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Pre Purchase Building inspections Melbourne

Since purchasing a home is not cheap and it takes investing time and your savings, buying a property for yourself and your family is an extremely vital decision. On the other hand, prior to investing in a property or a house, it is vital to thoroughly inspect the property or building to ensure that it is pest-free, termite-free, and good conduct worthy of your buying. Our expert building inspectors are well-trained and fully qualified to do pre-purchase building and pest inspection to make sure you make the sound choice, and the property you want to purchase is ideal for you and your family stay.

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Why Pre Purchase Building or Pest Inspection is vital in Melbourne

Prior to purchasing a product at the store, we make sure that it works well and if it’s worth the money, the same way, prior to investing your hard-earned money in any property, it’s an important step to do a building and pest inspection, to make sure that the property you’re acquiring is not a hideout for termites and other types of pests and is worth every penny that you’ve invested.

Building and Pest Inspection: Where Do We Inspect During the Process



We inspect all parts of your home or building interiors, including roof voids, ceilings, railings, doors, fireplaces, walls, windows, tiling, kitchen, and bathroom fixtures. These are just places that we assess during a building and pest examination.


Subfloor, roof exteriors, footings, gutters, soffits, and many others, are some places we check during a building and pest examination.


Fences, retaining walls, steps, walkways, driveways, pergolas, drainage, etc. as just some of the areas we check during the building and pest inspection.


Our experienced inspectors will check the structure for active termites and subterranean termites. This takes account of the Garage, Chimney, Attic, balconies, deck, foundation, basement, patio, and a whole lot more.

Who Can Benefit from Building Inspection/Pest Inspection?


Building inspections are normally ordered to sell or buy a property. A building inspection might also be needed if you found out that your property has developed a structural defect in due course or as a result of an incident. Commercial building and pest inspections and build inspections for registered builders concerned about the effect of construction jobs on nearby properties are common. As such, our building inspection and pest inspection service have a wide client group that takes account of the following:

Home sellers and home buyer

Residential property investors

Real estate agent or real estate broker

Commercial property investors and owners

Property managers, which include body corporate

Property owners, which include private and government agencies and companies

Building and construction contractors

Our building inspections are offered all over the country, with key locations in Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

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Why Consider Having a Building and Pest Inspections Services


A building inspection serves as a picture or print in time that determines safety hazards and minor and major structural defects, so a building and pest report has a number of benefits and purposes. The main reason why building and pest inspections are vital is to make sure that the property you are planning to purchase or occupy is safe and does not pose a health risk to you and your loved ones.

Here are the Outlined of The Main Reasons To Have Building and Pest Inspections


Without professional knowledge of construction materials and methods, many structural defects are hidden and hard to detect. A lot of people would not get onto the covering, into the roofing, and under the flooring of a property during the building inspections, which might mean potentially significant and expensive defects would be missed.

Many people do not have the knowledge or time to inspect the possible cost and works inferences of the faults and faults that are obvious or identified easily. Interstate investors might purchase property over the net, and building inspection enables them to get independent advice and details about a property instead of relying on the advice of the real estate agent who has a vested interest in the sale proceeding. You can depend on the results of a building and pest infection as they’re supported by professional indemnity insurance provisions, the recommendation of a friend or loved ones in the building trade does have similar assurances.

Avoid financial loss that might happen if you discover major structural defects and safety hazards.
Help you to plan for renovation and repairs and the cost
Settle the rate of return on possible investments given the maintenance needs and requirements.
Help in negotiations for the purchase or sale of a home and property.
Record the condition of the adjacent home to major works that might cause unintended harm and damage.

Building Inspection Reports

Building inspections are specifically vital when considering that a building or home might have potential contaminants present, including lead or mold products that are recognized health hazards.

When buying a property….

A lot of people will plan to give out to their maximum financial capacity to buy the property. Without building inspection, this investor and homeowners might find themselves not capable of meeting the expenses of repair jobs needed to address the flaws and defects.

What are the Perks of a Building and Pest Inspection Service?


The trend of getting the service of a building and pest inspection company is rapidly increasing worldwide. Pest inspection and building inspection are vital things that can assist sellers and buyers in many ways. There are a lot of perks related to termite inspection that you have to check out. Aside from determining the termite activity and structural damage, here are the benefits that you can get from the building and pest inspections professional service.

Attract the Home Buyers Instantly

If you have a plan of selling your property, then it is vital to get the service of a building and pest inspections company. With the assistance of this expert, you can detect the state of your property easily. The experts also offer a detailed report that tells about the structure’s right condition. Your home with this building report can attract possible buyers instantly and in a simple way. Also, you can sell your home at a high rate as opposed to the property that is infested. After considering this perk, you might get attracted to get the service of a building inspections company to assess your property.

Lessen Many Issues and Problems

A lot of people encounter different problems when they sell their property. Selling a home or building is a very long process, and people are paying more time to it. If your property isn’t inspected or checked for termite damages, then it can cause more problems in the long run. You can avoid these issues with ease after hiring the building inspector or pest inspector. Also, it will assist you in meeting the standards which are vital for selling a property. By considering building and pest inspections, you are able to lessen the many problems which a lot of people are encountering while selling their property.

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Determine Structural Defects


A building and pest inspection detect structural damages or defects which may cause a problem in due course once you’ve settled into your property.

Determine Concealed Problems

A building and pest inspection allow you to know ahead of time of any concealed problems which may not be seen by your naked eye easily, like leakage and faulty drains.

Option to Discuss the Expense or Cost

If the flaws or defects have come to your notice, if you’re eager to work around it, you could utilize the flaws or problems to your benefit by discussing the cost of the home with the seller.

Complete Peace of Mind

Performing a building and pest inspection enables you to know the whole thing regarding the future property, which may not have been stated by the real estate agent or seller. Knowing the bad and the goodwill makes it simpler for you to make a decision if you want to make a purchase or decline it.

Building and Pest Inspections Services:

Some of the building and pest inspection services we offer to take account of the following:

Pre Purchase Building Inspection


Pre Purchase Inspection

A property can look amazing from the outside but has a lot of hidden flaws or issues that you might not come to know off after procurement. This is why it’s best to get the building or home checked prior to making a purchase. Building inspections and timber pest inspection will allow you to determine concealed defects, pest infestation, and how much you will pay to get these issues addressed or to do pest control and removal treatments.

New Building Inspection

Prior to settling down into a new property or home, it is vital that you acquire a timber pest inspection or building inspection service. Most times, we’re in a rush to settle down that we overlook to check hidden issues, and afterward, these concealed issues come to light, but it’s too late to contact the registered builder to do the fixing. Avoid making that mistake and get your property examined prior to settling down.

Building Inspection Report

It’s always ideal for getting the property a thorough inspection prior to listing out because this offers you lots of perks. Building pest inspection enables you to determine and fix an issue prior to allowing anyone to know about it, and it enables you to sell your home at a higher price once the issues are repaired. The pest inspectors have local knowledge about termite control and give you precise pest reports.

Timber Pest and Building Inspection Services

Timber pest inspection takes account of visual inspection of the home to check for some damages created by termites or for existing infestation. During this assessment, our professional pest inspector will check for existing conditions that can lead to the infestation of termites.

Tools and Equipment We Use

To make our building and pest inspections a huge success, we make use of the best and state of the art tools and equipment such as:

Moisture Meter

This is one of the latest pieces of equipment utilized by our building inspector to examine the level of dampness in the walls. It is more favored as it is non-intrusive and does no harm during the building inspection process. Since termite is drawn to areas with a high level of dampness, it’s vital to examine the presence of this timber pest. If there’s an infestation, it would need immediate control as well as removal treatment services.

Thermal Imaging Camera

This is another vital tool we use to detect underlying harm done by timber pests or termites, leaks, and electrical defects in the structure and in the wall. If and once you have found out any hidden infestation, it’s vital that you do pest control as well as removal treatments on your property at once to avoid costly repairs.


We use this tool to detect underlying damage in your walls which could have been done by pests or fungi that cause the timber to decay. If there’s a presence of termites, it is best to hire pest control service as fast as possible.

Probes and Levels

Our professional will utilize a device to assess any leveraging problems while walls, flooring as well as windows installation.

Pressure Applications

We use a pressure gauge to determine the water pressure system and at the same time to know if there’s any leak to drop in the pressure because of any damages or defects.


Also known as a timber inspection tool, this tool is used against the surface of timber; if there’s any presence of pests, this tool will generate a sound, identifying you of the termites.

Length Measurements

This is a kind of tape used by our experts in checking the size or dimensions of a defect or crack in your property.

Our Building and Pest Inspections Process

Perhaps you are asking about our building and pest inspection process; well, regardless if you are a buyer or a seller or the kind of building inspection service you choose, our services are easy, very efficient, hassle-free, quick as well as thorough. The time you schedule an appointment, our building inspector will show up at the agreed time and place to inspect the extent of termite damage. A normal building inspection normally takes forty or sixty minutes; it depends on the dimension, size, age as well as the condition of the property.

While checking the home structure, our professional team of building inspection builders will assess all the exteriors, interiors as well as excess ground space, which include the roof, walls, foundation, patios, door, driveways, flows, sub-floors, etc. During a timber inspection, our professional pest inspector will also check the home for a current infestation or past existence of timer pests infestation or any possible factors that could lead to an infestation. We will use a thermal imaging tool to detect any underlying moisture-associated issues.

After checking your property…

Our building inspector will then give you a detailed building report. Our building and pest inspector will also send you a copy of the report to real estate agents and settlement. Our building reports aren’t just unbiased to any party but also detailed and leave no space left unchecked or uninspected.

Building and Pest Inspection Report

After carefully checking the whole area, our pest and building inspector will make and give you a full detailed report which will take down the findings and pictures of underlying damages, major defects or problems. This building report will allow you to determine if there are:

Rooftop leakages and roof exterior

Structural damages

Faulty roof plumbing

Timber-framing flaws

Fire hazard and roof voids

Expose cover-up job

Faulty stormwater

Faulty drainage systems

Damaged footings

Pest infestations.

Collapsing structures

Weak structures

A leak from bathroom fixtures

Weak water pressure

Our Commitment

We know how big a commitment purchasing a home in Melbourne is, and as we know that, we as registered builders strive to offer you superb building and pest inspections services and timber pest inspections. From pre purchase building inspection service, timber pest inspection, and full inspection reports to efficient control treatment, our professionals are well-armed to address your issue. Our experienced and certified building inspector will not just perform a comprehensive check and make a detailed report of your property but also walk you through and assist you in knowing the underlying issue and giving you a list of pest removal and treatment options.

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A combination of building and pest inspection services is a pre-purchase building inspection along with a timber pest inspection which covers borers, termites, and fungal decay. We perform both these building inspections by skilled building inspectors who hold both pest controllers and builders’ qualifications. If you book a pest and building inspection with us, we make all the needed arrangements and do the building inspection. Of course, you’re welcome to attend the building inspection if you want. If the inspection is done, you’ll get a full building report which our certified building inspector generates. Our building inspectors are quailed as pest management experts and registered builders, specializing in timber pests. We have been doing building and pest inspections for many years now and do it in a professional manner, so you are assured of the best and high quality building inspections service.

Are you planning to sell or buy a property in Melbourne, or are you worried about termite infestation in your home? Please contact us at__0450 632 867_____________ to know how we can help you? We offer same-day service, and you can reach us anytime you want. Our pre-purchase inspection services will be able to determine the major defects and minor defects of your home. Our written reports are precise and this gives you an informed decision regarding the status of the property