building inspections BUILDING INSPECTIONS MELBOURNE reports are essential !

A home is one of the biggest investments the average Australian will make in their life. Naturally, you want to buy a quality property that is inhabitable and provides a good return on your investment .

Whether you plan to rent it or sell it at some point. A building inspection is an important pre-purchase process that will help you confirm whether or not a particular property is worth your money.

registered building inspectionsBenefits of a building inspection

There are many reasons why a building inspection is recommended. Besides helping you make an informed purchase decision, a prior check will set your expectations around the building.

For instance, you can use the information to plan repairs, negotiate a lower price, and understand how problems with the property can affect the property.

An independent and detailed report on the condition of a property is advised when you’re:

– Buying an established, older building

– Buying a newly-built property

– Required to confirm that the building conforms to registered plans

At the very minimum, you should ask the builder for a certificate of occupancy. Another critical pre-purchase check is ascertaining whether the property has a financial or legal encumbrance.

registered building inspectionsWho performs the inspection?

Building inspectors and building certifiers perform different kinds of inspections, and provide a report indicating issues for investors and buyers to note.

A qualified professional with experience conducting business inspections in Melbourne will be familiar with issues related to the area, and perform appropriate checks. One example would be checking for water damage in areas that experience flooding.

Engage a reliable professional, perhaps an inspector who is a member of the Master Builders Australia, which represents the country’s building and construction industry, and has been in existence since the 1870s.

There are also a couple of pre-hire checks that are worth your time, as discussed later on in the article.

What does a building inspection in Melbourne involve??

registered building inspectionsInspecting the exterior

An exterior inspection covers the exterior living space and structures, including the garden, fences, garage, gates and carport.

The roof is an important structure that will be examined for structural damage. Fire hazards, including power points and external cables will also need examination, as will any large trees close to the building to ensure any impact on the foundation or sidewalks.

The building inspection will also identify any visual damage caused by termites or other pests.
The report includes all major structural issues and maintenance requirements.

registered building inspectionsHere is a checklist including some conditions:

– Landscaping
– Gates and fencing
– Driveways/access
– Stormwater pipes
– Sanitary drainage
– Retaining walls
– Paving
– Adequacy of shed and pergola structures, materials and workmanship

Depending on the type and architecture of the property, checks may include the balcony, patio, porch, verandah, deck and joinery.

Inspecting the interior

The interior inspection similarly includes rooms and internal structures, including and not limited to:

– Structures and finishes in each internal room: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, laundry and storeroom

– Ceiling heights, wall linings, window treatments

– Floor and floor coverings, light fittings, safety glass

– Cabinet installation, finish and woodwork carpentry

– Wall cupboards, stovetop, oven, taps, sinks and pantry

– Wardrobes, drawers, shelves

– Window openings to shower areas, bath installation, shower, toilets, taps, floor tiles

– Tub, cabinet, benchtop, waste, flange, cistern

Homes built prior to 1985 need to be inspected for asbestos. Mould, rusting, leak stains and indications of pest damage should also be mentioned in the report.
registered building inspections


1. Ask your inspector about his industry experience and number of years in business

2. What kind of inspection does he offer? For instance, a pest inspection is just that and not a full building inspection. For pre-purchase checks, you need to engage someone who will perform a thorough examination of the building’s interior and exterior.

3. The inspector should be adequately insured. He should have professional indemnity and public liability insurance, which covers any damage caused to a third-party property or person.

4. Does the inspector allow you on-site during the inspection? It is often observed that inexperienced inspectors prefer to conduct the entire inspection on their own. Although your presence is not needed for the full duration of the inspection, most experienced inspectors will invite you for a couple of minutes at the end of the inspection, to address your concerns and explain certain findings.

5. The inspector should take you through the findings of the report and answer your questions. The whole point of the discovery process is to help you make a judicious purchase decision.

6. How soon will the inspector provide you a report of the findings? Many building inspectors provide a same-day report containing comprehensive information and colour photos.

7. How much does the building inspector charge? How does it compare to the service promised? The inspection documents handed over to you may also include the Building Services Authority insurance certificate, waterproof membrane certificate for wet areas, glazing certificate, and the certificate for the installed termite management system.

registered building inspectionsHOW MUCH SHOULD A BUILDING INSPECTION COST?

A number of factors affect the cost of building inspection. They include the property’s location, size, complexity, and whether or not it includes pest inspection.

On an average, the pre-purchase building inspection on a four-bedroom home will cost $600-$800 in a regional location, and $500-$700 in a metropolitan location. A pest inspection and building certificate may cost extra.


When you’ve decided to buy or invest in a property in Melbourne, get a clear idea about any serious building defect that can adversely impact the living experience or pose a health or financial hazard.

Without a visual and technical check of the building’s interior and exterior, there is no means of knowing what you’re in for.

Even if the property is in impeccable shape, a building inspection will alert you to potential problems arising from environmental issues.

If you already have a fair idea about the property’s condition and plan to renovate it, a comprehensive report will help you gain useful insights on how best.

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