Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Building Inspections Cost Eastern Suburbs

Building Inspections are Important

The cost of a building inspection in Melbourne Eastern which cover areas like Lilydale, Ringwood ,Croydon and Boronia is dependent upon the size of the property to be inspected whether its a 2 bedroom,3 bedroom or bigger

The building inspection cost of a new home if its a final inspection could cost anywhere between $450–$700 dependent on the firm that will be doing the building inspection. complying with the Victorian building authority

Most independent building inspectors in Melbourne charge approx $550 which in most cases includes GST

If the inspection is for a pre pour concrete inspections of a building frame inspection cost could be between $350 – $400 including GST

When contacting a building inspector to do a pre purchase building inspection or a pre auction building inspection which would include termite inspection the cost could be $500 plus

Most costs advertised within websites or social media say FROM which means that’s the starting price not the actual price which confuses a lot of clients as when they see $400 they don’t see the word FROM which can be confusing

Most Building inspections in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne and Melbourne Western Suburbs charge approx the same amount

Most Building Inspectors in Melbourne are not registered building practitioners and are not required to be when doing pre purchase building inspections as the industry is not regulated, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the experience to conduct these inspections in the building industry as i know many past building inspectors who now work as consultants being just as good and in some cases better

When hiring a building inspector dont go by the price he charges as in most cases the cheaper building inspectors do not have the experience or knowledge in conducting a building inspection which could also include a structural building inspection as many houses have cracks

The easiest way out for a building inspector to identify the cause of a wall crack or cracks to internal walls is to say in there reports, “consult a structural engineer” for more advice, the building inspector should be able to identify whats causing the cracking to walls and how best to rectify

The building inspections report should cover all areas of the building being inspected and identify areas of concern within the building structure and approx costs in rectifying and defects found.

An experienced building inspector will complete a thorough and extensive inspection of the property both externally and internally to identify if there are any major structural defects, or any other issues, and document these with photos.

Where access is possible, the Sub Floor and Roof Space will also be inspected, along with a comprehensive maintenance check, and an estimated cost required for any necessary repairs.

We also focus on wet areas, to check for any dampness issues, or leaking. At no extra charge, we can also offer any building advice you may require such as in regards to renovation plans, or remove walls.

We do a visual inspection, of all electrical and plumbing, and test for water pressure, drainage, water hammer, as well as checking the safety switch and any old electrical wiring. We can also advise if there may be asbestos present in any material used in the property.

If any issues are found, it is recommended to engage a licensed plumber or electrician to further investigate, and provide more qualified advice. Please let us know in advance if you have any concerns, or requests about your property, to ensure that the inspectors are fully aware of the issue.

For any advice please ring George on 0450 632 867