Building & Pest Inspection Report

Have you found the property of your dreams, but want to make sure there is nothing wrong with it before making a significant investment?

After a thorough inspection of every aspect of the home from the roof to the subfloor, a Building & Pest Inspection report details defects which have been found, where they were found, and what action is required to rectify them.

The report also includes photographs of most of the defects, as well as a detailed summary listing all of the major and minor defects.

The building & pest inspection report/termite inspection report informs you whether there is any existing termite damage, any live termites, any past termite damage, timber fungal decay (rot),  or borer damage. It also advises you on the areas of the property which may attract termites, as well as any action required to keep termites away from the building.

A pest inspection is critical to protecting your investment. Termites are extremely hard to locate, and the inspection is carried out in a methodical way using a combination of timber testing and advanced testing equipment like the Termatrac T3i radar meter, and moisture meters. To detect possible termite nests in wall cavities or sub nests, we also use our Thermal imaging camera.

Giving you total peace of mind, it’s no wonder our Building & Pest Inspection report is our most requested. If you are on the fence about whether to include a termite inspection, it is strongly suggested to get one before a building inspection – that way you can find out if any major damage has been caused first.

Combining the Building & Pest Inspections offers some great advantages

 live termites

  • It is cheaper to have the building inspection and pest inspection undertaken at the same time, rather than individually – saving you approximately $150!
  • Combined Building and Pest Inspections offer valuable information covering both building defects as well as potential problems caused by termite infestation – having only one inspection undertaken, can leave potential major damage undetected.
  • There are more than 1000 building defects, termite damage, termite infestations and borer damage checks which must be undertaken – ordering both reports makes sure every single point is checked, allowing you peace of mind everything will be thoroughly investigated.
  • The combined Building & Pest Inspection report is approximately 60-70 pages, with detailed documentation of all issues found, as well as photographs.

We make sure to inspect every area of the home, and yard, for termites and building defects as per Australian Standards 4349.1 and 4349.3, and supply the most informative and exhaustive report in all of Melbourne – all on the same day!