Great question but one thats obvious-i recently inspected two units that were built with so many defects that i was dumfounded that a builders work could be this bad, i have inspected many new buildings in my time but i have never encountered anything this bad

The owner was so stressed he did not now what to do,the builder was in the 734 th day of the build and still not finished,the owner was within his rights to terminate the building contract and should have received advice from a solicitor earlier than when he finally did.

As it turned out the solicitor that he employed was not up to date with the building requirements and the client was not receiving relevant advice and at $450 per hour that he was being charged he was going very close to being broke himself ,so important to employ a solicitor that has experience with VCAT and can get you out  of a building contract legally without having to spend a fortune on legal fees.

There were major defects with the flooring levels off one of the units,the front half of the house was built on stumps and the rear half was a concrete slab,the concrete slab floor level was not in alignment with the front half of the house,out of by 45mm ,which made the entire rear section out of alignment with the rest of the build,why did the building surveyor not pick this up-DISGRACEFUL 

The Specifications section 1.0 of the energy report stated that all window and sliding doors were to be double glazing windows but the builder ignored this and installed single glazing-should the building surveyor have also picked this up-no he didnt WHY ??

Termite protection was also a requirement but again was not provided.

All the appliances installed were different to what was required within the specifications

All timber used including lintels and beams were to be treated pine -again this was not picked up

The brickwork used was a different colour to what was in the specifications

No insulation was installed into roof space,no ladders supplied for manholes,balustrades not installed in true position as per working drawings,no instantaneous hot water service installed,no water tank installed,the list goes on and one-UNBELIEVABLE but true

The VBA states that Building surveyors and building inspectors are responsible for making sure that buildings are safe, energy efficient and livable. They interact with other professionals such as engineers, architects and builders to ensure that buildingsare designed and constructed to comply with building regulations as well as

Carry out inspections of building work to verify if
the building work complies with the building
permit, the Building Act 1993 and building
• Prepare a written record of building work
inspected, documenting details of noncompliant

Well in this case it seems that the Building surveyor did not comply with the above requirements of the Victorian Building Authority (VBA)

Always get your new building inspected by a registered building practitioner dont take short cuts ,for the small cost involved its well worth it


Building Inspections and Real Estate Agents


The phone rings “Hi John speaking i was referred to you by my real estate agent”i need a building and pest inspection in Croydon”  yes we can do the inspection for you and we can schedule it in for thursday 4pm ,you are welcome to attend but if you cannot then we will give you a call to go over the results of our inspection and we will email you the report the same nite,”are there any concerns that you have regarding the property” No not really just want a thorough inspection of the property looking for any structural issues as well as any termite damage

Floor joists affected by termites
Rotten timber stumps

Personally i think that any prospective property owner going to a building inspection firm thats been recommended by the agent is CRAZY ,sheer madness,CONFLICT OF INTEREST??

There are many real estate agents that work with building inspection firms that rely on kickbacks from the building inspector so as they can get favourable reports that will not influence the prospective buyers opinion of the house,this happens all the time so never ask your real estate agent to recommend you someone as you are asking for trouble

We do not work with agents and never discuss our reports with them as they are not the client ,after my building inspection i will always be asked “how did it go anything of major concern” and i always answer sorry i cannot discuss my findings my client will speak with you once she/he has the report

building inspections cost
8mm Cracks in plaster walls

Once i was abused by the real estate agent saying  that he always receives feedback from building inspectors on any concerns and in all his years it was the first time that a building inspector refused to discuss any defects found ,”well i will never refer you to any future buyers” which i replied thank you for your time ,”have a good day”

Any smart agent should never refer a building inspection firm as if the inspection goes wrong in the future then it will come back to the real estate firm for recommending the building inspector


why is the floor joist not sitting on the stump??

Recently i inspected a property in the eastern suburbs and it seemed reasonable considering the age of the property but when i inspected the sub floor it was discovered that the timber stumps were so rotten that they needed immediate replacement and in most sections the floor joists were not sitting on the stumps ,was it safety risk -my word it was ???

Now if i had of told the agent what i found and my concerns would he have told all his other interested parties “NO WAY” so its always good policy for the real estate agent to never ask about the condition of the property and never ask your agent to refer a building inspector NEVER dont take the risk!





One of the most common building defects which can easily go undetected is cracks in brickwork. Our building inspectors are experts in detecting any cracks during pre-purchase building inspections. Where an inspector’s expertise is vital is in determining whether a crack is minor and part of an ageing house, or is instead a reason to be alarmed.


Factors which can affect the building inspector’s assessment of the cracking include:

cracks in brickwork


  • Exposure to harsh environmental conditions (e.g. drought or flood)
  • Poor quality workmanship when the building was constructed
  • Signs of damage
  • Age of the building
  • The building’s geographic location
  • Different soil types
  • Other signs of building defects such as jamming doors and windows, uneven floors, the sub floor structures condition, and more.


Common types of Brickwork cracking include:


  • Vertical cracking
  • Horizontal cracking
  • Stepped cracking
  • Diagonal cracking
  • Cogged cracking


Using these factors alongside measuring the cracks in the bricks make it possible to determine a rating of the severity of the cracking, and accurately attribute the cause of the cracking in most cases.

Structural issues can be a huge problem
Structural wall defect

Frequent causes of brickwork cracking are:


  • Sinking foundations usually caused by environmental factors which have caused the building to sink over time, and caused it to pull away from the rest of the building.


  • Over time, the force of built-up soil, tree roots, and water movement can affect a retaining wall and cause brickwork to crack.


cracks in brickwork

Our building inspectors provide a severity assessment which considers the location, number, length, and width of the cracks to identify if cosmetic, minor, or remedial work is needed or if it is more serious, and a structural engineering solution would be needed to determine an appropriate course of action to prevent further cracking, and offer a permanent fix.


A building inspection which focuses on cracks in brickwork will help to put your mind at ease and stop you stressing. A qualified building inspector will carry out a thorough inspection and provide you with a written and insured report which details the type of cracking found, the cause of the cracks, and also some recommendations about how to repair the cracking.


If you have concerns about internal or external cracking in your building you can contact House Inspections on 0450 632 867 to arrange an inspection and a no obligations fixed price quote.

Pre Purchase Building Pest Inspections Melbourne




pre purchase building pest inspections melbourne

When buying property, it is essential to be fully aware of what you are buying, before you sign a contract and hand over your hard earned money! What if there are major defects detected in future which will break the bank? Maybe there are smaller, hidden problems, which if they had been known, could have given leverage to negotiate a lower purchase price. If you are purchasing a new property, has the workmanship been completed to a satisfactory standard which meets your high expectations?


At House Inspections our primary job is to identify any issues, large or small, that could affect the final purchase price of the property, and bring them to your attention. We have no relationship with vendors or builders, so you can rest assured that all of our inspections are genuine, authentic, and are undertaken with your best interests in mind.

building inspectors melbourne

Our Pre Purchase Building Pest Inspections Melbourne report is designed to thoroughly examine all areas of the building and is undertaken in accordance with AS 439.1


We provide a detailed report within 24 hours of the inspection by email and use industry-standard software to provide easy to follow reports which include clearly labelled colour photos to highlight any issues.



We examine the following parts of the exterior of the property:

– Starting outside, we check for any signs of cracking, wear, or dampness on the external walls, which is a critical step, as any of these could allow rainfall to filter through to the building’s inner walls.

– A thorough check of any decks, patios, balconies, verandas, handrails, and balustrades to ensure they comply with all relevant safety regulations.

– Examination of electrical and hot water systems to make sure they are fitted with correct safety switches, where applicable.

– Careful examination of external woodwork including all external posts, windows and frames, and doors and frames.


Boundary Areas

It is often easy to overlook inspecting areas which are not near the main building

– Check to ensure that boundary fencing shows no sign of termite nests or damp areas, and is in a good state of repair.

– Inspection of all paths and driveways to check for general surface cracking, or signs of deterioration.

house inspections melbourne
pre purchase building pest inspections melbourne

– Verify there are no signs of possible underground water retention or drainage problems, which could lead to rising dampness on the main walls.

– Inspection of the condition of the structure of any garages or sheds, if appropriate.



External Roof

– We physically climb onto the external roof, which lets us authentically locate any damaged or broken tiles, and ensures that the overall roofing structure has no failure or weakness.

– Examination of the security of guttering, flashings, ridges, valleys, as well as the condition of chimney or flue structures, making sure they have been securely attached to the building.


Sub Floor

Quite often the original builder leaves unused building materials in the sub floor area. We inspect this area to make sure all materials have been removed, and nothing else is stored here.


Material left in sub floor can restrict airflow and ventilation, as well as being a potential breeding ground for pests and even encourage a termite infestation. We also check that there are no signs of dampness, there are sufficient pest capping, structurally sound stumps and piers, and that the electrical wiring is in a good state of repair.

damage to floorboards in sub floor
damage to floor boards in sub floor

We ensure that there are unblocked air vents, as well as no restrictions, to guarantee that there is adequate ventilation in this area.



Although it may seem unnecessary, we carefully measure and examine all internal walls, making sure that they are exactly perpendicular, as well as they have no signs of surface cracking, general decay, movement, or signs of dampness.

We also:

– Inspect the ceilings for any signs of water leakage, either from outside or caused by leaking pipes in the roof cavity area.

– Check and inspect that all floors, doors, and windows have been fitted correctly and close properly creating a tight seal. Also, we check there is no dampness, or signs of movement, which could lead to possible future decay.

– Verify all wet areas including toilets, bathrooms, laundry, and kitchen, and also internal plumbing to look for indications of excess moisture, indications of mould, or faulty waterproofing.


Roof Cavity

We thoroughly check for any signs of damaged electrical wiring, external rain leakage, and deterioration of insulation material. We also make 100% sure that there is adequate airflow and ventilation and that no vents are obstructed or blocked in any way. Most importantly, we make sure there is no evidence of rodents or pests nesting in the roof cavity.Pre Purchase Building Pest Inspections reports are well worth the small cost roof void inspections








We offer combined Building  Pest inspections that cover every aspect of the property. With over 20 years of hands-on experience in the building industry, we can detect defects which may be overlooked by the untrained eye. Upon discovery of the defects, we inform you in detail about what the defect is, where is it located, as well as a recommended course of action and likely consequences for not having it repaired.building inspector melbourne


We are 100% independent and work on your behalf, not for the Real Estate Agent or the Builder, and are available to discuss the specifics of the report with you.


We fully understand that time is of the essence when conducting building pest inspections, and where possible, cost savings are one of the primary focus for any potential customer.

Our combined Building Pest Inspection not only saves you money, but it also provides a detailed report along with all necessary information. We supply the report within 24 hours of the inspection, giving you plenty of time to make an informed decision before having to commit to purchasing the property.




We understand the need to accommodate your busy schedule and can carry out inspections six days a week, either in the morning or the afternoon to ensure there is a convenient time for you.


After we have confirmed the details with you, we will contact the builder, real estate agent, or vendor to make the necessary arrangements so that we can access the property to undertake the inspection.


You are welcome to meet our inspectors upon their arrival for the inspection,, however for the best results, please don’t disrupt them during the inspection – this may cause them to unintentionally miss a defect or issue.


We have full Public Liability, and Professional Indemnity risks insurance, for the extremely unlikely situation where during one of our inspections causes damage to the property. Our Building inspections comply with Australian Standards 4349.1 and our Building and Pest inspections are carried out by the Australian Standards 4349.3. In addition to the inspection, we also provide a list of simple checks for you to be able to conduct yourself in future, to help protect your property from any damage.

Please do not hesitate to contact George on 0450 632 867 if you have any queries, or need professional advice. Alternatively, you can contact us via email info@house-inspections.com.au.


Pre Auction Building Inspections Melbourne




Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your property has been thoroughly inspected by qualified experts.


pre auction building inspections melbourne

Going to an auction and placing a bid for the property of your dreams, can prove to be very risky business. A million thoughts run through your head, as you try to determine if the property is worth meeting or exceeding your budget, or does it have some hidden undisclosed faults that can turn it into a money trap?


It’s crucial to remember two important things about home insurance. The coverage does not extend to any pre-existing property condition, and it does not cover a Pest or Termite infestation   either.


Once that hammer falls, and you are the highest bidder at the auction, it is highly unlikely that your request to make the sale conditional upon having a building inspection carried out will be granted.melbourne house inspections


Before you place that winning bid, spending a few dollars now and arranging for a Pre-Auction building inspections report  can end up saving you thousands of dollars for repairs of undetected damage in a few years time. Don’t play Russian roulette with your financial future, make an informed decision by knowing the real condition of the property first.


“But the auction is only 48 hours away! Is that really enough time to have a report ready?”


pre auction building inspections melbourne

We work six days per week, and ensure that one of our inspectors can visit the property, carry out a full and detailed Pre-Auction inspection, and provide you with a report, with accompanying photographs all within 48 hours.


Call George on 0450 632 867 to book your appointment now!


Rest assured knowing that we provide an honest, authentic report and inspection of all properties. We have no relationship or affiliation with any estate agents, vendors, or builders, and only work with your best interests and investment in mind!



Building & Pest Inspection Report



Have you found the property of your dreams, but want to make sure there is nothing wrong with it before making a significant investment?


After a thorough inspection of every aspect of the home from the roof to the subfloor, a Building & Pest Inspection report details defects which have been found, where they were found, and what action is required to rectify them.


The report also includes photographs of most of the defects, as well as a detailed summary listing all of the major and minor defects.


The building & pest inspection report/termite inspection report informs you whether there is any existing termite damage, any live termites, any past termite damage, timber fungal decay (rot),  or borer damage. It also advises you on the areas of the property which may attract termites, as well as any action required to keep termites away from the building.


A pest inspection is critical to protecting your investment. Termites are extremely hard to locate, and the inspection is carried out in a methodical way using a combination of timber testing and advanced testing equipment like the Termatrac T3i radar meter, and moisture meters. To detect possible termite nests in wall cavities or sub nests, we also use our Thermal imaging camera.


Giving you total peace of mind, it’s no wonder our Building & Pest Inspection report is our most requested. If you are on the fence about whether to include a termite inspection, it is strongly suggested to get one before a building inspection – that way you can find out if any major damage has been caused first.


Combining the Building & Pest Inspections offers some great advantages


  • It is cheaper to have the building inspection and pest inspection undertaken at the same time, rather than individually – saving you approximately $150!
live termites
  • Combined Building and Pest Inspections offer valuable information covering both building defects as well as potential problems caused by termite infestation – having only one inspection undertaken, can leave potential major damage undetected.

  • There are more than 1000 building defects, termite damage, termite infestations and borer damage checks which must be undertaken – ordering both reports makes sure every single point is checked, allowing you peace of mind everything will be thoroughly investigated.


  • The combined Building & Pest Inspection report is approximately 60-70 pages, with detailed documentation of all issues found, as well as photographs.
building dampness

We make sure to inspect every area of the home, and yard, for termites and building defects as per Australian Standards 4349.1 and 4349.3, and supply the most informative and exhaustive report in all of Melbourne – all on the same day!

Building Inspection Report


Its such an exciting time of someones life when they are looking for a house to buy,they go from one house to another looking but not really looking as the leave and ask later-did that house have flyscreens installed on the windows or did the garage door work??

When there is an open for inspection we really dont take notice of the important things and we really dont now if everthing works like the heating and airconditioning or are we going to have to fork out a few hundred dollars to fix any issues that are identified in the building inspection report

We were recently asked to do an inspection on a house in Berwick it looked like a nice property from the outside with not many defects all minor ,the owner had bought the property without doing a pre purchase building inspection and wanted a report detailing any issues,this should have been done before he bought it as he may have been able to renegotiate  a better price as well as saving himself thousands ,there were major defects in the roof space(how many people ever go into the roof space of the subfloor-not many )the long webs on the trusses had been removed by the insulation installers without the owners knowledge.

melbourne house inspections

This was a significant structural issue that required urgent rectification ,the waste from the kitchen sink was not connected as the pvc pipe had been broken and all the waste was going into the sub floor providing great conditions for termites as well as undermining the soil conditions around the timber stumps,you may think that you dont need a building inspection report but you certainly do,never take the risk ,for the small cost involved it just does not make sense.

The Building Inspection Report will identify all defects minor or major as well as checking fot the presence of termites and borers and will be full of photos showing location of all defects ldentified,you may have structural defects you never knew you had or you may have many minor defects that although minor can still cost you many hundreds to rectifyroof void inspections


Our client didnt realize that the garage door was not working as the motor was blown nor did he realize that the side boundary did not have a retaining wall constructed and the front lights on the garage piers had not been connected,if he had consulted a building inspector to conduct a building inspection report this would not have happened and  he would have been able to renegotiate a better price





A Dilapidation Report is a record of the condition of the existing buildings before building works are started, they can be required by the local councils so as they can protect there assets before heavy haulage uses there roads or footpaths as well as the builder can also require a report of the existing condition of the building that abuts his new construction works so as to avoid disputes in the future .Councils also require these reports as part of the development phase for building approval, on completion another report is conducted outlaying any changes to the existing council assets and existing buildings Report. We recommend that you have a Dilapidation Report done for your protection as well as to be in compliance with the local authorities.

dilapidation reports
dilapidation reports

Is a Building Report Required?


The condition report will also document the condition of all footpaths and kerbs as well as all crossovers that may be affected by the building works, and it will record condition of these assets before building commences and then at the completion any deposits paid to council will be able to be refunded if the condition report shows that no damage has occurred.

dilapidation reports
dilapidation reports

House Inspections have experience and the knowledge in the conduct  of Dilapidation Inspections as they are the professionals in this field so you can have peace of mind that nothing has been missed, access to any properties for inspection can be organized by us if you prefer .

The Condition Report will include photos of the existing defects and nature of defect as well as location ,any cracks will be measured before and after to show any difference in width of cracks to therefore to provide a better understanding of the nature of the damage. The exterior of the building is inspected as well as all the interior sections are recorded, we also record any retaining walls, sheds, pathways and fencing, give house inspections a call for any concerns or for any free advice.

dilapidation reports
dilapidation reports

Have our professional inspectors conduct a Dilapidation Condition Report to provide you with expert evidence to support you in the case of any claims for damages in the future.


Building Inspections Berwick


As the real estate market is constantly fluctuating, people who are selling their property will go to any length to camouflage any defect for a good sale.  Buyers are recognising the importance of House Inspections in Melbourne and are relisting their services for peace of mind before signing a contract of purchase.  These days, people are aware that buying a home like any investment, it needs great consideration and that is why House-Inspections should only be conducted by the experts in industry.

building inspections berwick
building inspections berwick

Property investment has the same risks of profit or loss as any other business endeavor.  There could be risks involved that might be missed without thorough inspection for the experts.  House Inspections in Melbourne professionals examine the property and provide a detailed report to the buyer within the same day, covering all internal and external areas of the property.


building inspections berwick
building inspections berwick

Although not a requirement, you as the buyer, are welcome to be present during the inspection so the house inspector could point out to you any problems that may be prominent, dont worry if you cant be there your home inspector will give you a call and discuss all the findings and will follow that up with a detailed inspection report as well as detailed photos showing where the defects exist clearly,he will then email you the report normally the same day


Whether you are purchasing an existing home, are a first home buyer or you are building a new house, for a few hundred dollars out of pocket by engaging the services of a house inspector you will receive peace of mind and you may save thousands of dollars if there are Structural defects present in the home,This report can give you a way out of the contract in the possibility that there are Structural defects present and will also give you the barganing power in re structuring the original price