windows); timber or steel frames and structures;
chimneys; stairs; balconies; verandas; patios; decks; suspended concrete floors; balustrades.

The roof exterior – roof (including tiles, shingles & slates, roof sheeting, gables, flashings); skylights; vents; flues; valleys; guttering; downpipes; eaves; fascia’s and barges.

The roof space – roof covering; roof framing; sarking; party walls; insulation.

The sub-floor space – timber floor (including supports, floor, ventilation, drainage, damp); suspended concrete floors and drainage of site.

What is included in the Report?

A pre purchase building and property inspection report is approximately 18 pages and includes the following:

A description of the property including all internal and external defects where the defects are and cost to rectify all defects .

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