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pre auction building inspections melbourne

Going to an auction and placing a bid for the property of your dreams, can prove to be very risky business. A million thoughts run through your head, as you try to determine if the property is worth meeting or exceeding your budget, or does it have some hidden undisclosed faults that can turn it into a money trap?


It’s crucial to remember two important things about home insurance. The coverage does not extend to any pre-existing property condition, and it does not cover a Pest or Termite infestation   either.


Once that hammer falls, and you are the highest bidder at the auction, it is highly unlikely that your request to make the sale conditional upon having a building inspection carried out will be house inspections


Before you place that winning bid, spending a few dollars now and arranging for a Pre-Auction building inspections report  can end up saving you thousands of dollars for repairs of undetected damage in a few years time. Don’t play Russian roulette with your financial future, make an informed decision by knowing the real condition of the property first.


“But the auction is only 48 hours away! Is that really enough time to have a report ready?”


pre auction building inspections melbourne

We work six days per week, and ensure that one of our inspectors can visit the property, carry out a full and detailed Pre-Auction inspection, and provide you with a report, with accompanying photographs all within 48 hours.


Call George on 0450 632 867 to book your appointment now!


Rest assured knowing that we provide an honest, authentic report and inspection of all properties. We have no relationship or affiliation with any estate agents, vendors, or builders, and only work with your best interests and investment in mind!



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