The Most Common Areas Checked In A Pest Inspection

Whether you are about to purchase a new property or trying to get your existing home checked for pests, a professional pest inspection is the best choice you can make to keep your family safe. A pest inspection includes carefully examining a home or property to check for pests or insects. You can hire Independent Building Inspectors Melbourne to check your house and make it safe. An inspector will inspect both the outdoors and indoors of the house to mitigate if there are any issues, and these areas that are mandatorily checked are:

  1. Kitchen and bathroom

Termites need a tiny space to enter your house. A gap or hole around the pipes or any bathroom or kitchen fixture is enough for them to make a way inside your abode. So, an expert inspector will check these potential entry points to ensure none exist, and if necessary, You can also get them sealed to make your house completely pest-proof.

  1. Walls, cabinets, and baseboards

Dark, warm spaces like cabinets and baseboards are the favourite places for insects to make this home within your home. An inspector will check your cabinets, walls, and baseboards for any openings from where tiny insects can enter your house. By checking the walls, they look for termite damage or droppings, which are sure indicators of pest damage.

  1. Garage

The garage is the hub for subterranean termites, which build tunnels called mud tubes. These mud tubes act as the way to their food sources from their nest, which is usually quite some distance away. They can damage the walls, floors, or even any items you have.

  1. Foundation

This is extremely important, and to ensure the structural integrity of your house, the inspector will check the foundation. If there are any signs of mud tubes, fungi, mould, or water damage, they are considered pests that have infested the base of your house.

  1. Roof shingles

Any experienced inspector will examine the roof shingles. If rodents are found living on the roof, this indicates that these toothy monsters are also affecting the roofing of your house.

You want to ensure your house is a safe and healthy place for you and your family to reside. To ensure the highest safety in this aspect, you can contact us at Home Inspections; we provide all kinds of services for Building and Pest Inspections in Melbourne.