Building Inspections Report



Its such an exciting time of someones life when they are looking for a house to buy,they go from one house to another looking but not really looking as the leave and ask later-did that house have flyscreens installed on the windows or did the garage door work??

When there is an open for inspection we really dont take notice of the important things and we really dont now if everthing works like the heating and airconditioning or are we going to have to fork out a few hundred dollars to fix any issues that are identified in the building inspections report

We were recently asked to do an inspection on a house in Berwick it looked like a nice property from the outside with not many defects all minor ,the owner had bought the property without doing a pre purchase building inspection and wanted a report detailing any issues,this should have been done before he bought it as he may have been able to renegotiate  a better price as well as saving himself thousands ,there were major defects in the roof space(how many people ever go into the roof space of the subfloor-not many )the long webs on the trusses had been removed by the insulation installers without the owners knowledge.

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This was a significant structural issue that required urgent rectification ,the waste from the kitchen sink was not connected as the pvc pipe had been broken and all the waste was going into the sub floor providing great conditions for termites as well as undermining the soil conditions around the timber stumps,you may think that you dont need a building inspection report but you certainly do,never take the risk ,for the small cost involved it just does not make sense.

The Building Inspections Report will identify all defects minor or major as well as checking fot the presence of termites and borers and will be full of photos showing location of all defects ldentified,you may have structural defects you never knew you had or you may have many minor defects that although minor can still cost you many hundreds to rectifyroof void inspections


Our client didnt realize that the garage door was not working as the motor was blown nor did he realize that the side boundary did not have a retaining wall constructed and the front lights on the garage piers had not been connected,if he had consulted a building inspector to conduct a building inspections report this would not have happened and  he would have been able to renegotiate a better price