House Inspector


house inspectorHouse defects are classified as minor and major with structural defects being the crucial inspection that a house inspector will evaluate.

House minor defects can include a broken floor tile chipped tiling in bathroom tap dripping minor cracking to concrete paving or driveways these type of defects although important for the prospective house owner to now there existence are not as important.

Major defects can include rust to metal deck-uneven roof line which could be related to some gaining or loosening of the Burrup truss-rust penetrated through down pipes which has the potential to cause differential settlement to the footings causing rising damp and could cause major cracking issues to brickwork and is conductive to termite infestations.

Another example of a major defect is a leaking hot water unit-weep holes blocked by render or other material, weep holes are required to be exposed allowing drainage and ventilation.

Rot (timber fungal decay) to fascia and barge boards-unevenness of fascia as they may be bowing or are uneven-post rot to exterior structures causing them to be unstable

Post are required to be NOT in contact with ground soil(unless treated) due to decay and alleviating conductive conditions for termites.

A house inspector should be consulted before signing the house contract as you may save yourself thousands in the event that there is some serious defects that you should become aware of.

Surface water should be diverted away from house footings as over time has the potential to cause substantial damage to brick walls.

We were recently asked to inspect a building in Boronia as the owners were concerned with cracking to there brick rendered walls ,they had sent photos to another house inspector for him to say that it was not structural only superficial or cosmetic in nature only.

When I was told this I was completely taken back as the damage was NOT cosmetic and obviously the house inspector he spoke with had no idea what the defect was .

House Inspector
Cracks to rendered brickwork-house inspector

I arrived and discovered that the address was part of a two unit development with the back unit constructed and subdivided 3 years ago.

There was substantial cracking to the front facing and rear walls ,the rear laundry door was not opening as intended with damage to bricks above lintel which was undersized and required urgent replacement.

Recommended a plumber install a DVD camera to ascertain whether the old earthenware clay pipes were broken or blocked as they are notorious for being dislodged or braking apart over time due to soil conditions.

Cracking above door-House Inspector
Cracking above door-House Inspector

The plumber discovered that yes that was the problem and required new storm water pipes be installed.

Underpinning specialists recommended to attend and advise cost to rectify after plumbing finished.

The brickwork and lintel above laundry door required demolishing  and replacement with new lintel covering underside of bricks .

When the client bought the house he did not consult a House Inspector for an opinion and now he is facing to spend over $20,000 to rectify defects.

If he had received a report from his House Inspector he would have become aware of issues that needed rectification and could have re negotiated the price or walked away.



TYPE OF PROPOSED INSPECTION ORDERED BY YOU: Pre-Purchase Building Inspection -House Inspector

Inspection & Report: The inspection will be of the Building Elements as outlined in Appendix C of AS4349.1-2007 except for Strata title properties where the inspection will be according to Appendix B of AS4349.1-2007.
A copy of the appropriate Standard with Appendices may be obtained from RAPID Solutions at Your cost by phoning (02) 4954 3655 or by email or from Standards Australia.
Upon receipt of the white copy, We will carry out the inspection and report ordered by You in accordance with this agreement and You agree to pay for the inspection.
In ordering the inspection, You agree that the inspection will be carried out in accordance with the following clauses, which define the scope and limitations of the inspection and the report.


1. The Inspection will be carried out in accordance with AS4349.1-2007. The purpose of the inspection is to provide advice to a prospective purchaser regarding the condition of the property at the date and time of inspection. Areas for Inspection shall cover all safe and accessible areas.

2. The inspection shall comprise a visual assessment of the items listed in Appendix C to AS4349.12007 for the structures within 30 metres of the building and within the site boundaries including fences.

3. Subject to safe and reasonable access (See Definitions below) the Inspection will normally report on the condition of each of the following areas: –

• The interior • The roof void • The exterior

• The subfloor • The roof exterior

The above is only PART of our terms and conditions to read the full terms and conditions please refer to our website.

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