Periodic House Inspections

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Building Inspections Cost Eastern Suburbs

The Importance of Periodic House Inspections and When to Ditch a Landlord

Periodic House Inspections

One of the most important parts of being a good property manager ensuring safety at all times. In other words, a great landlord should verify that home is in good shape and take care of any potential issues that can put your family’s health at risk.

Unfortunately, not all landlords take the time to inspect the properties they rent out, which can lower your living quality and potentially cause severe accidents. In this article, we’ll go over the importance of having periodic inspections and discuss a few scenarios where you should find a new landlord.

The Importance of Periodic Inspections

Having your house periodically inspected is very important. Some of the main reasons why your landlord should inspect your house three or four times per year include:

Identify the Need for Repairs

The most obvious benefit of having regular home inspections is that your landlord will identify and take care of repairs around your house. Whether it’s creaking doors, loose hinges, groundwater flooring, or a similar repair, you won’t have to worry about fixing it as long as your house is checked regularly.

Ensure the Tenant Has Good Living Conditions

Besides repairs, regular inspections allow landlords to identify other elements that can be affecting the living conditions. For instance, if the tenant is expecting a child, some landlords may help baby-proof the house and make permanent changes that create better conditions for the family as a whole.

Create a Good Professional Relationship

Landlords are required to create good conditions for their tenants and take care of certain repairs, both of which can be achieved through regular check-ups. This can help build a strong professional relationship and it will discourage you from trying to find a new place, as long as you don’t have to.

Help Prepare the Property to Go on the Market

Many landlords in Australia look to put their investment property on the market after some time. If they monitor the condition of the house, it’ll be easier to prepare it to go on the market. For tenants, this means that the house will be kept in great condition until you have to move out, which is ideal for families waiting to purchase or build their own home.

Prevent Potential Legal issues

A major benefit of regular examinations is that it can save both landlords and tenants a huge amount of legal problems. From a landlord’s perspective, it can prevent accidents and the widespread of diseases. For tenants, having regular inspections means that they are more likely to pay attention to the condition of the house in order to prevent potential problems.

When Should You Ditch Your Landlord?

In most cases, you should ditch your landlord if he or she refuses to take care of a repair or carry out regular inspections. Some examples of the problems your landlord should take care of include:

Visible Mould

Mould can severely lower the air quality in your house and landlords are legally obliged to create a safe environment for your family. If there is visible mould growing on your walls and other parts of your house, make sure your landlord takes care of it promptly or explore the alternatives you have available.

Leaks and Other Repairs

Leaks cause mould, not to mention the fact that they can cause wood rot and potentially raise your utility bills. If you or the inspector detect any leaks, your landlord should repair them right away.

Extensive Wear and Tear

If your boiler isn’t working or there is wear and tear that affects the functionality of different elements in your home, you should contact your landlord and have them take a look at it.

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