Dilapidation Reports Melbourne

Are you planning on having any construction or demolition work on your neighboring property or adjoining property in Melbourne?

dilapidation reports melbourne

Housing and land are among the most lucrative and stable public assets. Thus, you do not like to be cutting corners, especially when having the property correctly evaluated for existing defects or dilapidation before any construction work.

Many councils and government authorities oblige that dilapidation surveys should be done by property owners.

Dilapidation reports should also be ready by a professional and trusted registered builder or engineers for all council properties and buildings adjacent to the proposed development site. It should be done before the commencement of any construction work.

It’s about time you mitigate any risk of neighbors claims or Council by hiring the experience and skills of a reputable company specialising in dilapidation inspection reports.

What is a Dilapidation Report?

In case you didn’t know yet, a dilapidation report, also referred to as a building condition report, is a record of the pre-construction condition of properties adjoining the developer’s property or that may be influenced by the developer’s building work.

You see, it is an independent and full report without any bias to the developer or owner. Any existing damage and areas prone to damage are photographed and recorded. It includes deflection in walls, cracks to concrete and brickwork, and movement in driveways.

Defective gutters

What Is Included in a Dilapidation Report?

A detailed dilapidation report from Melbourne building inspectors includes interior and exterior inspection. This pre-purchase inspection pays close attention to particular aspects that have high chances of being impacted by the project.

The actual conditions of the house will be measured and described in detail with the inclusion of a diagram and accurate picture.

Particularly, the property inspections will look into the situation of the following details:

-Loose or missing roof shingles

-Architrave alignments

-Ground movement indications

-Exterior brick cracks

-Pavers or concrete cracks

-Loose or missing frames

-External wall or internal wall cracks

-Tile breaks around plumbing fixtures

Signed individual copies of the dilapidation report will be given to both the property owner and builder as a future reference.

Roof collapse over garage

Do You Need a Dilapidation Survey and Report?

During development, neighboring properties may sustain defects and minor cracking caused by construction errors, soil dewatering, and vibrations.

If a dilapidation report and survey is not undertaken, then it is extremely challenging to confirm if structural damage happened during construction works of the adjoining or adjacent houses or was already pre-existing.

Developers are always blamed for damage to third parties and nearby properties that pre-existed the construction activities of the developer. That’s equally the case where the owner of adjacent houses has failed to notice pre-existing defects until it’s brought into focus by the developer’s construction works.

Equipped with a dilapidation report, a developer can easily triumph over erroneous or spurious third party demands for damage to their property and prevent expensive litigation and peace of mind as well.

Who Should Obtain a Dilapidation Inspection Report?

It’s highly recommended for anyone who is planning major construction works to secure a thorough and detailed report.Defective framing roof members

In most cases, the registered builder responsible for carrying out the entire process of construction will not secure such dilapidation reports. It is the responsibility of the property owner.

Thus, if you own a property in Melbourne VIC, it is a good idea to invest in such inspection reports, documenting the condition of any neighbouring structures that may be affected by your building works.

In some situations, you may be obliged by law to secure such property inspection service. Even if you are not legally bound, they could be extremely helpful in preventing disputes from neighbors claims that end in litigation.


What Should You Learn about Dilapidation Inspection Report?

As a property owner, remember that you are responsible for securing inspection services in a timely manner to protect your construction works, yourself, and your investment.

With so much riding on your dilapidation reports, it is essential to work with experienced and qualified inspection companies for your own peace of mind. Trained inspectors have the extensive experience needed to perform the job correctly.

Working with building inspectors and a building inspection company that specializes in building and pest inspection services is a vital part of the whole building process.

A professional building and pest inspection company is a thoroughly neutral third party without vested investment in the findings of the dilapidation report. Thus, you never have to think about a conflict of interest, leaving you open to a neighbor claim from other buildings in the future.

When Do You Need These Inspections?

Anyone is free to play for dilapidation reports. However, getting a report is only required in a few cases. It is highly recommended for a house that needs major excavation projects, a property demotion, and land excavation nearby your house or property.

Other nearby works that need a pre-purchase dilapidation report include the following:

-Development projects that cause ground vibrations

-Road projects

-Pipe laying works

Whether a condition report is needed by law in your locality or not, you need to get one as a safety precaution from potential neighbors claim.

Further, you need it for proof to support damage claims as settlement.

Construction site photo

Who Performs the Melbourne Property Inspections?

Keep in mind that a dilapidation report aims to prevent any conflict of interests. These reports are performed by third-party and licensed professional building inspectors, like our team.

They are the ones who have the skills and experience to thoroughly evaluate and document the existing condition of your house or building before the onset of a construction project and after its completion. These reports are legal documents. Thus, the findings of the Melbourne inspectors can’t be disputed.

If you need a detailed report for any property in Melbourne, ensure your inspector is a license holder and has a trusted reputation. That way, the report is 100% guaranteed to be correct and accurate.

So, What Are You Waiting For? Contact a Reliable and Experienced Dilapidation Inspection Services Today!

It is important that you do not leave your emotional and financial well-being up to change. Contact a highly professional Melbourne building inspector today before starting your major construction project and safeguard yourself from the stress of potential disputes.

If you need a professional service in a timely manner or on short notice, our team of inspectors can offer you quality dilapidation reports for a good price. We would definitely recommend getting these reports for your house to prevent any problems in the future. It will detail any problems you may have.

As one of the biggest and most trusted building and pest inspection teams in Melbourne, we are dedicated to offering each client thorough and professional property inspections services and reports. We offer you a simple to understand and informative report sent to you right away.

Get in touch with our professionals to handle any aspects of your building project. We will organize a time or talk about getting a report for your building project. All our property inspections will be performed by trained industry professionals at the most reasonable and competitive price.

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