Melbourne Dilapidation Reports


House Inspections  conducts Melbourne Dilapidation Reports in Melbourne and all suburbs. These reports aid land owners, councils as well as construction contractors  that are building structures and require protection from unforseen circumstances involving property damage from adjoining properties therefore disputing any claims that may arise from damages, having these reports they will be able to refer to photos and comments supporting there claims against these charges and councils sometimes require these reports as part of the building permit/planning process so as to protect there assets like roads,footpaths,drains and any fencing that may be involved. 


House Inspections have considerable experience performing Melbourne Dilapidation Reports , as well as reporting on the disorder of structures and also bordering facilities (e.g. walkways, driveways, just before building commences, it’s a wise builder that decides that a Melbourne Dilapidation  Reports is necessary as its an insurance against unforseen problems arising


If you are considering any kind of structural work with your property whether residential or commercial and have been given an acceptance of works to be undertaken and if you also give a home builder acceptance of quote provided then it’s the time to receive a Melbourne Dilapidations  Report to protect your company.


The Melbourne Dilapidation  Reports , will be emailed to you normally within 48 hours of inspection and sometimes sooner depending on urgency requirements.


The majority of councils need a dilapidation inspection as well as report as component of their authorization procedure for advancements.


House Inspections are a group of professional inspectors with  many years of experience who will be able to assist in the process of conducting these Dilapidation inspections reports which will detail every defect,minor,major or structural ,providing photos and location of defects to give you a precise report that you will be able to rely on  during days of crisis that may develop in the future