Building and Pest Inspections Melbourne

Building and pest inspection services in Melbourne are the best method of pest control and monitoring building safety. Whether you are looking into an investment property, are a real estate agent preparing a property for sale, or are a homeowner concerned about your house, these inspections are essential. Property inspections are not only there to put your mind at ease but also to identify any problems.


What Are Building and Pest Inspections?

Building inspections involve various things, all of which are looking to ensure the quality and safety of a property. They aim to identify problems, including any major safety hazards or visible signs of something that could potentially lead to future issues. Using modern technology and techniques, inspectors can see inside walls, insulation, and structural supports to determine if all is well or if something is amiss.

Some include timber pest inspections in a building’s structure; others focus on the roof exterior or foundations. The whole process can take anywhere between a couple of hours to a day depending on the scale of the investigation. Inspection time is usually longer if you need a thermal sensor to identify a concentrated presence of pests or mould.

What to Expect from a Building Inspection Report?

A pest inspection report or any other building report should describe the outcome and findings of a thorough inspection. It should be a detailed report highlighting mold, termite damage, and any other significant problems. In an initial verbal report, it should be discussed whether further investigation is required. These detailed reports should provide all the information needed to confirm the state a property is in.

When to Call a Building Inspector?

There are two main times to arrange a property inspection: as soon as you suspect a problem or when entering into a purchase contract. At the first hint of termite activity or any other pest presence, arrange a visit before minor defects become major defects!

The pre-purchase building inspection process is when a potential buyer arranges an inspection to get a comprehensive report of a building’s condition before confirming an offer. Having this information helps them make an informed decision and potentially dispute the purchase price if repairs are required.

Real estate agents are often protected by professional indemnity insurance, so it is always worth arranging a pre-purchase inspection if you have any suspicions about a property. Check if there has already been a recent investigation. Many Melbourne property holders and sellers do this as part of their business.

Find the Best Building and Pest Inspector Near You

Are you looking for companies offering building and pest inspections in Melbourne? There are many hassle-free building and pest inspectors with the latest technology and great customer service. The experienced inspectors meet the Australian standard for quality building reporting and often offer a same-day visual appraisal. If you want top-quality building reports and a service you can rely on, call the best building inspectors in the city.

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We can generally undertake an inspection within 24 to 48 hours, however sometimes up to 3 days’ notice may be required. At the time of your call or email enquiry, we will advise our exact availability. It is recommended to confirm your appointment ASAP, so that there is sufficient time to schedule with the agent or to allow notice for the Tenant or Vendor. If you are not yet ready to book an inspection, please let us know your request by email or callus, so that we can reserve a place for you in the future.