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Do I need a building inspection??

building inspections sommerville

I always recommend a building inspection be conducted by a professional before signing the contract,it amazes me that only 1 out of 12 people who inspect a property conduct a pre purchase building inspection,absolutely crazy ,this should be mandatory as you never know whether there are significant structural defects that could cost you thousands to repair,for the small cost involved never take the risk just not worth it

Fixed Fee Costs

Our Comprehensive electronic inspection report complies with Australian Standard AS4349.1
– we provide reports within 24 hours of inspection
Our reports are thorough, unbiased and easy to read.

Types of inspections at Building Inspections we conduct in Sommerville are :

Pre purchase Inspections

Building pest Inspections

Building Defect Reports

Dilapidation Reports

Defect Reports

New Buildings Inspections

A structural inspection in Sommerville includes the following elements:

building inspections seymourThe interior or the building: walls; ceiling, floors;
The exterior of the building: cladding; stairs; balconies, verandas, patios, decks, balustrades;
The roof exterior; structure; and
The roof space: framing and party walls;
The sub-floor space: timber floor (including supports, floor, ventilation, drainage, structural dampness);
The property within 30m of the house and within the boundaries of the site: car accommodation, detached laundry, garden sheds; retaining walls (where supporting other structures and landscaping retaining walls >700mm high; steps; surface water and stormwater drainage
We perform Building Inspections in Sommerville as well as all suburbs in

Melbourne and the Peninsula. All inspections are carried out by an expert structural inspector.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Sommerville

Our pre-purchase and building inspections in Melbourne and Sommerville encompasses the following elements:

The interior of the building – ceilings; walls; floors; windows; doors & frames; kitchen; bathroom; WC; ensuite; laundry; stairs and damp problems. The exterior of the building – walls (including lintels, claddings, doors & windows); timber or steel frames and structures; chimneys; stairs; balconies; verandas; patios; decks; suspended concrete floors; balustrades. The roof exterior – roof (including tiles, shingles & slates, roof sheeting, gables, flashings); skylights; vents; flues; valleys; guttering; downpipes; eaves; fascias and barges.
The roof space – roof covering; roof framing; sarking; party walls; insulation.
The sub-floor space – timber floor (including supports, floor, ventilation, drainage, damp); suspended concrete floors and drainage of site

What is included in the Report?

A pre purchase building and property inspection report is approximately 18 pages and includes the following:

A description of the property
A summary of any safety hazards, all major and minor defects are alos included

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