do i need a building inspectionWhile a building looks like its in excellent condition to the average home buyer, an experienced building inspector will know  what to look for when it comes to building defects or structural defects

When your building  inspector has completed your building inspection report you will have a better knowledge of the true condition of the building.

This comprehensive report, will give the reasons why you should buy the building or to re negotiate the price.

You will be able to decide the most appropriate course of action to take, whether that’s to back out of buying the property, request that repairs be made by the owner or simply walk away .

What  are the defects and problems a building inspector will look for? The building inspector will crawl under the floor, inside the roof and everywhere in between also investigating the site drainage, grounds and retaining walls to uncover any hidden defects.

Basically everything from the foundations to the roof all accessible areas of the property and site An example of Some of the problems building inspectors will be looking for include:

Damage to any sub floor piers/stumps
Drainage defects
Structural Defects
Retaining wall defects
Damage to Roof structure
Sign  of termites
Fungal decay to any timbers

Pre Purchase Building Inspections are your best protection against pouring money into a home or investment property only to find out later that the property is riddled with defects.

Having a pre-purchase building and pest inspection done prior to buying can save you thousands in the end ,don’t take the risk.

House-Inspections are VBA Registered Building Practitioners with many years of experience giving you peace of mind that you are in good hands.

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