Building Inspections Berwick

Building Inspections Berwick


As the real estate market is constantly fluctuating, people who are selling their property will go to any length to camouflage any defect for a good sale.

Buyers are recognizing the importance of conducting a House Inspection in Melbourne and are relisting our  services for peace of mind before signing contract of purchase.

These days, people are aware that buying a home like any investment, needs great consideration and that is why House-Inspections should only be conducted by experts who have he knowledge and expertise to identify any defects which may exist.

building inspections berwick
building inspections Berwick

Property investment has the same risks of profit or loss as any other business endeavor.  There could be risks involved that might be missed without a thorough inspection by building experts.

House Inspections  professionals examine the property and provide a detailed report to the buyer within the same day, covering all internal and external areas of the property.

Although not a requirement, you as the buyer, are welcome to be present during the inspection so the house inspector could point out to you any problems that may exist.

Don’t worry if you cant be there your home inspector will give you a call and discuss all the findings and will follow that up with a detailed inspection report as well as detailed photos showing where the defects exist clearly, he will then email you the report normally the same day

Whether you are purchasing an existing home, are a first home buyer or you are building a new house, for a few hundred dollars engaging the services of a house inspector you will receive peace of mind and you may save thousands of dollars.

If there are Structural defects present in the home, how would you now especially if there is a defect in the sub floor ,you may have termite damage or water damage ,you need to be aware that you are buying the house with no defects that are going to cost you thousands to rectify.

This report may give you a way out of the contract in the possibility that there are Structural defects present and may be able to re negotiate the contract .

Termites have the potential to eat your house without you realizing there is a problem at a recent building inspection in Mooroolbark we discovered termite droppings along floor joist flooring junctions.

The droppings were not confined to only one section there were multiple areas that they had invaded.

The client was under the sub floor this time and he was horrified when I pointed out to him what they were.

There also was water damage to the flooring under the bathroom the rectification for the bathroom alone would have cost him a few thousand so the cost of the building inspection was a great investment.

We have inspected so many properties that look good from the outside and the real estate photos only to find that they are disasters on the inside that require many thousands to rectify by the un knowing buyer.

We recently inspected a house in Lilydale that the client had bought 12 months ago and he was concerned with some damage o his windows.

The damage to his windows were only minor but his biggest problem was inside and under the sub floor.

The floor along all sections internally were out of level by 25mm and there was excessive bounce to floor boards in kitchen as well as bedrooms.

When we entered the sub floor we discovered that the bearers were not sitting on the stumps they were suspended.

The timber stumps were rotten below the surface and required urgent rectification by a re blocker asap as in its current condition was a safety issue.

The client did not have the funds to rectify defects found and he had to borrow money from relatives ,he was very upset that he did not conduct a pre purchase building inspection as it would have saved him thousands.

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