Building Inspection In Tarneit

 A building inspection in Tarneit will identify defects in new construction work and to existing buildings. We are building inspection experts and we will identify any deficiencies within the building structure and provide you a with a written report, an overall summary on the building’s quality of workmanship and any defects as per the VBA standards and tolerances.

Building Inspections are especially important for prospective home buyers and for people who are having a building constructed, as knowing the quality of the building structure and finishes being provided by the builder.

House Inspections are an independent building inspection service with many years of experience within the building sector providing you with experienced building inspectors assuring you that you are in good hands.

During our termite inspections we use tools/ equipment to further investigate the extent of defects testing for moisture, gauge meters, pressure, acoustic tapping, measurement, levels, thermal imaging, Termatrac Scanners, etc, All our building inspections comply with Australian Standard AS 4349. 1-2007.

We inspected the following areas during our building pest inspection.

  1. The property within the boundary up to 30.0m from the main building
  2. The roof exterior
  3. The exterior of the building
  4. The sub-floor space
  5. The interior of the building
  6. The roof space
  7. Dampness
  8. Plumbing
  9. Termite infestations

The purpose of a building timber pest inspection is to provide a visual inspection of all accessible areas of the property advising the prospective purchaser or other interested party, as per Australian Standard AS 4349.3-1998. The inspection including the following:

  1. Evidence of the presence of termites, identifying location of activity or damage to timber members and a description of the severity of the damage whether structural or just a major defect
  2. Evidence of existing treatment for termites.
  3. Conditions which may be conducive to timber pests like dampness to sub floor.
  4. Evidence of subterranean termite nests found within the property boundaries up to a maximum distance of 50 m from the main building


  • Fully independent inspections carried out by highly qualified, licensed, and experienced building and timber pest inspectors.
  • Call after the inspection
  • E-mailed reports with same day reports.
  • Our reports are detailed and thorough
  • Building inspectors are equipped with the latest tools including thermal imaging equipment
  • We place significant emphasis on clarity to ensure reports are user friendly, easily understood, and are on an exception basis, allowing you to make informed decisions.

.We provide a list of trades if required for any rectification works and an approx. Cost to rectify any building defects recorded within the report.

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Conditional upon a building and pest inspection can be tricky if your being advised by inexperienced building inspectors or real estate agents and conveyancers.