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Pre Purchase House Inspections-Buying a house or an investment property in Ringwood can be a huge risk especially if you do not now what to look for in regards to detecting defects within the structure.

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A Ringwood pre purchase building inspections conducted by a registered building practitioner can help to eliminate most of these concerns.For the small cost involved it is well worth hiring the relevant building inspector to identify all defects

He will also be able to identify any structural issues that may exist within the structure.Only 1 out 10 people who buy a house in Ringwood conduct a pre purchase building inspection,the 1 person who conducts this inspection is extremely wise as he will be able to rest assured that everything within his property has no structural or major defects.The propective buyer can then use this pre purchase building report to try to lower the purchase price ar get the vendor to pay for any defects found whether they are minor or major


  • We are based in Frankston and we conduct pre purchase building inspections not only in Frankston and Mornington Peninsula but throughout all off Melbourne.Unlike many other building inspection companies we take pride in providing thorough reports identifying all defects so as the client can make a decision based on fact,we are available up till late evening for any enquiries and we have clients who refer us to many friends and relatives as we treat our clients as part of our family.</li
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  • Unfortunately any person conducting pre purchase building inspections are not required to be registered as the industry is unregulated so anyone can conduct these inspections without having any building knowledge,thats why its imperative that before you consult a building inspector conducting pre purchase building inspections that he is indeed registered with the Victorian Building Authority

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