Pre Purchase Building Inspections Melbourne

There are legal costs, the real estate costs and the time spent looking for a new property. There are also new house inspection costs as well as property taxes.

They may not be an expense you want to pay, however, it is cheaper in the long run to spend the money than risk buying a property that you haven’t had inspected.

Pre purchase building inspections are essential in Melbourne for many reasons and can save you significant issues in the long run.

When you’re spending hundreds of thousands or more than a million dollars, a few hundred dollars is “nothing” in the grand scheme of things.

When you get a pre purchase building inspection Melbourne you will be able to identify structural or other issues that may either be costly to repair, or could pose a serious risk to you later on.

A pre-purchase building inspections Melbourne  report will give you the opportunity to make one off two decisions.

pre purchase building inspections melbourne
You can either decide to proceed with making an offer on the property or you can back out of it prior to making an offer.

If you decide to proceed with the former, then you will have negotiating power if you find that there are undisclosed issues.

Let’s say repairs will cost $5,000, you could negotiate the exact amount off your offer, or you could negotiate more off the purchase price because of the time involved and any potential inconvenience or associated costs such as temporary accommodation.

You will also be able to budget for any repairs, which is essential if you’re going to require finance for such repairs.

Getting repairs done will also allow you to negotiate the terms, such as when you settle or move into the property, and when you exit your existing property. This is essential if the repairs will take several months to complete.

The most common faults that are found tend to be structural or related to electrical wiring, however we will also be able to identify any plumbing issues that there may be.

Ring a Pre Purchase Building Inspections Melbourne Inspector before its too late

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This will sound obvious but the role of a building inspector is to check a home for any defects, issues or problems that are not immediately obvious. Building inspectors have greater knowledge than the average person, and therefore, they know what to look for, and know if a home is likely to be a good investment, or if it has issues that would need to be addressed prior to purchase.

Inspection of a new house will most likely produce better results so be prepared if you are looking at an older house you are more likely to find damage and wear you otherwise wouldn’t in a newer property.

If you don’t hire a building inspector to run a report, then you may find that you have no recourse if something goes wrong with the property and that you still must proceed with the purchase.

A building inspector helps you because you will know the true condition of the property, not just the condition that has been put forward for the purposes of selling a property.

Most sales consultants will only highlight the benefits and advantages to buying a particular property and will ignore any issues. You will be better prepared if you enlist the services of a building inspector.

You will be able to budget for post-purchase expenses if anything needs repairing or replacing, and that will give you the option to consider whether you still want to proceed with the sale.

If the repairs are going to cost several thousand dollars then you can choose not to make an offer, or if you’re still going to put an offer in on the property you can choose to offer less than if the home had no issues.

That said, it is very rare that a home will be perfect and that you won’t want to renovate or make post purchases changes.

As a seller in Melbourne, you may want to get a new building inspection done on your property prior to listing as well. This will create a more transparent process and you will build trust with buyers if you are open and honest about defects with the property.

It will also give you the option to fix the problems prior to listing the property which will enable you to sell your house for a higher price than if you were to sell with defects. reveals that you can command a higher price for every renovation that you undertake on your property, so it’s in your best interest to get a property inspection completed prior to selling.

There would be nothing worse than listing the property and then discovering that it’s uninhabitable according to the legal standards or that it has huge issues like termites. It’s best to contact a building inspector and get a full building report.


Always strive in maintaining your house or building in prime condition, doesn’t matter you own just one or you own 2 properties and always check the condition of any rental properties you own, that way you will be assured that when it does comes time to sell you will be confident that there are no issues that might affect the sale price.

Pre-purchase inspections in Melbourne can identify defects before signing a contract saving you from potential problems in the future. It’s also a good idea to have regular building and pest pre purchase inspections in Melbourne when a property is already in your care, if you are an estate agent or a rental agent.

It might be free of defects today but does that mean that will always be the case, off course not as you should always carry out maintenance on a regular basis so therefore by keeping up with this program you will always be one step in front of any issues that might arise

Building inspections in Melbourne should be carried out by qualified inspectors if you want to achieve successful results.

You should seek out building inspectors that are registered with the VBA in Melbourne and always check their registration details as many just lie and say yes we are Registered when they are not.

The industry in Victoria is not currently regulated allowing anyone to do building inspections or pre purchase inspections.

I now of one current inspector who 12 months ago was a “motor mechanic” so always check there credentials that way you will have confidence that all is good in terms of a quality inspection being conducted.

Most companies do building and pest inspections but again are they registered for pest inspections-“not many are”

One of the most trusted names in building inspections throughout Melbourne is House Inspections, a company that has provided state of the art service since 1995.

Our inspectors are Registered with the VBA with many years of experience, we guarantee our inspections so If your not happy with our service we will refund your money no questions asked

That’s how confident we are in our commitment to you our client and we never provide any details of inspections to third parties like the real estate agent as they always ask after the inspection” was everything ok” and we reply sorry we cannot divulge any information with which many get offended  as they say that “all other inspectors confide in us” with which I reply “they shouldn’t”

Customer service means a lot to us and we will always protect you the client as well as our reputation. We inspect all external areas and internal areas and are more concerned about any major structural defects that may exist rather than advising the client that the toilet seat needs adjusting, believe it many inspections do


Always put a condition on your contact “subject to building and pest” and make sure that there are no words that say Structural as many agents leave this clause in to protect there commissions as there may not be any structural defects but there will be many other major defects that could cost you thousands to repair and also you will have no way to renegotiate the contract price.

We conducted a recent inspection where the client did not have any clause” subject to building and pest inspection” in his contact and on his third day of his cooling off period we provided an inspection and found significant structural defects that would have cost him thousands to repair, he decided to walk away so the small cost was well worth it.

I cannot stress how important it is to get a building and pre-purchase inspection clause inserted into your contract prior to signing. At House- Inspections  we are available on the same day or within 24 hours of your preferred date of inspection, we will never let you down termite trailings


When you call us we will answer all your questions and we can provide free construction advice so please give us a call we are here to help as we take pride in our customer service