Building & Pest Inspection Report

Have you found the property of your dreams, but want to make sure there is nothing wrong with it before making a significant investment?

After a thorough inspection of every aspect of the home from the roof to the subfloor, a Building & Pest Inspection report details defects which have been found, where they were found, and what action is required to rectify them.

The report also includes photographs of most of the defects, as well as a detailed summary listing all of the major and minor defects.

The building & pest inspection report/termite inspection report informs you whether there is any existing termite damage, any live termites, any past termite damage, timber fungal decay (rot),  or borer damage. It also advises you on the areas of the property which may attract termites, as well as any action required to keep termites away from the building.

A pest inspection is critical to protecting your investment. Termites are extremely hard to locate, and the inspection is carried out in a methodical way using a combination of timber testing and advanced testing equipment like the Termatrac T3i radar meter, and moisture meters. To detect possible termite nests in wall cavities or sub nests, we also use our Thermal imaging camera.

live termites

Giving you total peace of mind, it’s no wonder our Building & Pest Inspection report is our most requested. If you are on the fence about whether to include a termite inspection, it is strongly suggested to get one before a building inspection – that way you can find out if any major damage has been caused first.

Combining the Building & Pest Inspections offers some great advantages


  • It is cheaper to have the building inspection and pest inspection undertaken at the same time, rather than individually – saving you approximately $150!
  • Combined Building and Pest Inspections offer valuable information covering both building defects as well as potential problems caused by termite infestation – having only one inspection undertaken, can leave potential major damage undetected.
  • There are more than 1000 building defects, termite damage, termite infestations and borer damage checks which must be undertaken – ordering both reports makes sure every single point is checked, allowing you peace of mind everything will be thoroughly investigated.
  • The combined Building & Pest Inspection report is approximately 60-70 pages, with detailed documentation of all issues found, as well as photographs.
building dampness

We make sure to inspect every area of the home, and yard, for termites and building defects as per Australian Standards 4349.1 and 4349.3, and supply the most informative and exhaustive report in all of Melbourne – all on the same day!

Building Inspections Berwick


As the real estate market is constantly fluctuating, people who are selling their property will go to any length to camouflage any defect for a good sale.

Buyers are recognising the importance of conducting a House Inspection in Melbourne and are relisting our  services for peace of mind before signing contract of purchase.

These days, people are aware that buying a home like any investment, needs great consideration and that is why House-Inspections should only be conducted by experts who have he knowledge and expertise to identify any defects which may exist.

building inspections berwick
building inspections berwick

Property investment has the same risks of profit or loss as any other business endeavor.  There could be risks involved that might be missed without a thorough inspection by building experts.

House- Inspections  professionals examine the property and provide a detailed report to the buyer within the same day, covering all internal and external areas of the property.

Although not a requirement, you as the buyer, are welcome to be present during the inspection so the house inspector could point out to you any problems that may exist.

Don’t worry if you cant be there your home inspector will give you a call and discuss all the findings and will follow that up with a detailed inspection report as well as detailed photos showing where the defects exist clearly, he will then email you the report normally the same day

Whether you are purchasing an existing home, are a first home buyer or you are building a new house, for a few hundred dollars engaging the services of a house inspector you will receive peace of mind and you may save thousands of dollars.

If there are Structural defects present in the home, how would you now especially if there is a defect in the sub floor ,you may have termite damage or water damage ,you need to be aware that you are buying the house with no defects that are going to cost you thousands to rectify.

This report may give you a way out of the contract in the possibility that there are Structural defects present and may be able to re negotiate the contract .

Termite droppings in sub floor

Termites have the potential to eat your house without you realizing there is a problem at a recent building inspection in Mooroolbark we discovered termite dropping along floor joist flooring junctions.

The droppings were not confined to only one section there were multiple areas that they had invaded.

The client was under the sub floor this time and he was horrified when I pointed out to him what they were.

There also was water damage to the flooring under the bathroom the rectification for the bathroom alone would have cost him a few thousand so the cost of the building inspection was a great investment.

We have inspected so many properties that look good from the outside and the real estate photos only to find that they are disasters on the inside that require many thousands to rectify by the un knowing buyer.

bearers not sitting on stumps

We recently inspected a house in Lilydale that the client had bought 12 months ago and he was concerned with some damage o his windows.

The damage to his windows were only minor but his biggest problem was inside and under the sub floor.

The floor along all sections internally were out of level by 25mm and there was excessive bounce to floor boards in kitchen as well as bedrooms.

When we entered the sub floor we discovered that the bearers were not sitting on the stumps they were suspended.

The timber stumps were rotten below the surface and required urgent rectification by a re blocker asap as in its current condition was a safety issue.

The client did not have the funds to rectify defects found and he had to borrow money from relatives ,he was very upset that he did not conduct a pre purchase building inspection as it would have saved him thousands.

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Structural Building Inspections

Structural Building Inspections Melbourne

Structural building inspections


House Inspections -Structural Inspections are used to determine the structural integrity of a property and to identify potential structural and/or engineering issues that may be present within the property to make the potential buyer aware of these defects before purchase-a pre purchase structural building inspections is an important part of the buying process.

We are independent and work for you the client only and will identify any areas of concern and provide a report identifying the type of defect and the location as well as the cost to rectify, for the small cost involved its sure worth it. Whether you are a property buyer needing assurance that no problems exist or a vendor needing advice on how to fix your property before it goes on the market it sure is worth alleviating any problems in the long term. It doesn’t matter whether you are the home owner or just wanting to renovate your property these reports will give you peace of mind.

The main advantage for a buyer going to auction is that House Inspections can provide you with a detailed report about the structure at a reduced inspection fee. If you want details about repairs and maintenance, structural, paving, fencing, drainage, etc then you should consider our full residential Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

We provide Building Inspections & Structural Inspections throughout all off Melbourne and surrounding regional areas.

What Does the Report Provide?

The House Inspections Structural Building Inspection Report is a thorough, independent document completed in accordance with the Australian Standards 4349.0.

On a Structural Building Inspection, our  Building Inspector will identify and report on existing structural defects within the main building, i.e. stumps and sub-floor or slab, walls and cladding, roof cover and related components such as chimneys, flashings, valleys, gutters.

We will advise you on any concerns with cracking to walls, sagging to the roof, roof framing, deteriorated roof tiles, rusted or inadequate flashing, gutters, downpipes and balconies so you can make an informed decision whether to proceed with the purchase..

The report also contains  Photos showing where the defects exist in assisting your decision making .

About the House Inspections Inspection


We provide you with expert, unbiased and independent assessments on the structure of the property, House Inspections inspectors are licensed builders with many years’ experi

ence in the industry so you can rely on there advice with confidence.

What Does Our Structural Building Inspections Cover?

Our Structural Building Inspection includes a visual inspection of the following areas of the building, subject to access being provided

  • Roofing, internal and external
  • Roof frame
  • Walls, internal and external
  • Sub-floor structures
  • Doors and frames, internal and external
  • Windows and frames, internal and external
  • Guttering and downpipes
  • Balconies and stairs
  • Drainage and Plumbing


Storm water and drainage issues  that have  caused foundation movement are considered structural .

Drainage is often overlooked as a structural defect  although identification of this defect can be a common occurrence as we have inspected many homes throughout Melbourne that have developed cracking to brickwork that is related directly to  drainage.

Cracking to primary structural elements:

Cracking of primary structural elements may indicate foundation movement and as such a structural engineer should be engaged if cracks over 5mm are identified. Click here for more information.

Fungal Decay Caused by Wood Decay :

 Any property with wood decay fungi  may be on the verge of collapse. This is particularly applicable to properties with a sub-floor (bearer & joist construction), or roofs that have been constructed in timber. Click here for more information.

Roof Framework:

Inspecting your roof prior to purchase is very important as it will help in identifying the presence of any defects within the building elements ,roof joists,Ridge boards,Rafters, insulation as well as many other items

Balconies & Stairs:

 The stability of balconies & stairs are deemed to be  a safety issue and as such can be a structural defect so we inspect the stairs for any movement or any damage to timbers .

Within our report each item is directly addressed & accompanied by supporting information, ensuring that knowledge has been imparted to the client & clarity has been provided on the identification of structural defects.

The identification of the above defects may incur costs of tens-of-thousands of dollars. As such we recommend that a structural defects inspection be undertaken that may require the use of CCTV cameras inserted into your drainage and sewerage pipework.

For more information or to book a Structural Building Inspection, call House Inspections on 0450 632 867, email us at

What Do Building Inspectors Check

Well that’s a great question,the phone rings i answer House Inspections and the first question is-im looking to buy a house and wanting a quote on a building inspection.

Would you like a building and pest inspection or just a building inspection as there are different prices and how big is your house and the area as the answers to these questions will help the inspector give you an accurate price

You give the quote and with many people you never hear from them again as they are shopping around for the best price which is ok but people dont realise that YES there is a difference with Building Inspectors-are they qualified with the VBA or are they just consultants or in many cases are they simply ignorant of the fact that they have no idea of the building process

Why does a bottle of wine cost $5.00 and another one cost $200 well they are made differently  with different ingredients and with a different grape variety -so not all inspection firms will charge the same,some can charge as little as $250 or a bigger firm may charge anywhere from $550 to $700

So there is a big difference ,the question that i never get from a prospective client is ARE YOU REGISTERED WITH THE VBA, I never get this question which is so important in starting your telephone call, always ask this question first

The role of a building inspector is to provide good advice to the client so as they can have the knowledge to make an informed decision when purchasing the property,most clients are more concerned about Structural issues that are affecting the property rather than minor defects,but minor defects  can cost you thousands of dollars that most people haven’t accounted for so yes all defects are important

A professional building inspector will allow the client to be present in all cases so as to provide the client with a more informed consultation and to answer any questions that the client has in regard to defects on the property and to also provide a cost of rectification works that are required

Before you buy a house, it’s important to have your new home checked out professionally so there are no nasty surprises. Organizing a building inspection is essential; it could potentially save you from expensive mistakes.

A building inspection is a report on the current condition of the property.

It’s good to know upfront what sort of maintenance and repairs you may be up for in the near future and another good idea is to have a pest inspection completed. This is important whether your home is old or your are buying a new home

Before you buy a house, it’s important to have your new home checked out professionally so there are no nasty surprises. Organizing a building inspection is essential; it could potentially save you from expensive mistakes.

A building inspection is a report on the current condition of the property.

In our next post we will outline exactly what building inspectors look for during an inspection

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Pre Purchase Building Inspections Importance


Pre Purchase Building Inspections

pre purchase building inspectionsHOUSE INSPECTIONS are important

Buying a property can be very expensive. There are legal costs, the real estate costs and the time spent looking for a new property. There are also new house inspection costs as well as property taxes.

They may not be an expense you want to pay, however, it is cheaper in the long run to spend the money than risk buying a property that you haven’t

Pre purchase building inspections are essential in Melbourne for many reasons and can save you significant issues in the long run.

When you’re spending hundreds of thousands or more than a million dollars, a few hundred dollars is “nothing” in the grand scheme of things.

When you get a pre purchase building inspection, you will be able to identify structural or other issues that may either be costly to repair, or could pose a serious risk to you later on.

A pre-purchase house inspections will give you the opportunity make one of two decisions.

You can either decide to proceed with making an offer on the property or you can back out of it prior to making an offer.

Structural Defect

If you decide to proceed with the former, then you will have negotiating power if you find that there are undisclosed issues.

Let’s say repairs will cost $5,000, you could negotiate the exact amount off your offer, or you could negotiate more off the purchase price because of the time involved and any potential inconvenience or associated costs such as temporary accommodation.

You will also be able to budget for any repairs, which is essential if you’re going to require finance for such repairs.

Getting repairs done will also allow you to negotiate the terms, such as when you settle or move into the property, and when you exit your existing property. This is essential if the repairs will take several months to complete.

The most common faults that are found tend to be structural or related to electrical wiring, however you will also be able to identify any plumbing issues that there may be and start getting quotes prior to making an offer (subject to the vendor or real estate agent’s consent).

This will give you an indication of how long the repairs will take, and what will be involved in them.

If you’re selling your current property you’ll be able to make decisions based upon this, which will reduce the possibility that you will need to seek temporary accommodation while the repairs are being completed, which will save you money in the long run.

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Frankston Building Inspections Pre Purchase House Inspections

Frankston Building Inspections-

Pre Purchase House Inspections-Buying a house or an investment property in Ringwood can be a huge risk especially if you do not now what to look for in regards to detecting defects within the structure.

A Ringwood pre purchase building inspections conducted by a registered building practitioner can help to eliminate most of these concerns.For the small cost involved it is well worth hiring the relevant building inspector to identify all defects

He will also be able to identify any structural issues that may exist within the structure.Only 1 out 10 people who buy a house in Ringwood conduct a pre purchase building inspection,the 1 person who conducts this inspection is extremely wise as he will be able to rest assured that everything within his property has no structural or major defects.The propective buyer can then use this pre purchase building report to try to lower the purchase price ar get the vendor to pay for any defects found whether they are minor or major


We are based in Frankston and we conduct pre purchase building inspections not only in Frankston and Mornington Peninsula but throughout all off Melbourne.Unlike many other building inspection companies we take pride in providing thorough reports identifying all defects so as the client can make a decision based on fact,we are available up till late evening for any enquiries and we have clients who refer us to many friends and relatives as we treat our clients as part of our family.

Building Inspections Melboune building site


Unfortunately any person conducting pre purchase building inspections are not required to be registered as the industry is unregulated so anyone can conduct these inspections without having any building knowledge,thats why its imperative that before you consult a building inspector conducting pre purchase building inspections that he is indeed registered with the Victorian Building Authority.

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