Home Inspectors Melbourne ?

One of the common misconceptions is that all Home Inspectors Melbourne inspectors are registered; this is far from the truth as the industry is unregulated in Victoria therefore allowing anyone to do pre purchase building inspections. There are so many good building inspection firms but also some very bad ones so our advice is to always hire an inspector who is registered with the VBA as you will then have some certainty that he will know what to look for. 

Structural Defects

A home inspector will inspect the roof space and crawl under the sub floor looking for any structural issues within the structure, are the piers sound and are the bearers, joists and stumps ok, is there any signs of termites or there trailings, dampness is a big issue with a lot of homes and an inspection is conducted using moisture meters to test for the presence of water ,he will conduct an inspection of over 1000 items throughout the house.

Exterior Defects

The condition of the brickwork is inspected for any cracks and any mortar defects present, are the weatherboards sound and free from any decay, have the flashings been installed according to the standards, any rust on the metal decks, roof tiles ok or are they allowing water to enter the roof space, do the articulation joints have mastic , balcony’s ,gazebos and outdoor structures have they been constructed appropriately, there so many items that the inspector will look at it makes it very good investment conducting a home inspectors Melbourne inspection.


All pipes are tested, including drains, vents and waste systems. Water ingress and egress is examined, drains are examined for signs of blockages and the site is examined regarding any drainage issues that may exist.


All the electrical components are examined to ensure they fit and are operating safely. Conductors, grounding equipment and distribution panels are tested for efficient operation. The location of smoke detectors is noted in the inspection report.