Residential Building Inspections

Residential Building Inspections

Building Inspection Defects - cracks to my walls


House-Inspections conduct Building Inspections Melbourne reports servicing all Melbourne suburbs.and are registered building practitioners


We inspect all elements of the building envelope including:

  • The interior or the building: walls; ceiling, floors;
  • The exterior of the building: cladding; stairs; balconies, verandas, patios, decks, balustrades;
  • The roof exterior including roof tiling and guttering -flashings
  • The roof space: framing – party walls-insulation-termites-lighting
  • The sub-floor space: timber floor joists, stumps,brick piers, flooring, ventilation, drainage, structural damage termites and dampness.

The property within 30m of the house and within the boundaries of the site: car accommodation, detached laundry, garden sheds; retaining walls (where supporting other structures and landscaping retaining walls >700mm high; steps; surface water and stormwater drainage

A recent building inspection that was conducted in Chirnside Park detected termite damage to the sub floor joists ,termites can destroy a house without the owner knowing they are there as they are generally under the soil extremely hard to detect there nests.

Building Pest Inspections Melbourne are our most popular inspections as more people are becoming aware of the destruction termites can leave.

There was termite damage to skirting and architraves in the Lounge-Kitchen but no evidence of live termites.

The client was not impressed and pulled out of the contract ,if he had not conducted a pre purchase building inspection he would have faced a payout of many thousands to rectify issues detected.

It baffles me why a building inspection is not part of every purchaser looking to buy a house as it should be compulsory .For the small cost its well worth it as building inspections have saved many buyers thousands in rectification works .

How would you now if you had termite damage to the sub floor joists or the existence of other defects as not many people crawl under the sub floor and to the untrained eye termite damage can be hard to pick up.

The house looked great from the outside but internally it was a nightmare with damage to walls ,and structural damage in the roof space as all the struts were missing along one section making it unsafe.

There was water damage below the bathroom with damage to floor joists and flooring costing a few thousand to rectify ,if you had not conducted a pre purchase building inspection would you have known of the existence of water damage-don’t think so.


  • Our building reports are comprehensive detailing the presence of defects ,where they exist and cost to rectify including photos allowing you to make a more precise decision
  • We inspect the interiors as well as:
  • Ceilings – Sagging, cracking, defective lining, nails popping, plaster damage, dampness and structural damage
  • Walls – Cracks, defective lining, dampness & termite damage, wall alignment, plaster cracking
  • Timber & Concrete floors –We will identify any damage to floor joists floor boards and if out of level as well as termite or borer damage and alignment of flooring
  • Windows – cracked glass, fittings hardware, decaying frames, gaps to wall junctions and termite damage
  • Doors-are your doors binding or defective with there jambs or out of square-we include these items in our reports.
  • Kitchen – Bench tops, cupboards, sinks , taps, tiles, sealants , plumbing and appliances.
  • Bathrooms & W.C – Showers -bathtubs-fittings-ventilation-mould-tiling and dampness.
  • Laundry – Taps, tubs/cabinet, tiles, ventilation and mould.
  • Stairs – Stringers, handrails/balusters, posts, treads & risers.
  • Exterior of the Building-including structural defects, existence of damp proof courses, flashings and any rot to timbers, lintels and termite damage or borers
  • Timber Structures – Structural integrity of all timbers
  • Roof Space-structural damage, termite damage-insulation, wiring all roof framing is inspected
  • Sub Floor-plumbing leaks. Damage to floor joists and flooring, termites, stumps, dampness
  • Drainage is checked as well as driveways, subsidence or heave as well as garages and carport structures

House-Inspections are Melbourne based inspection experts conducting pre purchase building pest inspections throughout all Melbourne suburbs.

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