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building and pest inspectionsDid you know that termites can actually wreck entire rooms and you may need to spend several thousand dollars repairing or replacing entire rooms?

Some people have reported their bills ranging from a few thousand dollars, right through to the tens of thousands of dollars. When you get a building and pest inspection, you’ll be able to reduce the risk of termites and pests spreading in your home and will be able to fumigate before they become a major issue.

The sooner pests are dealt with, the easier it will be to keep them under control, and you’ll be able to prevent further infestations and save yourself hassle and increased costs.

If your home does have termites and they are left in your home, you could find yourself needing to spend a lot of money dealing with the issue. There is the cost of removing the termites, and there is also the future cost. Homes can lose value if termites are found.

When you do sell your home, it could cost you at least $50,000 in the resale value. Potentially, people may lose all interest in buying your home, which means you’re stuck with a home that you can’t sell, and that will end up costing you money. This said, with property prices the way they are in Melbourne, the impact may be mitigated. A building and pest inspection can help you when buying a property for the very reason above.

On the flipside, if you’re a buyer, and termites are found, you’ll have bargaining power and will be able to negotiate the price of the property down, if you still wish to purchase it.

Aside from losing interest when you resell your property, if you don’t have regular pest and building inspections and your building gets infested, you could find that you constantly need to repaint the walls, which can be expensive and frustrating due to the time and effort involved.

It’s been said that if you do have termites, you will need to get them treated as soon as possible or you might as well knock the entire house down which can be extremely costly.

Let’s think about it, if you’re living in a home and it has termites requiring you to knock a room down, you may find that you can’t even live in it for a few weeks or a few months, costing you the cost of the building repair/renovations, plus the cost of any temporary accommodation.

It’s much better to have a small inconvenience and expense of a building and pest inspection than deal with a larger problem later that’s much harder to deal with.

Covering all of Melbourne


You can use this list to easy identify and inspect areas of property

Check off those items that are in good condition and make notes about those that are not. (Note that this list describes an ideal house, but in our experience no house is perfect – not even brand new ones!!)

This list below is only some of the items we inspect for a full list contact House-Inspections

There are over 1000 items of a property that are inspected below are some of the areas and items that are inspected fort any defects.


Proper grading of site water not going to foundations, drainage away from house

No evidence of blocked drains

Trees and walkways in good condition

No branches or bushes touching house or overhanging the roof

Exterior structures (fences, sheds, decks, retaining walls, detached garages) in good condition, no evidence of termite damage or rot to any timbers

Railings on stairs and decks are adequate and secure with no movement

Driveways, sidewalks, patios, landings in good condition, and falling away from property

Down pipes drainage directed away from the house

Ridge and fascia board lines  straight and level

Sides of house appear straight, not bowed or sagging

Window and door frames appear square (especially bowed windows)

Visible foundation in good condition – appears straight, plumb, with no significant cracking to any areas

Masonry brickwork in good condition,no cracks evident

lintels OK with no rust visible

Exterior surfaces such as Windows, Doors and Wood Trim are ok with no rot

No gaps between walls and window juctions

No broken glass panes or damaged screens

Flashing to windows OK


No evidence of broken tiles or rust to metal decks

No debris into gutters

Valleys and flashings ok

Roof line level with no dips

Ridge capping ok

Soffits and fascias not showing any signs of rot to timber.

No plumbing penetrations through brickwork that have not been sealed

No rust to Gutters, are they secured with no sagging or evidence of ponding.

Insulation ok to internal roof joists, any sisalation to tiles

 Interior Rooms

Floors, walls and ceilings appear straight and plumb

No stains on floors, walls or ceilings

Flooring/tiling in good condition

No cracks to walls or ceilings

Windows and exterior doors operate easily and latch properly, no broken glass, no sashes painted shut, no decay; windows and doors have weather-stripping,

Interior doors operate easily and latch properly, no damage or decay, locks working as intended

Paint, wall covering, and wall panels in good condition with no termite or borer damage

Light switches operating as intended

Heating and cooling units working

Exhaust fans in good working order

Stoves and cook tops working as intended

Dishwasher working ok, draining ok

No leaks below cabinets in bathrooms,laundry,kitchen

No water hammer with adequate water pressure

Cabinets in good working order

Sinks bathtubs and showers drain as intended

No sign of rusting to metal laundry cabinets

Toilets operation ok,no blockages noted

Toilet secured as required and caulked

All caulking to tile junctions ok with no voids

Garage door opening and closing as intended, evidence of motor

Evidence of moisture internally or in roof space and sub floor

Foundations ok

Stumps in sub floor ok ,no rot at base

Bearers and floor joists ok no termite damage

Soil not damp, no debris to sub floor

Roof space

Rafter and ceiling joist ok ,no defects noted

No termite damage to any structural timbers

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