No matter if you are buying, selling, or renting a home, getting a building inspection is one of the best investments you can make. A building inspector melbourne report reveals whether there are any issues with the house such as dampness, termites, or anything else that needs fixing.

While a building inspection may seem like a somewhat expensive initial outlay, it can prove to be very beneficial, as it gives an insight into the condition of the property. People often make the mistake of not paying for a building inspection, which then becomes very expensive in future due to unforeseen issues and repairs.building inspector melbourne

Before signing any legal real estate contracts, it’s critical to have a building inspection undertaken on the property. If there is an issue discovered, there is an opportunity not to proceed with the purchase if costly repairs are required.

While unlikely, there is a possibility that the building has had illegal modifications, in much the same way a car has. If so, then you could end up being liable. This often occurs with heritage listed buildings, with some City Councils or State Governments having the authority to request the building be reverted to its original condition – at your own expense.building inspector melbourne

Another scenario is that building works weren’t done in compliance with safety regulations and building codes and standards, which could lead to a death trap or accident waiting to happen. Carrying out building inspector melbourne inspections will help alleviate these concerns and allow you to make an informed decision in regards to the condition of the property in advance, and to also negotiate a property price reduction to factor in the cost of the repairs. You may also request that the terms of the sales agreement cover the repairs in the final price.

building inspector melbourne

Without a building inspector melbourne report, there is also the risk of making an unconditional offer on a property, only to find out that you are unable to take out insurance. The majority of banks require insurance as a condition of a loan agreement, and if an insurance company declines to offer insurance, then you run the risk of being out of pocket a significant amount for the deposit already paid. In the long run, a building inspection is one of the wisest investments you can make

Building Inspectors in  Melbourne

Before purchasing a home in Melbourne, or anywhere around Australia, it’s crucial that you do your due diligence before signing any agreement or investing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Buying a property is one of the most significant decisions you will make in your life, and is not one to take lightly.

There is a long and complicated process that goes into buying a new property. Firstly you need to obtain finance and work out your budget, then the search begins. Once you have a shortlist of properties, its time to attend inspections/open homes. After finding the perfect property, it’s strongly recommended to get a house inspection too.

building inspectors melbourneA building  inspectors in Melbourne report lets you know of any faults with the property before signing a contract and is essential. It allows you to withdraw from the deal if there are significant faults found, which can potentially save you a lot of money if a defect appeared after the purchase was already complete. Which in that case, you would be personally liable for the cost of repairs, which depending on the fault, could become quite significant. This can be easily prevented by paying for a house inspection before making an offer.

If a significant issue was later discovered which was a deal-breaker, and you chose not to proceed with the sale, you would be legally liable for the deposit, any legal fees and the finance approval fees if you hadn’t first had a home inspection done.  building inspectors melbourne


Building inspectors in Melbourne reports often seems like an unnecessary cost, and one that can be avoided. However, with the significant amount being spent, sometimes in the millions, its one of the best investments you can make. A qualified independent builder  can check the property over and advise it’s exact condition. If any defects are found which need repairing, this knowledge can provide bargaining power when negotiating a price.


Getting an independent building inspections Melbourne report conducted allows you to avoid the risk of the vendor omitting known defects, to try and ask for the highest price possible. It’s similar to when buying a used car, a lot of sellers don’t disclose faults. However, a home inspection lets you know exactly what you are getting ahead of time, and ensures no nasty surprises will surface later on.

Building Reports

Most homeowners want to keep their maintenance costs down, and the best way to do so is to eliminate unnecessary expenses. That’s why it’s essential to have your home checked for termites and other pests. It’s not surprising that termites can leave entire rooms destroyed and cost several thousand dollars to be repaired. Worse still, the whole room may need to be replaced.

Having a building inspections report in Melbourne report carried out will identify pests early, and reduce the risk of them spreading throughout the home. It will also provide the option to fumigate before it becomes out of control, and prevent further infestations from happening, all while saving you money in the long term.building inspector melbourne

If there are termites in your home, and they go undetected, it could end up becoming very expensive to repair the damage they have caused, with the worst case scenario being the entire home needing to be demolished. Homes also lose value if they have termites, and it may turn off potential buyers from still being interested, leaving you stuck with a property which can’t be sold while costing you money.

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A building inspections report in Melbourne is also beneficial when you wish to buy a property. If termites are found after an inspection has been done, it then gives you bargaining power to negotiate a lower price for the property, that is if you still wish to go ahead with the purchase.

Without having regular building and pest inspections, you face the risk of having a pest infestation, leading you to continually needing to repaint the walls, costing both time and money. If termites are discovered, they need to be treated immediately, or it can lead to whole rooms or the entire house being unsafe and uninhabitable and needing to be knocked down. In addition to the building repair/renovation costs, you will also be liable for temporary accommodation costs too.

building inspector melbournePaying a small amount for regular building and pest inspections are nothing compared to the more significant problem of having a pest infestation that may be undiscovered and slowly destroying your home.