Building Inspections Cost

will vary depending on the size of the property,how many bedrooms,is it a double storey or single and does the client require a building and pest inspection or just a Building Inspection

The cost will vary from $400 up to $700 depending on the inspection firm and where they are based and also depending on there skill levels ,sometimes the dearest is not always the best as there are some inspectors charging $400 who are excellent

Non Compliant Flashing

The building inspection industry is extremely competitive and you will find extreme cost variations,read the business reviews of the inspection firm and ask about there qualifications,dont accept the answer “Yes i am registered with the VBA”ask him for his full name and do a check on the VBA website

A pre purchase building and pest inspection is the most popular inspection building inspections cost– before you sign the contract,always have “subject to a building and pest inspection”inserted into your contract,do not allow the agent to insist on the Structural Defect clause remaining as this clause alone can cost you thousands in the end

The building inspector may find minor and major defects within the property that could cost you thousands to remedy and if you dont have the funds you are then in a serious situation as you cant get out of the contract,also this clause takes away your rights to also renegotiate the sale price

A pre purchase building inspection report will detail the condition of the property including :

Plumbing,guttering,doors and windows,drainage,retaining walls,driveways,inspecting the roof void ,the sub floor and all kitchen appliances,air conditioners,heaters there are over 1000 items that are inspected

Building Inspections Cost-Comparing Quotes

Getting quotes is imperative as there is such a big price difference between building inspection firms but dont allow yourself to get sucked in by many building inspectors sales pitch as some over exaggerate to make themselves look better so as you can choose there services,always ask the right questions before deciding on your inspection firm

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