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We often see on our inspections poor workmanship relating to inadequate sealed plumbing penetrations that are not correctly sealed with no flanges installed exposing the building to pest infestations- VBAs Standards and Tolerances 2015 clause 7.08 states- 7.08 Pipe penetrations through external walls and inside cupboards Plumbing holes are defective if they are not: a) properly grouted as appropriate b) fitted through neat minimal size penetrations (in the case of cabinetwork) c) fitted with tight fitting cover plates or collars with penetrations kept to the smallest size practicable.
building inspections western suburbs melbourne

Building Inspections in the Melbourne’s Western Suburbs

We always come across during our inspections inadequate installation of flashings and how they are attached to the surfaces ,this defect has the potential in allowing surface water to enter into the roof space and creating water damage to your ceilings, insulation ,sisalation coverings and allowing entry of  pests ,something we definitely need to avoid The Standards and Tolerances 2015 clause 7.06 states- Flashings are defective if they are not provided in accordance with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia. Wall and step flashings, and sloping flashings cut into walls are defective if they do not incorporate weathering folds, anti-capillary breaks and sealing, or do not enter the masonry walls by at least 15 mm
building inspections western suburbs melbourne


Below are the 2015 VBA s Standards and Tolerances clauses relating to Plumbing defects

7.01 Plumbing work is defective if it does not comply with the relevant plumbing regulations and the contract documents. The builder shall provide the owner with a compliance certificate from the plumber when a certificate is required to be issued.
7.02 Positioning of gutters Unless documented otherwise, installation of gutters is defective if the fascia, when viewed from a normal viewing position, is: a) visible above a gutter b) not concealed by a flashing finished to match the gutter.
 7.03 Water retention in gutters Gutters are defective if they retain a depth of more than 10 mm of water
. 7.04 Joints in gutters Unless documented otherwise, gutters are defective if they have joints lapped less than 25 mm. Laps that are not in the direction of flow to the outlet are defective. Joints that leak are defective.
 7.05 Fixing of gutters and downpipes Gutters and downpipes are defective if they are not securely fixed.
These Standards and Tolerances clauses are a useful guide to many clients in regards to informing there builders why they should repair faulty workmanship provided by there trades