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building inspections burnsideBuilding  Pest Inspections Burnside

Becoming a property owner has all sorts of costs that go along with it, ranging from property manager fees, repairs, and regular maintenance expenses.
One forgotten expense is for termite inspections, and the frequency that inspections should be carried out vary based on the location you live .
Building and pest inspections are recommended at least once every 12 months for homes in low-risk areas.
Homeowners with a timber house or in high-risk areas will need to arrange termite inspections more frequently.
Regular inspections allow early detection of termites and will give you time to take preventative action to eradicate them before it’s too late

Building Inspections Burnside

termite damage

Failing to address the issue of termites in your home is potentially putting the entire home at risk.
 Infestations can cause serious structural damage making the property dangerous, and uninhabitable.
 Termites left untreated can result in a home needing to be demolished, at a cost to the homeowner, and then the huge financial investment of rebuilding it.

It’s easy to become complacent after treating your home and getting a building and pest inspections carried out.

Building Inspections Burnside

termite trails in sub floor-how would you now they are there?

However, termites can return, even to treated wood. Regular building and pest inspections allow you to treat your home routinely, ensuring that termites don’t move in and wreak havoc.

While the cost of treating termites, repairing your home, or taking further preventative measures may seem steep, it is a small price to pay in comparison to having your home become uninhabitable due to termite damage.

Building and pest inspections identifies any obvious signs of termite infestation and structural damage. A qualified inspector has special equipment to identify termites, which may not be evident to the average person


Discovering your building has Mould is one of the worst things you can experience.
There is obvious dampness and mould that you can see and are aware it’s there, but there is also some which can’t be seen or easily detected; leading to you not even knowing that it may be affecting your health.

Building Inspections Burnside

building dampness

Mould can lead to serious health issues such as asthma, difficulty breathing, severe coughing, and other similar respiratory conditions.
These conditions can have a long-lasting effect on a person’s health and quality of life.
A building is also at risk of structural damage if there is too much moisture in the air, resulting in your walls getting destroyed with mould and causing a very bad smell that can often take weeks, and many cleaning attempts to fix.
In the most extreme cases, the wall has to be completely removed and replaced, costing thousands of dollars. Moisture, mould, and dampness can also lead to you having to repaint or replace wallpaper more frequently.
If your home has excess moisture, then there are options available to fix the problem.
A dehumidifier is the best thing to try first to eliminate moisture.
However, keep in mind that this is a quick fix which won’t solve the main issue, and like air conditioners and fans, a dehumidifier can be very expensive to run.
Turning on your heater can also help. However, this only offers a quick-fix solution also.
A non-expensive option is to improve the ventilation in your home, such as by opening a door, and windows, which will reduce any moisture which is in the air, and allows it to escape from the building.

Getting a building pest inspection before signing the contract should be an absolute must but unfortunately only 20% of people buying a property have a building pest inspection conducted.

This is complete madness as for the small cost involved its well worth you knowing if your future home has any nasty surprises waiting for you.

We recently conducted an inspection for a couple in Boronia who had bought the property 12 months ago and were concerned about some areas of there flooring as it was “bouncing”

Building Inspections Burnside

bearers not sitting on stumps-stumps rotten

The reason it was “bouncing “we discovered was because the bearers were not sitting on the stumps as the timber stumps had deteriorated and had lost most of there strength and required urgent rectification.

There were approx. 80 stumps that were required to be replaced so it was a huge cost that the home owner had to bear.

The client had to borrow the funds from his father, if only he had called us before buying the property he may have been able to re negotiate and saved himself thousands.

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