Water Damage & Dampness Buildings Melbourne



As the wettest mainland state in Australia, Victoria sees its fair share of rainfall. Basically, every part of your home is at risk from water damage. Floors, electrics, structure and even the foundations of your home can suffer irreparable damage when exposed to water for too long. In many areas of Victoria, flooding is a very real threat, too. If you build a property in an area that is prone to flooding, you best be sure that your foundations can bear the brunt – otherwise your home could end up washing away. Then, of course, there is the ever present threat of termites, which like to live in and around areas with plenty of moisture. With all that in mind, it’s important to know exactly how water adversely affects your home.

Flooding Damage

The foundations of your home are the last place you want affected by water. In flood conditions, weak foundations will give out and the entire building is likely to collapse. Water pooling in the foundations is another problem, which can lead to subsidence or movement, causing cracks to form in the walls of your home. If your home isn’t elevated, flood water will get into the building and damage everything that it touches. Your furnishings, electrics, walls and floors will suffer the most damage. Once the waters have receded, you will have a major cleanup operation on your hands with toxic silt and mud. Also, during a flood the sewer systems are likely to back up; so along with all the other dirt and debris, your home could be swimming in raw sewage. If you are unable to take care of drying out your home within 3 days, you will likely have mold to contend with, too. To help you keep ahead of the game, the Bureau of Meteorology weather updates can advise you of flood and storm warnings for your area.


Erosion Damage

Any time that water is allowed to batter your home or, worse still, water ingress occurs, you are going to have problems with erosion. This issue affects every part of your land, including all structures. Badly designed structures, which allow water to pool; damaged or inadequate downspouts, causing water to overflow; unsuitable drainage systems, which prevent water from escaping, are some of the most common causes of erosion. To prevent erosion becoming a major issue, it is essential that a professional building inspector checks the property for potential problems. Erosion is a stealthy assassin, so you won’t necessarily know there’s a problem until the damage has been done.

Internal Water Damage

As already mentioned, flooding can cause extensive damage and contamination in the affected areas of your home. However, nowhere is safe from condensation, burst pipes, or unseen leaks. This is especially true if the source of the leaking water is from the top of the building. Your insulation, dry wall, timber framing, electrical conduits, floors and ceiling will all suffer. Ceilings may collapse, and wooden floors and other timber structures will warp out of shape. The cost of repairing water damaged structures can be astronomical, so it’s important that you have your home checked, i.e. annually, and especially after violent storms.

External Water Damage

Home owners often forget about external areas when it comes to potential water damage. If your land does not have sufficient drainage, you may face problems with plants, crops or landscaping being destroyed, sinkholes developing, as well as the constant presence of water affecting the outside structures of your home. If you live near a river or the coast, your home could be on borrowed time, too. When you consider that it was water that carved out the Grand Canyon, it’s worth thinking twice before building near expansive bodies of water. You do want your home to last, after all. Yes, water is a powerful and important resource – just make sure, that when it comes to your home, water is only ever a force for good.


Dampness remains one of the most common problems in homes of all ages across the country. Dampness is caused by too much moisture in a space through one of a number of reasons and can lead to serious conditions such as dry and wet rot or the growth of black mould. So how do damp specialists go about diagnosing the causes of dampness in buildings?


The first step that damp specialists will use to diagnose any problems with damp is to look at the signs and causes of damp to identify what type is affecting the premises. There are three general types of damp that affect buildings:

  • Condensation – this is when the water vapour normally produced in homes reaches a cooler surface and the water containing within it is released. If this happens too much, it causes a condensation problem
  • Rising damp – this is the type of damp associated with a missing or malfunctioning damp proof course or DPC.  The damp proofing is embedded in the brickwork of a home but if it doesn’t work properly, then water reaches interior spaces and causes damp
  • Penetrating damp – this is where water penetrates the home due to damage to the weather proofing of the property. This can be a damaged roof tile or malfunctioning gutter for example and allows rain to penetrate the walls, causing damp


Homeowners can always keep an eye open for signs of damp themselves and know when it is time to call the damp specialists or at least have a professional check. Some of the classic signs of one of the three damp problems include:

  • Water on walls, furniture and windows – this is a sign of condensation as the warm moisture-filled air hits the cooler surfaces and releases the water.
  • Black mould – this is a sign that the surface below is wetter than it should be and the mould has been able to grow.
  • Tide marks on walls – this is a sign of rising damp and malfunctioning damp proofing where the water is being absorbed too high and is affecting the internal walls, leaving marks when it does evaporate.
  • Peeling wallpaper – this can show that the room is either being exposed to damp inside the walls due to rising damp or the moisture levels are too high in the room due to condensation.
  • Dark patches on walls or ceilings – this is often a sign that penetrating damp is at work and water is leaking in through a weak spot.
  • Wet timbers – this can be a sign of condensation or penetrating damp.
  • Fungal growth – spores, signs of the mushroom-like fruiting bodies and other symptoms can indicate damp related conditions such as dry or wet rot.




Independent Building Inspection


Independent Building Inspectors

Hiring an impartial building inspection company is one of the most crucial decisions that businesses, property purchasers, and homeowners must make. You must employ an independent building inspector in Melbourne regardless of where you are located in the city. It can assist in providing you with useful information. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for more information about the service.

Independent Building Inspections

What Is an Independent Inspection?

Before we get into the specifics of what an independent building inspection service can do for you, it’s crucial to understand what an independent building inspection service provides.  In the simplest terms, it is a service that entails an independent building inspector in Melbourne doing a thorough assessment of a property in order to offer a report on its underlying state. Here’s what to expect from a Melbourne independent inspection process.

  • The inspection team would arrive on-site and begin to work right away.
  • On-site safety risks would be recognized.
  • Recommendations for improvement would be provided.
  • The site is then subject to an unbiased report.
  • Minor issues may be corrected by the inspection team.

An independent evaluation can help both people and businesses in Melbourne. To avoid getting penalized by the government, it is necessary. You can choose a one-time inspection service or a regular inspection service in Melbourne.

Independent Building Inspection

  Responsibilities of Independent Building Inspections Melbourne

  • A thorough inspection of each stage of the construction.
  • To verify that the new property is built in accordance with the applicable building codes.
  • To look at the blueprints and engineering drawings for the building.
  • At every level of the building, any defective work must be reported and rectified.
  • To advise a client (i.e., a business, a homeowner, or a home buyer) on whether or not to make a payment.
  • To act as a consultant during the construction process.
  • To ensure that all new properties are built and finished in compliance with the National Construction Code.
  • To ensure that the surveyors, tradespeople, site managers, and builders perform a good job.

The greatest thing about having a building inspection done is that it gives you a general picture of the state of the structure as well as the surrounding neighborhood.

When Should You Get a Building Inspection in Melbourne?

When it comes to acquiring a home, all faults must be discovered before a contract is signed. The last thing you want to do is accept a contract that forces you to spend more money than necessary.

However, if you plan to sell the home, it is critical that you complete the remediation work. If you don’t, potential buyers might lose interest in the house and hunt for a better deal elsewhere. Furthermore, remediation and building inspection are both cost-effective. It enables you to get the work done necessary to sell your home at the best possible price.

As a buyer, hand-over home inspections ensure that you do not have to deal with post-construction costs or that you pay the correct price. The inspection determines whether the building was constructed according to Australian Standards and Tolerances. You just cannot trust your gut, you must seek professional advice.

There’s also the matter of determining whether or not the workmanship is up to par. Builders are always eager to turn over the property and collect the money as soon as possible. As a result, you must pay attention and ensure that you are on the correct side of the agreement.

Independent Building Inspection

Licensed Building Inspector

Purchasing a home is a significant financial and emotional commitment. Make sure you’re purchasing with confidence and that you’re making the best decision possible.

You want the property to be in the greatest possible shape, whether you’re rebuilding, buying off the plan, or buying a new or existing home. Additionally, the best method to do this is to hire one of Melbourne’s most recognized private independent building inspectors.

Our independent building inspectors can conduct a thorough building and pest inspection and provide an accurate, unbiased assessment of the property’s damage and faults. We can explain any big structural problems, small cosmetic concerns, and potential problems that may occur. Our independent building inspectors can also assess the sources and scope of any problems, provide recommendations for solutions, and provide cost estimates for resolving these problems.

What Is Covered In a Building Inspection Report Melbourne?

If you’re considering getting a building inspection report in Melbourne, it’s critical to understand what it entails. In general, building inspection reports cover all major defects that are immediately evident. It is not, however, restricted to that. Extensive and substantial cracking, foundation or footing settlement, corrosion and decay difficulties, resulting in damage, and water escape are all included.

In addition to the foregoing, site drainage is considered, and recommendations are provided, as well as the recommendation to seek additional inspection from the relevant trade specialist. After purchasing the land, you may be able to handle drainage repairs. However, future costs should be considered.

The interiors would be examined as well, including the state of the flooring, ceiling linings, wall cracks, windows, taps and light switches, and doors. Your team would then look inside the roof cavity to see if there were any ventilation or insulation issues. There’s always the chance of termite damage or roof frame flaws. As a result, a thorough inspection is recommended.

Furthermore, the sub-floor is examined, and comments on its condition can be offered. Termite damage, past water escape, ventilation, drainage concerns, and other issues are fully stated so that you have a thorough grasp of the property’s condition.

Independent Building Inspectors

We can send you a registered building practitioner who is well-versed in every possible issue that may arise. Our team of skilled contractors includes diligent professionals with decades of expertise in the field. Simply put, if you’re considering purchasing a home, a pre-purchase building flaw assessment is a must.

Furthermore, we provide you with a detailed inspection report that includes the cost of needed repairs and offers genuine recommendations from one of our building inspectors. You may not only make an intelligent real estate purchase with the building report in hand, but you can also use it as a valuable negotiating tool.

Are You Looking to Buy a New Home ?

Are You Looking to Buy a New Home? Use a Melbourne Building Inspections Company

Whether you are buying a new or older home you will need a building inspector

Purchasing a home is costly. It stands to reason that buying a home is one of the most substantial expenditures that the average person makes in their lifetime, from the down payment to the transfer fees to any improvements you want or need to do before you can move in. Furthermore, it’s all too easy to ignore or omit one of the most important parts of the entire process: the building inspection, in this maze of costs and requirements. After all, the house appears to be in excellent condition, and the buyer appears to be trustworthy. Why shouldn’t you have faith in them? Why not skip the inspection and put the money toward home upgrades, furniture purchases, or moving expenses?

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Pre Purchase Building Inspector?

As tempting as it may be to ignore the inspection and press forward with your house purchase, there are a number of reasons why you should reconsider. In the big scheme of things, hiring a building inspector is a tiny expense. If you’ve already determined that you can afford a home, paying for a thorough house inspection is unlikely to be prohibitively expensive.

However, in exchange for that investment, you can receive something even more valuable: peace of mind. The truth is that there is no way to know if a home is free of flaws or faults. Yes, the former owners may have been absolutely charming, and the house may appear to be in perfect condition. Even the most immaculate homes, though, can contain minor defects.

There may be a crack in the foundation. The house may have substandard electrical work that doesn’t meet construction requirements. It’s possible that you have a termite infestation that you can’t see because it’s in its early stages. In a house, you never know what’s hiding out of sight. Hiring a building inspection services company can reveal information that the naked eye cannot see and that most vendors do not reveal.

Are You Looking to Buy a New Home? Use a Melbourne Building Inspections Company

What Information Does the Report Contain?

Our professional building inspectors can thoroughly analyze all building components, detailing the present state and outlining likely repairs and indications for restoration work, as well as any maintenance required prior to the property purchase, in compliance with Australian Standards.

A glossary is included in our pre-purchase building inspection reports to assist you to comprehend construction terminology, as well as the builder’s registration information. Stump removal, footings, concrete slabs, roofs, windows, gutters, walls, floors, doors, cabinetry, renovations, tiling, and extensions are just a few of the things we evaluate.

Your home could be 100 years old with double brick or brand new with brick veneer, weathered board cladding, and a tile or Colorbond roof. We also arrange pest inspections so that both your pest and building inspections can be completed simultaneously.

Simply let us know if you have any special concerns or questions regarding the home or business property you’re considering, and we can have the building inspector in Melbourne answer them during your inspection.

How Much Do Melbourne Building Inspections Cost?

The amount of inspection detail sought by the buyer, the property’s location, and the structure’s complexity are all factors that influence the cost of a building inspection. A structure with more than 155 squares on a steeply sloping block, for instance, would necessitate a pre-purchase inspection. The cost of the inspection is also determined by whether the building is in a regional or urban area, its size, and whether or not a pest inspection is included in the service. What are the costs of a building inspection?

In a regional area, a pre-purchase building inspection on a normal four-bedroom home would cost $400–$500, whereas, in a metropolitan city, it would cost $800–$1000. Building and pest inspections may incur additional costs.

How Much Does a Pest Inspection Report Cost in Melbourne?

The cost of a pest inspection varies according to the size of the property and the kind of inspection required. Pre-purchase pest inspections range in price from $150 to $300. The cost of a combined building and pest inspection is approximately $500–$550.

Are House Inspections Allowed During Lockdown in Victoria?

Private building inspections and auctions are permitted.

Based on whether or not the operator is confirming that everyone present is fully vaccinated, patron and density limits apply at different levels.

The indoor patron cap for auctions is 30 with a density quotient of one person per four sqm, while the outdoor patron cap for auctions is 100 with a density quotient of one person per two sqm if all patrons are completely vaccinated.

A restriction of 10 applies if the operator isn’t confirming that everyone in the room is completely vaccinated.

When Should You Have a Building Inspection?

In order to reduce their risk, potential house buyers generally commission building inspections.

A buyer usually looks for the best home before arranging a home inspection. In such circumstances, the buyer can make a purchase offer contingent on the results of an independent home inspection. This implies the buyer only has to pay for a home inspection after the buyer and seller have agreed on all other terms of the transaction.

However, some buyers would rather commission and pay for a house inspection before making an offer.

Is a Building Inspection Really Worth It?

A skilled inspector may give house buyers a number of helpful insights during a pre-purchase building inspection. Choosing not to have a home inspection can be a glaring mistake that can cost an uninformed buyer a lot of money once costly and possibly fatal flaws are discovered after the house is settled.

If you’re looking for a home and debating whether or not to hire a professional inspector, consider whether an extra $590 can make a significant difference in the long run. Compare this to if you decide not to proceed and later discover major foundation difficulties or other costly issues.

Building Pest Inspections Melbourne-Its Best to Be Safe instead of Sorry

A building inspection is the process of creating a comprehensive report of the conditions of a structure. The individual who inspects the building is either employed by a county, city, or township. In most cases, this person is qualified in one or more disciplines to make a professional judgment.  They can make sure that the establishment meets building code requirements.

Building pest inspections Melbourne

It is crucial to seek inspection services for any new construction. A building and pest inspection service can detect significant defects or safety hazards.

Today we discuss building and pest inspection, highlighting the imperative factors surrounding the topic. It’s a good idea to stay updated with the latest Australian building standards so that your building inspection report remains positive.

How Much Do Building Inspections Cost in Melbourne?

Whether buying a new or old property, a building inspection is a crucial step before taking ownership. There are certain aspects of its construction and history you need to make an intelligent investment. By having qualified building inspectors examine your property, you get peace of mind when making the purchase. That way, there are no hidden surprises, and you get what you pay for. The total price may vary depending on the complexity and size of the building.

Costs to Consider

The minimum cost for a one-bedroom apartment or granny flat is around $260. If it is a slightly more oversized apartment, it could reach a maximum fee of $320. Units and apartments less than 100 square meters can cost between $390 to $450. Homes and two-bedroom units less than 100 square meters can cost up to $460.

Larger Homes Can Cost More

Suppose you have a medium-sized home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and other amenities. The price for a building inspection is between $44o to $500.

People with large homes usually pay anywhere between $460 and $520. These homes include four bedrooms, two baths, entertainment areas, and attics.

An extra-large home has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and many other added features. These properties cost between $470 and $530 for a building and pest inspectors to visit.

Building Pest Inspections Melbourne

How Much Does a Building and Pest Inspection Cost in Victoria?

In Victoria, a pest and building inspection can cost anywhere between $2,000 to $3,000. Why the big price difference between the two areas? Well, it all comes down to how fast the inspection gets done. Depending on the size of the home, the building and pest inspector can render services typically on the same day.

Let’s talk about the pre-purchase pest inspection. Before investing in one of the most significant purchases in your life, it is essential to make sure all is in order. It’s necessary to get a very detailed report regarding the condition of the building. That can help you to make wiser decisions promptly. Pre-purchase building inspection services can inform the buyer of any pre-existing conditions.

Fast is the name of the game, and pre-auction inspection must be done quickly. Waiting too long for a pest inspection could hinder progress on the purchase. These hindrances can shape the way the deal concludes. When there is as much money involved, major defects can affect your financial future.

Who Does Building Inspections?

A qualified individual determines the structure and quality of a property. This is known as a building inspection. The qualified individual is trained to access the interior and exterior of the building to confirm it’s up to standard.

Following an Inspection, You Get a Report

When a building inspection service is complete, you receive a detailed report of vital structural aspects of the property. A ton of information on the structure is provided, but you also get details about mould, decay, moisture, and even termites or other pests. They also check the structural integrity and point out trouble spots of notable weaknesses.

You Have Many Companies to Choose From But Do Your Research

There are many great companies in Melbourne that can assist with building and pest control inspection promptly. Please remember that the buyer is responsible for pest and building inspection expenses. A building inspection is one of the most important things you do, so make sure that the right company does it.

If you have natural wood, pest inspectors can do a timber pest inspection to confirm your home is termite-free. Once approved, they can provide you with a certificate of approval. In the case that there is a problem, they can offer you solutions. Knowing how to resolve any issues in a new property is essential. It allows you to make intelligent choices on how to repairs or replace damaged areas. That can help to figure out costs and could aid with negotiating the price.

What Happens If My Building Inspection Fails?

Technically a building inspection cannot fail. A building inspection is not based on a scoring system. That means that each building contains negative and positive factors. A crucial role of detailed reports is to make you aware of maintenance needs, weaknesses, and other problematic areas. It also reassures potential buyers of the soundness of the structure.

With all this information, the buyer can be smart about their investment. Sometimes, the buyer can decide if he wants to pull out of the deal. This information opens up more areas to consider for the investor. That is why it is vital to get building and pest inspections done.

A commercial or residential property owner can take full advantage of the tax deductions they are entitled to. They can use a tax depreciation schedule inspection report. A building inspection completed means the owner has peace of mind and is aware of any major defect.

Building Pest Inspections Melbourne

What Does Building Inspection Involve?

Various aspects go into building inspections. These are determined by the size of the property and its added features. If you are someone who owns large apartment blocks, it costs you per unit for an inspection. In most cases, commercial and retail property owners can negotiate deals with building inspectors.

More significant properties come with more work, and that is why the price gets higher. It is good to note that any complex structures attached to the house could affect the price. That can all be determined once the pre-purchase inspection has commenced.

There is an Order to Pest Inspections

Building and pest inspection in Melbourne begins typically with checking the layout of the home. That helps them to determine structural aspects that need attention. Then they check all access points to make sure entries and exits aren’t barred or jammed. A check is done on materials used to build the home. This check makes sure that all materials used are in line with local Australian requirements.

Only Work with a Registered Inspector

The person doing the inspection must be a registered individual. Without a qualified building inspector, you could face massive consequences. Be sure that any person that provides you with an inspection report works for a reputable company. That way, you protect yourself and your property from any future downfall.

Are House Inspections Allowed in Melbourne?

Since the pandemic struck, the world has been in limbo. A host of new safety protocols has made selling a home in Melbourne difficult. However, there is hope again, as from September 2021, property inspections are permitted. That’s a massive relief for many home sellers in the Melbourne area.

The city has hit the 70% mark of the first dose vaccine. That has created stronger herd immunity among the citizens of Melbourne.

Premier Daniel Andrews announced the ease of restrictions, even permitting property photographers and stylists.

How Does Professional Building Inspection Protect Me?

When buying or building a new property, a pre-purchase building inspection must be done. It has protected a large number of new home buyers from misformations and fraud regarding their homes. By getting a complete evaluation of the property, people can make wise decisions.

Home Inspections Give You Warning of Issues in the Future

What is great about a good building inspector is that they can even notice minor defects in a structure. These defects could lead to more damage as the property gets older. Having this sort of information is vital in the investment process.

Now the process does go much deeper, and if there are wall cracks, they might need to find out more information. They do this by contacting the structural engineer or architect. This person could determine what is causing the gaps in the wall and refer you to another individual.

A structuralist is qualified in several fields and is well versed in repairing buildings structures. They can provide information on the repair process. These individuals can also tell you if it is worth investing in the home or not.

When performing a building inspection, it is necessary to have all aspects of the construction area marked on the inspection documents. It must include sites within the building structure that need treatment. There needs to be an inspection done on the inside of the form to determine conditions. It assists in finding structural weaknesses or any infestations.

What About If I Have a Pool?

Pool safety is important to consider before making your purchase. When you buy a home with a damaged pool, you could set yourself up for disaster.

In most cases, qualified swimming pool inspectors are fully insured and licensed to do the job. They can provide a detailed report on the condition of the pool. These services typically come with a qualified building inspector because they are knowledgeable in many disciplines.

Keep in mind that once the inspection is complete, you can access the report immediately. It is essential to get the information as fast as possible.

Why We Are The Best Purchase Building and Pest Inspection

Our company has been in the building industry for over 20 years. You can contact one of our building consultants to perform a professional inspection of your property. The excellent service offered work on a same day inspection time. Once the building defects are examined, a full report can be written up to help the buyer make an informed decision.  Our building pest inspection is accurate and provided in a timely manner.

building pest inspections melbourne

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A thorough inspection is performed that coincides with the standards set by the housing industry association. These inspectors provide an efficient service and tell you precisely what is wrong with the home. They make use of a moisture meter to detect any leaks or dampness around the house. Many real estate agents use our company, and we offer full professional indemnity insurance.

Building and pest inspections in Melbourne have never been easier. Each consultant belonging to our inspection company is qualified to perform a house inspection. They provide an outstanding service delivered on the same day. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Building and Pest Reports

You must acquire a pest inspection in Melbourne before purchasing a home. A pest inspection report can help you be aware that a building pest exists.

Pest Inspections are Required

These creatures can wreak havoc on your home and can lower the value significantly.

Using a qualified pest inspector is needed to determine the severity of the case. Our company includes a pest report along with a piece of formal information on the structure. We have excellent value-for-money packages that can suit various home sizes. With our in-depth and detail-oriented reports, you can gain more insight into the conditions of the homes.

Building reports give you the option of more subtle details about the property. It lets you find small areas that are worn down or deteriorating. These places can be detrimental to a property’s value and could affect the price significantly. It is imperative to be aware of the situation so you can negotiate the purchase price. Let us help you with pest inspection services.


Whatever way you look at it, building and pest inspections are essential for new homeowners. It gives them surety the property they are purchasing is in good shape. Commercial and real estate investors could use property inspections to confirm a home’s condition before purchasing. It is a vital factor when looking to buy a house and is often paid for by the buyer.

Get in Touch, Today

Getting in touch with qualified inspectors can help you find the right home to add to your investment portfolio.

Structural Building Inspections Melbourne Victoria


People interested in purchasing a property in Melbourne Victoria should always consider hiring a reputable building inspector to examine their real estate before committing to the contract. After all, it may be the biggest expense in their lifetime, so it is better to avoid any risk.

Structural Building Inspections In Melbourne Victoria

Remember that no property comes without its share of issues, and a structural inspection lets you make an informed decision about it. When the inspector arrives at your property, they perform a thorough inspection, checking for potential issues. In the end, they provide a report detailing significant structural defects they found.

What Is a Structural Building Inspection?

Structural inspections are visual assessments that structural engineers, licensed building inspectors, or registered builders perform to confirm whether the property is structurally sound. They are typically carried out before buying a home, after renovations, or during the construction of a new building.

Inspectors can perform the structural building inspection independently or in combination with other more specialized services, such as pest inspections. Nevertheless, you should think of them as a professional service that provides you with an accurate overview of the property in question.

Who Does Structural Building Inspections?

According to the Australian Standard, there are no regulations regarding who can conduct structural inspections. Some states, such as Queensland and South Australia, require every building inspector to be a member of the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors.

Nonetheless, building surveyors, licensed builders, architects, or structural engineers carry out most of them. You can always request a sample report or check if they offer a money-back guarantee or insurance. These things give more credibility to the building inspector and can help you decide on the professional service you wish to contract.

What Does a Structural Building Inspection Include?

A structural building inspection includes the visual assessment of the following things:

  • Electrical work of the property
  • Plumbing and drainage
  • All fixtures and fittings within the property
  • All joinery (cupboards, kitchen cabinetry, etc.)
  • Internal and external windows and frames
  • Internal and external doors and frames
  • Internal and external roof frame walls
  • Internal and external guttering
  • Floor and sub-floor space
  • Driveways and paths

This is not an exhaustive list, and a property report might include more items or even fewer items depending on who performs.

Generally, a structural building inspection only reports on the condition of the property. It does not include estimates for the repair cost of found defects.

Structural Building Inspections in Melbourne Victoria

Foundation defects

Additionally, building inspections do not cover minor problems or issues out of the inspector’s scope. If you want extensive details about the existing condition of your property, you can ask for a special-purpose inspection or pest inspection on top of the general building inspection.

Usually, structural building inspections take a couple of hours to finish at most. They do not determine whether the property complies with the National Construction Code. However, the report does follow a standard set in the Australian Standard 4349.1.

Inspectors do not comment on aesthetic damages unless they recognize it is a sign of a more significant structural issue or check parts of the house that they cannot access.

What Are Structural Defects?

According to the Australian Standard for the Inspection of Buildings, a structural defect is a fault or deviation from its intended structural performance. It also divides it into two categories: major and minor.

Major Structural Defect

It is a defect of a magnitude where rectification is necessary to avoid loss of utility, unsafe conditions, or further deterioration of the property. These include electrical, gas, and plumbing problems, damaged or deteriorated roof tiles and gutters, non-structural damp issues, and more.

Minor Structural Defect

It includes any problem that does not fall under the definition of the major defect clause. Occasionally, inspectors refer to them as maintenance defects because they are repairable with small efforts. Blemishes, cracks, corrosion, wall dents, and general deterioration are some examples of it.

Types of Structural Inspections

Most structural inspection agencies offer several types of inspections for property buyers, investors, and sellers. These provide you with a comprehensive report resulting from the visual inspection of the property in question. Here are some of the most common types they offer.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Pre-purchase inspections are comprehensive visual assessments done by inspectors at the request of people looking to purchase a property. It is carried out in most cases once the property buyer and seller sign the contract.

A pre-purchase inspection usually includes a review of a property’s internal and external conditions, the roof space and void, floor and sub-floor, and the surrounding area.

The information you can gain from a pre-purchase inspection can prove invaluable when you negotiate the price if the building inspector finds any fault. Otherwise, it lets you proceed with the purchase normally.

Pre-Sale Building Inspections

A pre-sale inspection is almost the same as a pre-purchase inspection, the difference being that the vendor or real-estate agency organizes it. People usually request this structural inspection for two reasons:

  1. It is an excellent way to determine the state of the property before putting it for sale
  2. It gives the vendor the option to present the report to a prospective buyer

The first one is the typical reason people ask for it. After all, relying on a report from the vendor is not a good idea, even if they have the best intentions.

Pre-purchase inspections are simply the best course of action for buyers if they want to avoid potential issues. The vendor’s report could be out of date, or they could have hired a lenient inspector. Should a vendor present you with one, read it but don’t gamble on it if you want to avoid being stuck with a poor property.

Combined Building and Pest Inspections

Combined building and pest inspections are probably the most solicited type, considering it includes identifying the usual damages and structural defects alongside signs of pest activities or conditions favourable to them.

Timber pests have destructive impacts on a structure and can result in severe financial damages. When you hire combined building inspections, you often get the help of experienced professionals equipped with appropriate equipment to identify these issues.

Note that not only wood-frame houses are a hotbed for these pests. Even properties with concrete foundations are prone to termite damage. As long as the critters find a small gap in your structure, they can cause significant damages.

New Building Inspections

Are you building a new property, but you are unsure whether the builder is proceeding with it while abiding with relevant standards? You can hire an inspector to ensure the builder is carrying it out as they should.

These new building inspections can include all stages of the construction process or just one or two.

The first stage, pre-slab inspection, reviews the overall slab dimensions and footing, waterproof membranes, waffle pods, steel reinforcements, and other building elements that keep the property standing upright.

The second stage, frame inspection, is a review of the steel and timber frames. It determines that the roof framing, room dimensions, concrete slabs, windows, and other structural elements meet the requirements.

The third stage, lockup inspection (pre plaster stage,) is an inspection of the external windows, walls, doors, gutters, and roof claddings. After this stage, the builders can begin installing internal appliances and fixtures.

The last stage, pre-completion, is probably the most important one. It is a thorough inspection of the property. The building contractor has to fix any defect found in this stage before handing the place over.

Special-Purpose Inspections

Special-purpose building inspections cover the typical problems found in a regular pre-purchase inspection while providing you with more details. These are notable minor defects inside or outside the building, the cost to fix any problem the inspector found, recommendations on the needed repairs or maintenance, and others.

People mostly request this type of inspection when buying a strata property with common areas. These typically include townhouses and unit blocks.

What Do Structural Building Inspection Reports Contain?

The content of the building report depends on several things, including the property’s size and age, condition, and the reporting process of the organization or consultant in charge. These aspects also influence the final cost of the comprehensive report.

Many of these adopt a standard format or use an extensive checklist. However, some building inspectors create an individually tailored review for each property they assess. Moreover, the inspection report may or may not include photographs.

Every report must comply with the Australian Standard (AS 4349.1 and 4349.3.) It should have enough information to make you aware property’s condition, including its existing structural defects.

It is important to note that a standard building inspection report is typically a visual inspection approved by the Victorian building authority  As such, it may not identify major defects if they are hidden. If these issues concern you, it might be a good idea to get an additional assessment from an accredited specialist.

Contents of the Report

Here is the general information you can usually find in a building inspection report:

  • Interior and exterior of the property
  • Roof space and exterior
  • Floor and under-floor space
  • Site

Regarding the site, the detailed report typically includes the state of things such as:

  • Carport, garage, and garden she
  • Separate toiler or laundry
  • Non-structural retaining walls
  • Fencing
  • Steps
  • Stormwater run-off
  • Water drainage
  • Driveways and paths

Remember that you can ask for particular items or areas on your property’s site to be inspected. Also, depending on who performs it, the list may include more items.

Things That a Structural Building Inspection Does Not Include

A building report usually does not include:

  • Parts of the property that the inspector could not reach or see
  • Things outside the consultant’s expertise
  • Estimate of repair costs
  • Any minor structural defect
  • Detection of termites

A building inspection review is not an all-encompassing review that deals with every aspect of your property. It is best to see it as a reasonable attempt to identify significant existing structural defects noticeable at the moment of inspection.

Pest Inspection Reports

A pest report is an independent document completed in agreement with the Australian Standard 4349.3.

While a structural building report usually contains visible damages caused by termites and other wood-damaging pests, it does not include their detection or extermination. You should consider getting a combined inspection if the building is in a place where termites may pose an issue.

Special-Purpose Reports

A special-purpose report includes most items covered in the building inspection following Australian Standards, with the following additions:

  • Estimate repair cost of significant problems
  • List of minor issues
  • Recommendation of the maintenance and repair work necessary

It is a good idea to check with your building consultant regarding the information they include in the property inspection report and let them know if you wish to know more details.

Is There a Difference Between a Structural Building Inspection and a Structural Engineer Inspection?

A building inspection is more of a general assessment of the property. The inspector looks at the building elements, from walls to electrical wiring to drainage, to check their condition and provide advice to the property buyer or seller.

A structural engineer inspection is a more specialized process. It mainly focuses on the issues that can affect the structural integrity of the building, such as those present in the foundation or the building structure itself.

Both engineers and regular inspectors can perform building inspections, but only the former can discern and confirm structural issues. It is not rare to see engineers from consulting firms providing special-purpose inspections and new building inspections for that reason.

Choosing the Right Building Inspector

Most reports in the building inspection industry follow the same general structure dictated by the Australian Standard. However, the contents can significantly change depending on who you hire. Hiring the most affordable service you can find is not ideal if you consider that aspect.

When deciding the building inspector for your property, you need to ensure the consultant or the organization complies with some aspects. If you are in Victoria, Queensland, or South Australia, you can check whether they are a member of the state-wide regulation agency. Otherwise, determine whether they are a registered builder or a structural engineer.

Furthermore, it would be best to look for an inspector that offers professional indemnity insurance for their independent assessments. Asking for a report sample is also an excellent idea. A promising sign is if the inspector wrote it in clear terms and filled it with photos.

House Inspections Melbourne – Everything You Need to Know

House Inspections Melbourne – Everything You Need to Know

For most Australians, the most significant expense in their lifetime is their home. The risk they can incur by not hiring an experienced inspector is something that’s better to avoid.

You shouldn’t brush it off too quickly as well by having a carpenter or builder acquaintance stick their head onto the property. After all, it isn’t an alternative to professionals who conduct inspections every day and know how severe defects can affect your home.

It’s important to note that no home comes without issues. House inspections allow you to make informed decisions about the property you’re considering buying. When an inspector arrives, they check it thoroughly for potential problems, giving you a better idea of what kind of maintenance it might require in the future.

If you’re buying a house, a house inspection might save you a significant amount of money in future repairs. It can also prevent you from purchasing a money sinker. However, that’s not the only type of building inspection you can find.

What to Expect at a Home Inspection in Melbourne

During a building inspection in Melbourne, the inspector visually assesses the property’s mechanical and structural systems. These include ceilings, roofs, floors, windows, doors, and more.

Most inspectors first check if the major appliances are in working order. They scrutinize heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, examine plumbing and electrical wiring, and poke around the roof space and subfloor.

Building inspectors are usually thorough in property inspections as the goal is to uncover any issues, even if they are minor. However, they don’t let you know whether you’re getting a good deal or offer opinions on the property’s sale price.

Overall, a thorough inspection of the property should take a couple of hours to finish. If you’re tagging along, the inspector may comment on what he sees during the process. They don’t necessarily determine whether a property is compliant with the Melbourne City Code or Australia’s Building Code and Standards. However, they do follow a standard when it comes to writing a detailed report.

Inspectors don’t comment on anything aesthetic unless it’s a sign of a problem. For instance, they might mention that a ceiling stain indicates water damage. Also, they don’t check parts of the property that aren’t readily accessible. These might require specialized evaluations.

Types of Building Inspections -Melbourne

Most property inspection agencies across Melbourne offer several comprehensive inspections for property buyers and investors. They can provide you with a detailed report that specifies the structural reliability of the house in question. Here are some of the common types of building inspections Melbourne companies tend to offer:

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections – Melbourne

A pre-purchase inspection is a comprehensive visual inspection carried out by a professional inspection at the request of someone looking to purchase a house. In most cases, it’s carried out once both parties sign the contract. It includes assessing the property’s exterior, interior, roof void, sub-floor area, roof, and immediate surroundings.

Hiring a legitimate third-party building inspection company and not one from a real-estate business can prove invaluable. While you may incur some expenses, it brings about peace of mind knowing that you can trust the report of the pre-purchase building agency. After all, they are working in your best interests.

With the information you gain from a pre-purchase building inspection, you can either proceed normally or renegotiate the purchase price depending on what faults the review found.

Timber Pest Building Inspections – Melbourne

A timber pest inspection tries to identify any signs of pest activity or any condition that may be favourable to pests, such as borers, termites, and timber fungal decay. Timber pests usually have detrimental impacts on a property, and most of these result in financial damages.

Experienced professionals carry out these inspections using the appropriate equipment, such as thermal imaging tools, which allow them to identify alarming issues related to pests. A timber pest inspection can let you prevent or identify your house’s damages, but you can also request one for a property you’re interested in.

Remember that not only wood-frame homes are breeding grounds for wood borers and termites. Brick houses with concrete foundations can also be prone to termite damage. This pest only requires a gap of two millimetres to lay and cause significant damage.

timber pest damage to flooring

Combined Building and Pest Inspections – Melbourne

As the name implies, a building and pest inspection is a combination of the previous two. It’s one of the most solicited inspections as it’s the one that covers most of the usual damages and structural defects a property may present.

You can receive a thorough building and pest inspection and evaluation that provides a detailed report on the property’s internal and external structure, roof exterior and its cavities, and sub-floor. The building inspector also looks for wood decay, which is evidence of termite and wood borers.

Pre-Sale Building and House Inspections – Melbourne

A pre-sale or pre-auction building inspection is one that’s undertaken before the property is put on sale. The vendor usually organizes this inspection, but in some cases, it’s the real-estate agency.

People undertake pre-sale building inspections for two different reasons. First, the property owner could organize one to be informed about the house’s condition before putting it on sale or auction.

A pre-sale building inspection can be helpful in these cases because it may stave off possible attempts to renegotiate the purchase price by not having any surprises pop up should the buyer organize an inspection of his own.

The vendor could rectify any problem detected during the building inspection before putting the property on the market. Nonetheless, that doesn’t usually happen. In most cases, people view a report that outlines many faults try to conceal them instead of fixing them.

The second reason a property owner would organize a pre-sale building inspection is to have the option of presenting the report to a prospective purchaser. This eliminates the buyer’s need to schedule an assessment of their own.

Regardless, from the buyer’s perspective, relying on an inspection report from the vendor isn’t the best idea. After all, they could hire a lenient building agency for a low price that only outlines the least amount of faults.

Additionally, as the report can be out-of-date, the house’s condition could be worse than it initially was. A buyer who relies on the vendor’s evaluation could get stuck with a property that requires thousands of dollars to rectify. Furthermore, it would be impossible to prove liability and obtain compensation because the inspection report was done in the vendor’s name, not the purchaser’s.

If the vendor presents you with a report, read it, but don’t rely on it. Also, it’s essential to note that you can’t organize a pre-auction inspection after it concludes. If you’re thinking of getting one, you have to arrange it before the auction.

Construction House Inspections – Melbourne

If you’re building a new home and you don’t know how to ensure the builder is carrying out the work ideally, you can hire an inspector to carry out construction inspections. These usually have four stages: pre-slab, frame, lock-up (pre-plaster,) and pre-completion.


This stage is an inspection of the footing and overall slab dimensions, waterproof membrane, steel reinforcement, waffle pods, and other materials that keep your house standing upright. During the house inspection, the inspector might also inquire about possible drainage issues.

However, you have to ask the builder to give you the structural engineering documentation. The contract documentation doesn’t require them to give it to you.


This stage involves an inspection of the steel and timber frames. Here, inspectors evaluate the engineer’s details, dimensions, structural connections, and other general construction issues relevant to Australian standards.

Other house inspection elements include room dimensions, frame alignment, correctly installed bracing, bargeboards, and more.


It’s an inspection of external wall claddings. These include roof claddings, fascia boards, brickwork or rendered weatherboards, gutters, doors and windows, articulation joints, and more.

Inspectors recommend requesting this inspection after builders lay three courses of brick, ensuring the removal of excess mortar from the damp-proof membrane. During these home inspection stages, they also check the perimeter, internal walls, electrical wiring, baths, shower bases, and other elements.

Inspectors can conduct these pre-plaster inspections at any stage before pre-completion. However, it may make it hard to examine a couple of things in these cases.


This inspection picks up plastering defects and checks whether all architraves, doors, internal cladding skirting, baths, troughs, basins, sinks, cabinets, and cupboards are fitted and ready to paint.

Finally, the inspector evaluates both previously inspected items and those that weren’t.

Special-Purpose Defect House Inspections – Melbourne

A special-purpose defect inspection is for home buyers who have a specific issue with one or two items in their house. Some examples are cracked walls, site drainage, rising damp, etc.

What’s in a Property Inspection Report?

The report’s format and detail depend on the property’s type, size, age, and condition. Additionally, the reporting process of the agency making it also influences it.

Some building inspectors adopt a standard format and use a comprehensive checklist, while others adapt it for each property. Most tend to include photographs. Regardless, all reports must comply with the Australian Building Standards (AS 4349.1.)

The report should contain enough information to specify the condition of the house in detail, including any major and minor defects. Most building inspection reports are visual assessments, so they don’t hidden problems.

If you have concerns about such issues, you can request an examination with an accredited professional or a special purpose inspection.

The general information you can find in building inspection reports are:

  • Interior of the property
  • Exterior of the property
  • Roof void
  • Roof exterior
  • Under-floor space
  • Surrounding site

Regarding the site, building inspection reports usually include the following details:

  • Garage, garden shed, and carport
  • Separate laundry or toilet
  • Non-structural retaining walls
  • Fencing
  • Surface water drainage
  • Paths and driveways

Remember that you can specify which items on the site you want the inspector to examine. You can also request them to evaluate a particular part of your property or certain items such as:

  • Signs of issues with asbestos
  • Existence of an electrical safety switch
  • Smoke alarms

Reports end with a summary of the principal structural defects found and the overall condition of the property, considering its type and age. They also don’t include parts of the house that the inspector can’t examine, things outside their area of expertise, repair cost estimates, and some minor defects.

A pest inspection report is mostly the same, with the addition of evidence indicating damage or activity from timber-destroying critters and organisms such as subterranean and dampwood termites, wood decay fungi, and borers. These reports follow the Australian Building Standards (AS 4349.3.)

What’s the Process of Hiring a Melbourne Building Inspections Agency?

Almost every building inspection agency in Melbourne involves the same processes, regardless of the type.

  1. Book the Building Inspection. Melbourne agencies usually require the details of the property to offer a quote. Usually, you can receive one for free without obligations.
  2. Confirm. Here, the building inspection agency contacts the real estate agent or builder on your behalf to confirm the appointment and arrange access to the property.
  3. Inspect. The professional team you hired conducts an inclusive house inspection and prepares their findings in a detailed yet easy-to-understand report.
  4. Report. On the same day, the hired building inspection agency should call you to inform the results or send them via e-mail. As mentioned, reports include photos of the internal areas, roof coverings, cavities, subfloor, and more areas of concern.
  5. Discuss. Should the inspection uncover any concerning defect, the report should highlight it and recommend necessary repairs. During this step, you can phone the building inspectors for further clarification and advice.

How Much Does it Cost for Building Inspections – Melbourne Prices

The cost of building inspections in Melbourne varies depending on the property’s size and the type of inspection. Here are some average starting prices on the ones listed previously:

  • Pre-purchase house inspections – Melbourne inspections usually start at around $350
  • Pest inspections might cost $250
  • Combined building and pest inspections start at around $450
  • Pre-sale building inspections start at around $350
  • Construction house inspections – Melbourne inspections cost around $400 per stage
  • Special purpose inspections start at around $250

These are prices for average-sized homes. Inspection services for larger properties and houses in metropolitan areas might cost between $800 and $1000.

Choosing Building Inspection Services in Melbourne

Although reports from building inspection services in Melbourne all follow the same general structure, the contents can drastically change depending on who makes it. It wouldn’t be ideal to go for the one with the lowest cost either.

When choosing a building inspection service, you have to ensure it complies with a few key aspects. For example, it’s essential to make sure they have Registered Building Practitioner qualifications. Furthermore, it would be best to look for one with professional indemnity insurance that covers their independent building inspections.

Look for one with extensive practical experience, and try to request a report sample. If the company wrote it in unambiguous language, filled it with photos, and is easy to understand, you should consider hiring them.

Independent Building Inspectors in Melbourne



Independent Building Inspectors in Melbourne

The pre purchase building inspector  will inspect all the internal areas of the house ,look at all surfaces ,ceiling ,walls ,cornices looking for any structural issues ,they will look at the flooring condition of every room whether there is any bounce or any movement that needs more investigating.

Our building inspectors are independent in Melbourne so you are well protected with no information going to the real estate agent or any other prospective buyers.

The architraves and skirting boards are inspected for any termite damage and whether there is any dampness or mould that may be present.

The bathrooms are inspected and tested for any leaking issues, any plumbing defects, is the water leaving in a timely manner from basins or is there evidence of blockage to drains.

The shower tiling and surrounds are looked at and inspected for any issues with the caulking ,any cracks to shower bases ,all tapware operating as required.

Are the shower screens intact with no breakages noted, the ventilation is checked as well as inspecting again for any termite damage, as termites love the humidity of bathrooms


The inspection of the subfloor is probably the most important inspection as well as the roof space as these areas will restrict the majority of people entering.

With the sub floor we inspect for any stump damage, bearers and studs are ok and whether there is  evidence of any dampness in the soil which may be caused by broken/blocked drains, the land may be sloping towards the house as well as other factors that require investigating.

Independendent building inspectors in Melbourne are preferred by many house purchases as they are independent therefore you can be assured that there reports will only be for you without any pre selling to other vendors, they will not divulge any information regarding the property to any other person without your permission.

Independent Building Inspectors in Melbourne


The roof space is inspected to see whether the structural roof members are still in good condition and whether they comply with the building code, the insulation is inspected as is all lighting and wiring .


Drainage is looked at and the roof is inspected looking for any damage to the tiling/metal  deck and looking at the flashings as well as gutters and downpipes .

There are over 1000 items that are inspected during our inspections which can last anywhere between 1 hour to 2 hours depending on size of property and the amount of defects present.

As you can see its well worth the small cost to have your pre purchase building inspected by house inspections in Melbourne inspectors .

We recently inspected a house in a Melbourne suburb of Bayswater only to identify that sections of the bearers and floor joists in the sub floor were badly rotten from the water emanating from the shower base above and required urgent rectification firstly by a plumber and also by a carpenter.

There were other defects with rotten timber retaining walls and no insulation in the roof space, although these defects are non structural they have the potential to cause a lot of headaches in the future to the prospective buyer.

The client re negotiated a better contact price saving himself a few thousand dollars so he was the winner in the end.

Never buy a property without a full Building inspection conducted by a VBA Registered Building Practitioner it just not worth the risk.,click here for more information.

Melbourne Pre Purchase Building Inspections Are Important


Melbourne Pre purchase building inspections are important

Foundation defects


At a first glance when you look at the building report it might look very confusing but any good pre purchase building inspector will be able to walk you through the entire report and make you understand what each point means

 It would be important for you to remember that most homes always will have minor defects. Do not get too caught up in this process of building pre purchase inspections and only use this process to be able to educate yourself what will be required to rectify any defects within the property.

Structural building inspections are part of the pre purchase house inspection report which is a visual inspection only performed by a structural engineer to validate that a house is sound with no major structural defects throughout to beams, foundations, framing and trusses

The pre purchase building inspection or house inspection inspector will provide an approx. cost of any rectification works that may be required before purchase allowing you to budget.

Never go with the cheapest building inspector as you may be asking for trouble, not many realize that in Melbourne Australia the pre purchase building inspection industry is not regulated allowing any person to conduct an inspection, always check there building qualifications and any reviews they may have.

Although building inspectors can assist you in interpreting the building reports, not every kind of inspector will be able to give you the right advice on how to solve any issues that may arise

Also, the best inspector will be able to help safeguard all the property buyers against investing in defective properties. Pre-Purchase Building inspection in Melbourne reports will reveal any hidden problems that a property might be having giving investors peace of mind, having all the knowledge that is necessary before buying and understanding the building is safe with no structural issues that will set back the purchasers thousands of dollars.

Termite inspections are an important part of the pre purchase building inspection process as if a house has termite issues there may be structural problems within the building that are not easily identified without the experience of a building house inspector in Melbourne.

Extremely major, structural issues can be extremely expensive for the buyer if it is repaired after purchasing the property and therefore, it is important to understand before purchase what are the expenses that a prospective buyer will have before a building auction inspection.

This report can become an extremely powerful tool when it comes to the negotiation between the buyer and the seller.

It is recommended that all clients should be getting the building and pest inspection conducted by building and pest inspections Melbourne prior to settling any kind of offer from the seller of the property.

 Most people will always do it during the cooling-off period of the purchase, but it is suggested that it must be done before possession by the purchaser.

 The Pre purchase building inspector will inspect all aspects of the building including but not limited to the roof space, the roof, all external areas including hot water systems, water tanks as well as all internal areas of the building property ,asbestos will be identified and all electrical outlets will be inspected, contact us for more enquiries 

Independent Building Inspectors Melbourne


The Ultimate Guide to Independent Building Inspections Melbourne

One of the most important decisions that businesses, home buyers, and homeowners need to make is hiring an independent building inspection company. No matter where you might be located in the city, you have to hire a building inspection firm Melbourne. It will help provide you with valuable information. If you are on the lookout for more information about the service, you have come to the right place. This guide aims to provide you with all the details that you need to make an informed decision. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

independent building inspectors melbourne


What Is an Independent Inspection?

Before we dive deeper into everything an independent building inspection service has to offer, it is important to know what an independent building inspection service provides. In the simplest of words, it is a service that involves thorough inspection of a property to provide a report about its underlying condition conducted by an independent building inspector in Melbourne. Here is what you can expect from an independent site inspection Melbourne.

  • The inspection team would visit the site and get straight to work.
  • Safety concerns on the site would be identified.
  • Recommendations would be provided for improvement.
  • An impartial report will be given about the site.
  • The inspect team might also correct minor problems.

Both residents and businesses in Melbourne can benefit from an independent review. It is necessary to prevent being fined from the government. You can either hire one-off inspection service or ongoing inspection Melbourne.

Responsibilities of Independent Building Inspections Melbourne

  • To inspect each stage of the construction thoroughly.
  • To ensure that the new property is constructed in compliance with the relevant building regulations.
  • To review the building specifications and engineering drawings.
  • To report any defective works at every stage of the construction and to rectify the defects.
  • To provide advice to the client (i.e. business, home owner, or home buyer) whether to make payment.
  • To serve as an advisor throughout the construction.
  • To make sure that every new property is constructed and finished in accordance to the National Construction Code.
  • To ensure that the surveyors, tradespersons, site manager and the builders do their jobs properly.

The best thing about getting a building inspection Melbourne done is that it provides you with an overall idea about the condition of the building structure along with the surrounding property.

When to Get a Building Inspection Melbourne Done?

When it comes to purchasing a property, it is crucial that you all the defects are identified before any contract is exchanged. The last thing you want is to sign a contract and end up having to spend more money than you should.

On the other hand, it is important that you get remediation work done if you are planning on selling the property. If you fail to do so, potential buyers would lose interest in the property and would look elsewhere to find a good deal. Besides, remediation work and building inspection is cost-effective. It allows you to get the work needed to sell your property for the right price.

Handover inspections ensure that you do not have to deal with post-build costs as a buyer or you get to pay the right price. The inspection identifies whether the property has been built in accordance with the Australian Standards and Tolerances. You simply cannot rely on your instinct and require a professional opinion. There is also a need to check if the workmanship is actually satisfactory or not. Builders are always keen on handing over the property and collecting the payment as swiftly as possible. Hence, you need to pay heed and ensure that you are on the right side of the bargain.

Benefits of Building Inspections Melbourne

Hiring handover inspection service Melbourne is highly beneficial. The independent inspector would evaluate the condition of the property, from the foundation to the finishing touches and would not rest until you have an accurate report. The following benefits are guaranteed when you hire the service.

  1. Provide Confidence

One of the main reasons why it is important that you hire building inspections Melbourne is because it instils confidence in homebuyers and homeowners as well as businesses. Getting an inspection done assures you that all defects have been detected by an expert and you can get to the bottom of the problem. When you know about the exact condition of the property, you will feel more confident about discussing everything and can expect the best results. On the other hand, if you do not conduct an inspection, you would remain at the mercy of the other side and might even lose the deal due to your negligence.

  1. Peace of Mind

Another great thing about building inspection is that it provides much-needed peace of mind. If you are worried about the outcome of the deal, the least you can do is learn more about the property by conducting an inspection. The inspection report will provide you with all the information that you need about the property before signing any contract or making any decision. This should be reason enough to hire a professional. There is no reason for you to wing it. Instead, it is always better to stay in the know. Nobody wants last-minute surprises, especially when it comes to life-changing decisions. Hence, you have no option but to hire a building inspection company in Melbourne to help you out.

Building inspection helps you monitor quality and building practices. In today’s world, there might be regulations. However, you have a responsibility to gather more information to take the right action. It is vital that you know that the property has been constructed using the best materials and

practices. Thus, you would get to achieve peace of mind. You do not want to leave everything to the construction company. It is always a good idea to let an expert guide you.

  1. Aids with Negotiation

Purchasing or selling a property is a huge decision. It is important that you have all the leverage possible. This is where the building inspection truly shines. It can act as a useful negotiating tool for ensuring completion of the deal. You can use the building inspection report to your advantage. It can guide you to get a remodelling project done or address the terms of the contract. The report will help you in ways that you cannot even imagine.

  1. Hold Builders Accountable

You can ensure that what you pay for is worth it by hiring a building inspection company in Melbourne. It will help you hold the builders accountable for the work done. You can rest assured knowing that the builder has met the expectations. Receive the best work by letting the builders know that you mean business. As the reports are completely comprehensive, you can speak directly with the builders and show them proof of the photos. A reputable inspection company would employ inspectors who have extensive experience and knowledge. They would get to the bottom of the defects and will hold the builders accountable.

  1. Unbiased Results

A great thing about hiring an independent building inspection company in Melbourne is that it provides unbiased results. Independent building inspectors do not work for the construction company which means that they strive to maintain fairness. The inspection team would look at the property from all angles. It would ensure that everything is noted in the report. Thus, you can count on the report to be completely accurate. You will get a complete report on the condition of the property which you can rely on.

  1. Fully Insured

As the building inspection company in fully insured, you would be compensated if they make any mistake. This should help you sit back and relax as you will be immediately covered for any financial loss. The company must have taken out professional indemnity insurance which covers everything, from costly mistakes to errors in judgment. If any problems are later found, you can contact the company and they will see through it.

  1. Licensed Builders

The thing about a building inspection company is that it is also licensed. This means that it should be able to take on any repair work that your property might require. The inspection would be done in accordance with the building codes and standards. This means that you would get more out of the service than you can possibly understand. Hence, it is best that you contacted a building inspection service in Melbourne.VBA registered practitioners 

  1. Provide Support

If you require any support after the inspection, you can turn to the inspection company to have your back. The company is more than just an assessor. It also has builders and engineers who will tackle any problem that comes your way. The recommendations it provides you will ensure that you have a fair idea about the condition of the property and can seek the support that you need.

Building inspection is necessary in the following situations.

  1. Before Purchasing a Property

One of the situations where independent building inspection is necessary is before purchasing a property. You will need pre-purchase building and pest inspection service Melbourne to reveal issues with the property before you make a purchase. This will help ensure that you are not blindsided and end up spending money on expensive defects after having signed the contract.

  1. Before Selling a Property

Another situation where building inspection is absolutely important is before selling a property. A pre-sale inspection Melbourne would ensure that every issue is identified and dealt with before prospective buyers learn about the defects. Thus, you will get to boost your chances of selling your property the first time around.

  1. When Building a New Home or Getting Renovation Done

It is a great idea to consider construction handover inspection Melbourne to make sure that the new property or the renovation work meets the highest standards. The inspection company will provide you with a complete report that will detail incomplete finishes and defects. Hence, you would get to be certain about the builder completing the work before you finalize the contract and make any payment.

What Is Covered In A Building Inspection Report Melbourne?

If you are thinking of getting a building inspection report in Melbourne, it is important that you know what it covers. Generally, building inspection covers all major defects that are obvious. However, it is not just limited to that. It also includes extensive and significant cracking, foundation or footing settlement, decay and corrosion issues, resultant damage, and water escape.

In addition to the above, site drainage is also taken into account and recommendations are made along with the suggestion to seek further inspection from the relevant trade specialist. It is possible to handle drainage improvements after purchasing the property. But, future costs should be considered.

The inspection would also involve the interiors including the condition of the flooring, ceiling linings, cracking of the wall, taps and light switches, windows, and doors. The team would further check the roof cavity to identify ventilation and insulation issues. There is always a possibility of termite damage or defects to the roof frame. Hence, it is best to get a complete inspection done.

The sub-floor would be inspected and comments will be provided on its conditions. Termite damage, previous water escape, ventilation, drainage issues, and other problems would be clearly mentioned so that you have a clear understanding of the property and its condition. The inspection team would go out of its way to inspect the gutters, flashings, roof, and tiles. One should keep in mind that the building report would compare the property to other designed properties.


Once you have gone over our guide to building inspections Melbourne, you will be confident about hiring the service. It is important that you hire a company that has a strong reputation and is known for meeting the demands of clients. You should interview a few companies before making up your mind. It will help ensure that you seek the best service. Contact us for more information 

Bathroom Building Renovations Melbourne


Bathroom renovations Melbourne are so popular today as more people are choosing to renovate their homes rather than spending more money in relocating to bigger properties, we are registered with the victorian building authority


As most bathroom renovations projects are over the sum of $10,000 the answer is Yes you do especially if you are thinking of demolishing a wall or adding a wall as these involve a professional builder in analysing whether these are achievable

Extensions and renovations costing more than $10.000 require a major domestic building contract as per the victorian building authority guidelines.

The builder is also required to provide domestic building insurance for any work that’s over $16,000 to cover the client in the event the builder disappears or becomes insolvent.

The builder must also provide a certificate of currency for the insurance before they can take a deposit and start building works or start any building maintenance

If you are wanting to knock down a wall and other renovation work on your property then our trades person requires to be registered with the Victorian Building Authority and a building permit will be required.

Many builders or trades people will ask you to sign a building permit as an owner builder as they are trying to hide their legal responsibilities and if you do you may end up paying a lot more in the end, just beware .

So many clients have hired contractors or trades to conduct building renovations on there property only to find out when there is a problem that the person that they employed was not registered and that legally they were not allowed to start any building works.

Bathroom renovations typically will require combined services of a number ot trades ie:

. A cabinet maker

. A carpenter

. A painter

. A Electrician

. A tiler

All the above trades are required to be licenced

A good bathroom renovation builder will be happy to help with your bathroom design and make suggestions to stay within your budget

  • Contracts for the work MUST be in writing. Contracts must contain all the terms, conditions and provisions of the agreement, show the date and be signed by both parties. An oral agreement is not sufficient to comply with the Act
  • Before a home building work contract is signed by the owner, the Act requires the builder to provide the owner with a copy of the ‘Notice for the Home Owner’, which summarises the requirements of the Act

Whether you want a building renovation or advice on knocking down a wall or creating your dream kitchen and new bathroom renovations then give George a call -we are the professional building/inspection experts throughout all suburbs Melbourne