Building Inspections Point Cook

The most popular is pre purchase building and pest inspection, don’t know why we call it “pest” Inspection as its really a termite inspection, looking for termite damage and live termite nests. Ask your building inspector-are you registered with the Victorian building authority?

Termites feed on wood and they are capable of destroying homes in no time at all, usually the first sign of termites is the presence of  flying termites that are looking at establishing new colonies which could be close to there original home.

You should always include a pest(termite) inspection as part of your pre purchase building inspection in Point Cook and Werribee, for the extra little cost involved its well worth it.

When people buy a property there is only a small percentage that will contact a building inspector to conduct a building inspection.

When you’re spending thousands to buy your property it just does not make sense why finding some extra funds to conduct a building pre purchase inspection is ignored.

How many houses have I inspected that have had structural defects to there structure that the prospective owner would never have discovered without a pre purchase building inspection report.

Some people have bought homes to only discover major defects later and need to find the funds to rectify these defects which may be structural.

Once they discover that there home has major defects they have no other choice than to pay the funds to rectify ,

This would have been a non requirement and could have saved the owner thousands if he was aware of these faults, whether you contact our firm or another its a very important requirement and one that should not be ignored.

Point Cook is located 25 kms from Melbourne CBD, has a population of approx. 48,000 people and is very popular with young families .

Most houses have defects some minor with few having structural defects which are unknown to the owners in most cases.

If your future home had a defect within the subfloor would you now?

Probably not.

We recently conducted a pre purchase building inspection for a client in Werribee which was riddled with defects including termites to the floorboards.

There were termite droppings along some sections of floor boards and floor joist junctions that indicated the presence of termites and the prospective clients becoming aware of this decided to not go ahead with the purchase.

The small cost of a building pre purchase building inspection in this instance was a very wise decision as it saved the client a lot of money .

Did you now that most pre purchase building inspectors are not VBA Registered Building Practitioners as there is no requirement to be registered in Victoria.

The industry is unregulated making it easy for any one to pass themselves off as experts when there last job description was that of a motor mechanic or accountant.

Always ask your Pre Purchase Inspector are you registered ?? and to email you details of building inspection accreditation with the VBA.

Never take there word, always ask for there details and if  they refuse or stall you find someone else as its just not worth the risk.

Cracks to brickwork is a major concern in some homes as well as internal cracking to walls .

This could be due to subsidence or heave due to changes in moisture levels to the soil as well as loads from the structure above.

]cracks to walls

Changes to the water content of clay soils cause most problems with cracking to walls and in many cases it could be due to downpipes not connected to storm water or the PVC pipes may be blocked or in many cases broken, especially if your home has the old earthenware pipes that are prone to cracking.

When putting your property on the market  the price of your property can drop especially if the prospective buyer discovers defects that you never realized were there.

It would be wise before a owner decides to list there property that they conduct a pre purchase building inspection in Point Cook so as they can be made aware what issues that there property has so as they can rectify therefore not allowing the prospective buyer to re negotiate the price.

House-Inspections  provide quality professional reports which include photos and cost of rectification works to any defects found, we work for you the client and our reports are not seen by third parties.

Whether its a building inspection Melbourne report your after our a defect report we are available to help and advise you,we also provide Building and Pest (termite)inspections throughout all Melbourne suburbs not just Point Cook.

Our Registered Building Practitioners will detect the presence of defects that are not visible to the untrained eye.

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