Pre-Property Purchase Inspection Checklist

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Is Important


What is Pre-Building Inspection Melbourne, and Why is it Important?

Building inspection Melbourne is a crucial step before buying a property in the city. It indicates whether a property is valued for its price. A proper inspection ensures your safety and wellness inside your house. A building inspector visits your house and checks the actual physical structure and matches it with the papers.

A proper assessment report enables you to calculate your budget for living in the apartment. Post examination, the building inspector provides you with a detailed report about the apartment you wish to buy. Upon the approval of the house inspector, you are ready to invest in the property with no second thought!

Pre-Inspection Report

An inspection report follows Australian Standard 4349 which specifies recommendations for visual inspections of the buildings. The reports follow building codes that comply with Melbourne’s rules and regulations, leading to no further disputes. Under standards, the report clearly states the existing physical condition of the apartment and lists out repairs.

The Inspection Report states three main categories to specify your safety and value for money for the apartment you are going to buy in Melbourne. The house inspector visits the site and examines all the important parts within the house, and checks for other externally important areas. Time taken for inspection depends upon the size of the property and the age of its structure. A typical inspection lasts about 2-3 hours for a common house in Melbourne, but big houses may take up several visits.

There are three types of inspection categories.

1. Building Inspection Report

The building inspection report is the most important category that covers internal and external parts of a home. It includes:

  • Examination of the internal and external roof, and walls.
  • Internal and external frames of doors and windows.
  • Deterioration.
  • Cracking in floors and subfloors.
  • Sanitation and downpipes.
  • Plumbing overview.
  • Electrical wiring.

A building inspection report lets you understand the current condition of the apartment regarding the price point. With the help of the house inspection Melbourne report, you can estimate your budget for further maintenance of the apartment.

2. Timber Pest Inspection Report

The Timber Pest Inspection Report is there to fetch the apartment’s external and internal timber, timber fence, and old trees (in some locations). The house inspector checks for the likelihood of a structural timber pest attack in the apartment.

3. Strata Inspection Report

The Strata Inspection Report in Melbourne covers the areas in the building that might not be your property but are in close vicinity. These are the common areas that are very important for your well-being. It includes an examination of the driveway, hallway, elevator, laundry, pool, etc.

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