Building Contracts Melbourne

Understanding Your Building Contract

When you’ve spent a lot of time and energy finding the right block, and you’ve chosen the builder who will construct your beautiful new home, be sure to read the entire building contract carefully before you sign it. You should not only make the effort and read it but fully understand your obligations under the contract as well as those of the builder. It’s a good idea to ask your solicitor to check the contract for you before you sign it to make sure there are no loopholes or errors that will cost you money down the track.

What Are the Laws Regarding Building Contracts?

In Australia, consumers and builders must have a written, formal contract that meets all the requirements of your state or territory’s Domestic Building Contracts Act. The contract is a legally binding document which is between you and your builder and it contains various kinds of information which will include details about progress payments, a clear start date and completion date and the particular specifications for your new build.


When you’ve spent a lot of time and energy finding the right block, and you’ve chosen the builder who will construct your beautiful new home, be sure to read the entire building contract carefully before you sign it. You should not only make the effort and read it but fully understand your obligations under the contract as well as those of the builder. It’s a good idea to ask your solicitor to check the contract for you before you sign it to make sure there are no loopholes or errors that will cost you money down the track.


What Are the Laws Regarding Building Contracts?

In Australia, consumers and builders must have a written, formal contract that meets all the requirements of your state or territory’s Domestic Building Contracts Act. The contract is a legally binding document which is between you and your builder and it contains various kinds of information which will include details about progress payments, a clear start date and completion date and the particular specifications for your new build.

Why You Must Read and Understand Your Contract

The main and crucial reason you should be crystal clear about every aspect of the contract is if any incorrect information is written in it – whether it’s part of the original agreement or a variation –  IT IS NOT LEGALLY BINDING.


Who Draws Up the Contract?

Contracts provide a basic guideline if a dispute between you and your builder arises. Your builder could have a lawyer draw up a contract or use their industry association’s standard contract for domestic builds. No matter what contract is used, you are obliged to educate yourself on the contents of the document and the process of the building contract. 

To Help With the Contractual Process, Here Are Some Tips: 

  • Make absolutely sure your contract has a precise start and finish date.
  • Make sure there is a reference to detailed plans, structural drawings and/or specification.
  • Make sure there is a clear statement about your cooling-off period.
  • Make sure you have your contract checked by a lawyer or a specialist building consultant before you sign it.
  • If there are any blank sections at all in the contract, be very sure to cross them out.
  • Check all details concerning insurance, particularly warranty insurance.
  • Make absolutely sure you fully understand the cost of the work and any variations that might occur in the future during the build.
  • Read and understand the Domestic Building Contracts Act in your state territory. The Act outlines a number of warranties applied to all domestic building contracts, so you should know whether or not the work carried out on your build meets those standards.
  • Fully comprehend the schedule of progress payments which are outlined under Section 40 of the Act. If you are entering into your own schedule of payments, you ought to seek legal advice about it.
  • Be absolutely sure to document all variations, and make sure you understand them before the work begins and before you sign off on them.
  • Remember, you have a five-day cooling off period after you sign the contract.
  • From day one, be sure to document all work conducted, and where possible, get everything in writing.
  • Record the progress of your build by taking photographs regularly and date them.

House Inspections is an established building inspection company operating throughout Victoria,  Geelong, and surrounding areas. Our company is run by registered builders who offer a professional service, and who write full, comprehensive reports that are easy to understand. Our Inspectors are VBA Registered Practitioners with many years of experience serving all of Melbourne. Call us today on 0450 632 867 or email

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Building Pest Inspections Can Save You Money

A Building pest inspection conducted on a property you may want to buy can save you money and sometimes lots of money depending what is found by the inspector during the inspection.

Making sure that your building contract does not have the working “subject to a building defect or structural defect” as these clauses have the potential to not be abe to re negotiate the contract price in the event that minor defects exist.

We recently inspected a property in which most of the items inspected were satisfactory with no major structural defects found but we did include in our building report that there was one item that was listed as a minor defect and to rectify this defect would cost approx $2000.

The purchaser in this case was able to go back to the seller with the report and re negotiate the purchase price because he took our advice before signing the real estate contract and deleted the words “structural defect” read more

The ridge capping to this property required re pointing along the roof line and the cost to rectify was carried by the seller so in this case the purchaser saved himself a bit of money .

Another property we inspected had water damage to the floor boards and floor joists and the cost to rectify would have been in excess of $12,000 but in this case our client had an inspection of his property 6 months after he bought it ,if only he had a building inspection before purchase he would have saved himself a lot of money and stress.

Conducting a pre purchase building pest inspection is very important as for the small cost involved it can save you thousands in the case that defects are identified.

All homes inspected have some sort of defect even new homes but having your property inspected gives you peace of mind that your not going to have to rectify defects costing you thousands down the track.


To avoid unnecessary problems during your house inspections, you need to hire a house inspector. They should be a licensed VBA Registered Practitioner who will examine your potential house and give you a realistic assessment of the condition and the existence of any defects minor or major. They examine the current condition of the house, but can not make predictions about the future condition of the house.

The house inspector does not determine the value of the property, or check whether or not the state of the property is compliant with the appropriate laws including council approvals. They do not measure the size of the building or any internal or external areas. They can identify any  defects  within  the property and it is then up to the buyer to make an informed decision based on the inspector’s findings. He will not advise that you should not buy the property or you should as that is the clients responsibility only.

Often many clients think that they don´t require an inspection by a house inspector because  they think they have the relevant skills but they are wrong as we have found out multiple times that they have missed some crucial defect that they thought was ok initially only to find out later that it was a structural defect.

Its not a requirement to be a registered building practitioner to conduct Building pest inspections in Victoria so prospective buyers should be aware that if fact there house inspector was a past car mechanic ,they should ask appropriate questions and check there reviews and ask to see there documentation before hiring them . .

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Periodic House Inspections

The Importance of Periodic House Inspections and When to Ditch a Landlord


One of the most important parts of being a good property manager ensuring safety at all times. In other words, a great landlord should verify that home is in good shape and take care of any potential issues that can put your family’s health at risk.


Unfortunately, not all landlords take the time to inspect the properties they rent out, which can lower your living quality and potentially cause severe accidents. In this article, we’ll go over the importance of having periodic inspections and discuss a few scenarios where you should find a new landlord.

The Importance of Periodic Inspections

Having your house periodically inspected is very important. Some of the main reasons why your landlord should inspect your house three or four times per year include:

Identify the Need for Repairs

The most obvious benefit of having regular home inspections is that your landlord will identify and take care of repairs around your house. Whether it’s creaking doors, loose hinges, groundwater flooring, or a similar repair, you won’t have to worry about fixing it as long as your house is checked regularly.

Ensure the Tenant Has Good Living Conditions

Besides repairs, regular inspections allow landlords to identify other elements that can be affecting the living conditions. For instance, if the tenant is expecting a child, some landlords may help baby-proof the house and make permanent changes that create better conditions for the family as a whole.

Create a Good Professional Relationship

Landlords are required to create good conditions for their tenants and take care of certain repairs, both of which can be achieved through regular check-ups. This can help build a strong professional relationship and it will discourage you from trying to find a new place, as long as you don’t have to.

Help Prepare the Property to Go on the Market

Many landlords in Australia look to put their investment property on the market after some time. If they monitor the condition of the house, it’ll be easier to prepare it to go on the market. For tenants, this means that the house will be kept in great condition until you have to move out, which is ideal for families waiting to purchase or build their own home.

Prevent Potential Legal issues

A major benefit of regular examinations is that it can save both landlords and tenants a huge amount of legal problems. From a landlord’s perspective, it can prevent accidents and the widespread of diseases. For tenants, having regular inspections means that they are more likely to pay attention to the condition of the house in order to prevent potential problems.

When Should You Ditch Your Landlord?

In most cases, you should ditch your landlord if he or she refuses to take care of a repair or carry out regular inspections. Some examples of the problems your landlord should take care of include:

Visible Mould

Mould can severely lower the air quality in your house and landlords are legally obliged to create a safe environment for your family. If there is visible mould growing on your walls and other parts of your house, make sure your landlord takes care of it promptly or explore the alternatives you have available.

Leaks and Other Repairs

Leaks cause mould, not to mention the fact that they can cause wood rot and potentially raise your utility bills. If you or the inspector detect any leaks, your landlord should repair them right away.

Extensive Wear and Tear

If your boiler isn’t working or there is wear and tear that affects the functionality of different elements in your home, you should contact your landlord and have them take a look at it.

Get in Touch with One of Our Agents Today

The tips above should help you understand the importance of periodic inspections and identify scenarios where you’re better off finding a new landlord.


If you want to learn more about our home inspection services, get in touch with us and our team will be glad to help

House Inspections Saved Me Thousands



I recently purchased my first house in a Melbourne suburb of Watsonia and i contacted House Inspections to do a building inspection and as i wanted to save some money i decided not to add a termite (pest) inspection as well it saved me $100, well what a fool i was.

My inspector George told me it would be a good idea to do a termite inspection considering the age of the building but as i was adamant i said no .

I got a call later the next day after my inspection was completed and i received some good and bad news,the good news was that there were no structural defects found but my home was termite infested with many elements of my home requiring major building works to remedy the defects within the structure.

house inspections saved me thousands

There was termite damage to my Sub floor floor joists and sections of bearers,as well as many areas of the roof space floor joists and battens were so badly destroyed that it was declared a safety risk.

George decided that he would do the inspection for termites as well because during his inspection he found some issues that he was concerned and boy was i lucky ,House Inspections saved me thousands by not buying this property, i eventually bought a property and i keep thinking how lucky i was finding someone as honest as George and House Inspections.


Before buying your next home get a Building and Pest Inspection from House Inspections you will not regret it ,and for a home buyer to hear that his house has no defects that are major or any termites is the best news any home buyer can receive..

Any property can have major/minor structural defects or pest infestations which when go undetected can hurt your pocket in the long-term. But all this can be undone if you choose to not conduct a pre purchase property inspections Melbourne inspection.

House Inspections inspectors are VBA Registered Building Practitioners with years of experience so when you engage our services you will be given peace of mind that all defects will be recorded within your report .

. After a thorough inspection of every aspect of the home from the roof to the subfloor, a House Inspections report details defects which have been found, where they were found, and what action is required to rectify them.


 The report also includes photographs of most of the defects, as well as a detailed summary listing all of the major and minor defects.

The building & pest inspection report/termite inspection report informs you whether there is any existing termite damage, any live termites, any past termite damage, timber fungal decay (rot),  or borer damage. It also advises you on the areas of the property which may attract termites, as well as any action required to keep termites away from the building.

Ring George on 0450 632 867 for any advice



Building Pest Inspection Report Secrets

6 Secrets You Can Learn from a Building Pest Inspection Report

Purchasing a new house is very exciting, but you need to take the time to verify the property you want to buy is in great condition. Even though a house may seem solid on the surface, you should inspect every nook and corner to make sure you’re receiving your money’s worth.

There are many issues that may cost thousands of dollars to repair, yet they are not obvious during a house viewing. Hiring a building pest inspector can help identify some of these issues and tell you everything you need to know about a house before purchasing it.

building pest inspections report secrets

There are different types of inspections that can be carried out in a house. In this article, we’ll discuss 6 secrets you can learn from a building pest inspection report.

Why are Inspections Important in Real Estate?

It’s normal to inspect an item thoroughly before purchasing it. We do it with clothing, smartphones, and even our furniture. The same concept applies to big purchases like a house or office space.

Building pest inspections are important because they help confirm the condition of the property you want to purchase. Our contractors specialise in examining different parts of a property and determining whether there is an infestation you should know about. They assess more than 1000 different items in your house in order to verify there are no pests or related damage.

Getting a building pest inspection can give you a lot of information that the owner or real estate agent may not even be aware of.

building pest inspection reports secrets

Here are 6 secrets you can learn from a building pest inspection:

General Safety and Compliance

There are many safety and compliance guidelines that homeowners have to keep in mind when building their house. The main purpose of a building pest is to determine if there are any infestations, but we can also inform you of any compliance or safety problems that may put your family at risk.

The Potential for Mould Growth

Mould is a major problem throughout Australia. Although it’s natural, it can result in thousands of dollars in property damage and affect your family’s health.

Excess humidity is at the root of most mould issues, not to mention the fact that it also creates the ideal environment for other pests to thrive. A build pest inspector will help you locate any excess moisture and let you know if there’s a strong chance of mould development in the future.

Termites, Rodents, and Spiders

Even though all pests represent a challenge, termites, rodents, and spiders can cause structural damage to the roof, basement, and other parts of a house. Having an inspector survey the whole area can help identify the presence of these destructive pests and the extent of the damage.

building pest inspection report secrets

Roof Damage

Even though your roof was designed to provide shelter for your family, it can also serve as a refuge for different animals. This, in turn, can damage your roof and insulation. An inspector can verify that this part is in good condition and that no animals have nested up there.

Issues with the Drainage System

Drainage problems can cause excess humidity and create a perfect environment for pests to thrive. By hiring a seasoned inspector, you’ll be able to assess the condition of the drainage and identify any potential repairs before you make the purchase.

Structural Integrity Problems

Having a pest for a long period of time can weaken the frame and other structural parts of any building. Our team carries out a thorough inspection to make sure that all structural elements are still in good condition.

Find a Reliable Property Inspector You Can Trust

Hiring a reliable building pest inspector can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. The secrets above should give you an example of the many things you can learn by hiring a professional inspection company.

If you need to hire a reliable building pest inspector, get in touch with us today and our team will be glad to help.

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Building Inspections Reservoir



Did you now that in Victoria the business of Pre Purchase Building Inspections is unregulated and as such not many so called building inspectors are VBA Registered Building Practioners as they are not required to be -Building Inspections Reservoir reports are essential.

They may be members of the Master Builders or HIA but that’s not important as any trades person can become a member ,not difficult.

When you engaged a house inspections  inspector to conduct your building inspection did you ask him if he’s a VBA Registered Building Practitioner ?

Well are you surprised that 1 out or 50 people would ask that question as not many people are aware that the industry is unregulated.

Cracks above door

There are many great building inspection firms in Melbourne but how do you now whos genuine and is a Registered Practioner or Registered Builder

Ask to see there credentials before employing them, don’t take there word as many pre purchase inspectors are liars and only care about the money

How many reviews on there sites are genuine, we don’t now the answer ,its a problem.

Most building inspection inspectors conduct the most popular inspection service which is the Pre Purchase Building Pest Inspection.

We should not call it a pest we should call it Pre Purchase Building Termite Inspection as we are looking for termites not spiders.

Termite damage to floor joists

Your future home may look great from the outside and even when you start looking internally going from room to room everything looks fantastic with no Problems or defects evident.

Generally most real estate inspection firms allow only half an hour for you to peruse the property which is not enough, you may be able to go again but you always ask yourself the question when you get home did the house have fly screens on the windows or do all the air conditioners work and when were they last serviced?

We recently inspected a property in a Melbourne suburb called Berwick which is approx. 37 kms out of CBD Melbourne and is very attractive to young family’s and has a population of approx. 47,000 people.

Our client was the father of the owners daughter and he called us to conduct a property building inspection of there property as he was concerned about certain aspects of the house in particular the floors and the walls.

Cracks to walls

His daughter and husband had bought the property approx. 12 months ago without conducting a building inspection as they were being pressured by the real estate agent to buy as he had another client that was going to sign the contract which was unconditional

They needed to act fast if they wanted the property said the real estate agent
who are more concerned about there commission than the buyer or there rights.

The floors of the property were out of level by approx. 35mm in sections and there was excessive bounce to floor boards to bedroom/living room floors.

The walls in the entry and living room had vertical cracks of 15mm which indicated to me that there was a problem with the footings and may have issues with drainage.


bearers not sitting on stumps

During our inspection of the sub floor we discovered that the majority of the timber stumps were rotten at the base and there were a few stumps where the bearers were suspended and not sitting on the stumps as is required.

This was a structural defect issue and was not safe in its current state and the client was advised as a matter of urgency to contact a re blocker to rectify before allowing his children and grandkids back into the property .

The owners did not have the funds to rectify the issues that were found as the rectification costs were in the excess of $22,000 which included the walls that required underpinning.

The father organised the rectification works and paid the amounts required as his children did not have the funds.

This could have been alleviated if only they had conducted a Pre Purchase Property Inspection which would have advised them of the property condition and the existence of defects and cost to rectify the defects.

For more information or to arrange a Pre Purchase Property Inspection give George a call on 0450 632 867

Building Inspections St Albans Victoria


We offer combined Building  Pest inspections St Albans reports that cover every aspect of the property. With over 20 years of hands-on experience in the building industry, we can detect defects which may be overlooked by the untrained eye.

building inspections st albans victoria

Upon discovery of the defects, we inform you in detail about what the defect is, where is it located, as well as a recommended course of action and likely consequences for not having it repaired.

This is all detailed in our comprehensive building report.

We are 100% independent and work on your behalf, not for the Real Estate Agent or the Builder, and are available to discuss the specifics of the report with you.

We fully understand that time is of the essence when conducting building pest inspections, and where possible, cost savings are one of the primary focus for any potential customer.

Our combined Building Pest Inspection not only saves you money, but it also provides a detailed report along with all necessary information. We supply the report within 24 hours of the inspection, giving you plenty of time to make an informed decision before having to commit to purchasing the property.


 We understand the need to accommodate your busy schedule and can carry out inspections six days a week, either in the morning or the afternoon to ensure there is a convenient time for you.

After we have confirmed the details with you, we will contact the builder, real estate agent, or vendor to make the necessary arrangements so that we can access the property to undertake the inspection.

You are welcome to meet our inspectors upon their arrival for the inspection,, however for the best results, please don’t disrupt them during the inspection – this may cause them to unintentionally miss a defect or issue.

We have full Public Liability, and Professional Indemnity risks insurance, for the extremely unlikely situation where during one of our inspections causes damage to the property

Our Building inspections comply with Australian Standards 4349.1 and our Building and Pest inspections are carried out by the Australian Standards 4349.3. In addition to the inspection, we also provide a list of simple checks for you to be able to conduct yourself in future, to help protect your property from any damage.

How to Achieve Effective Pest Control at Home

No house is without a significant pest population and despite great efforts for eradicating them from our lives, they often refuse to go away. If you have tried in vain to remove the pests from your house
then you need to look again at the strategy that you are using.

Usually pest control measures are a combination of preventive, suppression, and eradication
techniques to keep a home pest free.

live termites

Here is how you need to go about dealing with this problem in an effective manner.

The first step in pest control is to identify the type of pests infesting the house.

Different pest control methods are required for different kinds of pests and hence it is important that you choose the method accordingly

Then you need to understand the extent of damage caused by the pests or the level of their in habitation in your home.

This will help you decide whether you can tackle this problem on your own
or you require the services of a professional pest control company, which can offer solutions that are more potent in eradicating pests.

Then you need to find out which remedy is most suitable for the pests you are dealing with.

You can either do online research or refer to books on this topic. Typical remedies include use of chemical pesticides in form of a spray or use of more potent chemicals.

Finally, it is important to ensure that once you have got rid of the pests, you take effective measures to avoid a recurrence of the problem.

In our line of business the threat of termites is probably the biggest risk that home owners are facing today.

Termites have the potential to destruct a house in a matter of months,they work from inside of timber structures without the home owner knowing that they are there.

For any advice ring George on 0450 632 867

Building Inspections Burnside


building inspections burnsideBuilding  Pest Inspections Burnside

Becoming a property owner has all sorts of costs that go along with it, ranging from property manager fees, repairs, and regular maintenance expenses.
One forgotten expense is for termite inspections, and the frequency that inspections should be carried out vary based on the location you live .
Building and pest inspections are recommended at least once every 12 months for homes in low-risk areas.
Homeowners with a timber house or in high-risk areas will need to arrange termite inspections more frequently.
Regular inspections allow early detection of termites and will give you time to take preventative action to eradicate them before it’s too late
termite damage
Failing to address the issue of termites in your home is potentially putting the entire home at risk.
 Infestations can cause serious structural damage making the property dangerous, and uninhabitable.
 Termites left untreated can result in a home needing to be demolished, at a cost to the homeowner, and then the huge financial investment of rebuilding it.

It’s easy to become complacent after treating your home and getting a building and pest inspections carried out.

termite trails in sub floor-how would you now they are there?

However, termites can return, even to treated wood. Regular building and pest inspections allow you to treat your home routinely, ensuring that termites don’t move in and wreak havoc.

While the cost of treating termites, repairing your home, or taking further preventative measures may seem steep, it is a small price to pay in comparison to having your home become uninhabitable due to termite damage.

Building and pest inspections identifies any obvious signs of termite infestation and structural damage. A qualified inspector has special equipment to identify termites, which may not be evident to the average person


Discovering your building has Mould is one of the worst things you can experience.
There is obvious dampness and mould that you can see and are aware it’s there, but there is also some which can’t be seen or easily detected; leading to you not even knowing that it may be affecting your health.
building dampness
Mould can lead to serious health issues such as asthma, difficulty breathing, severe coughing, and other similar respiratory conditions.
These conditions can have a long-lasting effect on a person’s health and quality of life.
A building is also at risk of structural damage if there is too much moisture in the air, resulting in your walls getting destroyed with mould and causing a very bad smell that can often take weeks, and many cleaning attempts to fix.
In the most extreme cases, the wall has to be completely removed and replaced, costing thousands of dollars. Moisture, mould, and dampness can also lead to you having to repaint or replace wallpaper more frequently.
If your home has excess moisture, then there are options available to fix the problem.
A dehumidifier is the best thing to try first to eliminate moisture.
However, keep in mind that this is a quick fix which won’t solve the main issue, and like air conditioners and fans, a dehumidifier can be very expensive to run.
Turning on your heater can also help. However, this only offers a quick-fix solution also.
A non-expensive option is to improve the ventilation in your home, such as by opening a door, and windows, which will reduce any moisture which is in the air, and allows it to escape from the building.

Getting a building pest inspection before signing the contract should be an absolute must but unfortunately only 20% of people buying a property have a building pest inspection conducted.

This is complete madness as for the small cost involved its well worth you knowing if your future home has any nasty surprises waiting for you.

We recently conducted an inspection for a couple in Boronia who had bought the property 12 months ago and were concerned about some areas of there flooring as it was “bouncing”

bearers not sitting on stumps-stumps rotten

The reason it was “bouncing “we discovered was because the bearers were not sitting on the stumps as the timber stumps had deteriorated and had lost most of there strength and required urgent rectification.

There were approx. 80 stumps that were required to be replaced so it was a huge cost that the home owner had to bear.

The client had to borrow the funds from his father, if only he had called us before buying the property he may have been able to re negotiate and saved himself thousands.

Please give George a call on 0450 632 867 for any advice



House Inspections Melton West


house inspections melton west
House-Inspections conducts House Inspections Melton West Reports as well as Building Inspections Melton West Reports throughout not only Melton West but all Melbourne Suburbs.

Did you now that the pre purchase building inspection business is un regulated meaning that there is no need for an inspector to be registered as a Building Practitioner with the VBA

Always make sure that you’re building inspector is VBA Registered Building Practitioner  ask for his details or check with the VBA before hiring him don’t take his word that he is??

Water damage to sub floor timbers

One of the common misconceptions is that all House Inspectors are registered; this is far from the truth as the industry is unregulated in Victoria therefore allowing anyone to do pre purchase building inspections.

There are so many good building inspection firms but also some very bad ones so our advice is to always hire an inspector who is registered with the VBA as you will then have some certainty that he will know what to look for.

A house inspector will inspect the roof space and crawl under the sub floor looking for any structural issues within the structure.

Termite trailing to floor joists

Are the piers sound and are the bearers, joists and stumps ok, is there any signs of termites or trailing’s

Dampness is a big issue with a lot of houses , inspections are conducted using moisture meters to test for the presence of moisture and we also use infrared cameras to detect not only moisture but termites as well.

Your inspector will conduct an inspection of over 1000 items throughout the house.

Exterior Defects

The condition of the brickwork is inspected for any cracks and any mortar defects present.

Are the weatherboards sound and free from any decay, have the flashings been installed according to the standards, any rust on the metal decks, roof tiles ok or are they allowing water to enter the roof space

15mm Wall Cracks

Do the articulation joints have mastic , balcony’s ,gazebos and outdoor structures have they been constructed appropriately, there so many items that the inspector will look at it makes it very good investment conducting a home inspection.

All pipes are tested, including drains, vents and waste systems. Water ingress and egress is examined, drains are examined for signs of blockages and the site is examined regarding any drainage issues that may exist.
All the electrical components are examined to ensure they fit and are operating safely. Conductors, grounding equipment and distribution panels are tested for efficient operation. The location of smoke detectors is noted in the inspection report.

When there is an open for inspection do you take notice of the important things like if everything is  working like the heating and air-conditioning.

We were recently asked to do an inspection on a house in Berwick it looked like a nice property from the outside with not many defects

The owner had bought the property without doing a pre purchase building inspection and wanted a report detailing any issues.

bearers not sitting on stumps

This should have been done before he bought the property as he may have been able to renegotiate a better price as well as saving himself thousands .

There were major defects in the roof space(how many people ever go into the roof space of the subfloor-not many )the long webs on the trusses had been removed by the insulation installers without the owners knowledge.

This was a structural issue and required urgent rectification by a registered builder.

The sub floor inspection revealed that the timber stumps had major rot to the base and many bearers were not sitting on the stumps they were suspended.

Urgent rectification works were carried out by the owner costing him over $15,000 money he did not have which, he had to borrow from his parents.

If he had only conducted a pre purchase building inspection with a VBA Registered Building Practitioner he would have saved himself all the stress and would have been able to re negotiate the price .

Cracks to wall above door

Cracks in walls are unsightly, but they may also be a sign of severe structural issues afoot in a house.

So, how do you tell if a small crack will turn into a huge major crack on your lounge room wall as time passes?

The freshly-painted walls you admired in the open-for-inspection may be concealing a possible structural defect or a fracture.

It is vital to understand whether a wall crack is easily repaired with a little bit of strategically placed filler along with some paint or if expensive structural repairs in your house are called for.

Underestimate the seriousness of cracks in walls and you may end up with spending thousands to repair

Wall cracks fall into three Major classes:

1/Interior wall cracks for example cracks at the plasterboard or gyprock;
2/Exterior wall cracks like cracks in the brickwork, surface or rendering of walls;
3/Cracks in foundation walls.
All three could be severe and symptomatic of structural collapse. How severe the issue is can only be evaluated by studying:

Most cracks to buildings are caused by moisture levels in soil changing over time so any crack requires to be monitored and recorded over time.

For any advice ring George on 0450 632 867




House Inspections Northern Suburbs Melbourne

Pre Purchase Building Inspections Northern Suburbs


A House Inspections Northern Suburbs Melbourne report will help you ensuring your peace of mind, and protection as the future owner of a building is free of defects that could cost you thousands to rectify .

House inspections are so important as are pest combined with building inspections

Engaging a house inspector is highly recommended for any house purchase making sure there are no hidden surprises.

If you are looking to make an investment in a property, then a house inspection will help assuring you that you’re that the investment is a wise choice.

The job of a house inspector is checking that the house you are about to purchase meets the requirements of the building code as you can rely on the professionalism of a certified VBA Building practitioner who will be able to distinguish which defects will impact you in the future

Water-Termite Damage to Sub Floor

We will identify all minor and major defects within the building envelope, we will take photos of the defects, our report will tell you where the defect is and the approx. cost required to rectify.

With the expert eye of a house inspector, who is trained to pick up minor cracking that will not impact your building or any major cracks to outside wall that are more severe and could require more investigation.

The inspector will identify any major defects or structural issues that could impact the assessment of the building.

Apart from major defects, the house inspector will identify all minor defects as well.

Here are some examples of minor defects:

• Blemishes to ceilings, walls
• Cracks that are superficial
• Wall dints or dents to timber fascia’s
• Taps dripping
• General Deterioration of cabinets
• Unevenness to floors within the tolerances

A minor defect is not a serious issue but will be identified during the inspection so that you are aware that it will require some maintenance on your part in the future.

These defects do not pose a safety risk so therefore we place less emphasis on these.

Becoming aware of all defects detected will give you the knowledge addressing these issues and in many cases re negotiating the contract price or not proceeding with the purchase.

House- Inspections has the expertise and knowledge to help you to decide whether the house you are purchasing will not give you stress or cause you thousands in the end..

We are VBA Registered Building Practitioners available within 24 hours or in some instances the same day providing advice that’s invaluable

Cracks to Wall above Laundry Door-Major Defect


• Interior
• Exterior
• Sub-floor space
• Roof space
• Roof exterior
• The property within 30m of the building

The phone rings “Hi John speaking i was referred to you by my real estate agent need a building and pest inspection in Greenvale

Yes we can do the inspection for you and we can schedule it in for Thursday 4pm ,you are welcome to attend but if you cannot then we will give you a call to go over the results of our inspection.

We will email you the report the same night, “are there any concerns that you have regarding the property”

No not really just want a thorough inspection looking for any structural issues as well as any termite damage

15mm Cracks to Wall -Major Defect

Personally i think that any prospective property owner going to a building inspection firm that’s been recommended by the agent is CRAZY ,sheer madness, CONFLICT OF INTEREST??

There are many real estate agents that work with building inspection firms that rely on kickbacks from the building inspector so as they can get favourable reports

This happens all the time so never ask your real estate agent to recommend you someone as you are asking for trouble

We do not work with agents and never discuss our reports with them as they are not the client .

After the building inspection i will always be asked “how did it go anything of major concern” and i always answer sorry i cannot discuss my findings my client will speak with you once she/he has the report

Once i was abused by the real estate agent saying that he always receives feedback from building inspectors on any concerns and in all his years it was the first time that a building inspector refused to discuss any defects found

I will never refer you to any future buyers” which i replied thank you for your time ,”have a good day”

Any smart agent should never refer a building inspection firm as if the inspection goes wrong in the future then it will come back to the real estate firm for recommending the building inspector

Recently i inspected a property in the northern  suburbs of Melbourne and it seemed reasonable considering the age of the property .

When i inspected the sub floor it was discovered that the timber stumps were so rotten that they needed immediate replacement and in most sections the floor joists were not sitting on the stumps ,was it safety risk -my word it was ???

Now if i had  told the agent what i found and my concerns would he have told all his other interested parties.

“NO WAY” so its always good policy for the real estate agent to never ask about the condition of the property and never ask your agent to refer a building inspector, NEVER take the risk!

We are experienced VBA Registered Building Practitioners conducting house inspections throughout all suburbs of Melbourne.

Reports include all defects found location and cost to rectify, photos included in all reports

For any advice ring George 0450 632 867