Is your buildng inspector an independent inspector?

Ensuring your building inspector that you are hiring is an independent inspector ensures that he is truly working for you only, never hire an inspector with real estate agent recommendations

Vendor Building Reports

A house building inspector will identify problems that a property may have alerting the vendor to any unforeseen issues that can have an impact on the sale price of your property, hiring a house inspector before your pre-listing should be seriously considered.

Defect Reports are important

Buying a new home off the plan or building one a building defect report will identify if the home has been built to code with the report emailed to the builder for his attention as to what the defects are before the handover process

Defects found during House Inspections

Common issues that are found during a house inspection are dampness,mould to the subfloor, cracks in internal/external areas, termite infestations, and major structural building defects.

Complete House Inspection

A house inspection focuses on the overall condition of the home, Sellers who provide a pre-listing report can get clear expectations for potential buyers, our reports are 100% accurate, so you can rely on them to make an informed decision.
Having a VBA-registered building practitioner inspect for all defects can save you time and money.