Dilapidations Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Dilapidations Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Why would you want to do a dilapidation report for eastern suburbs Melbourne

dilapidations eastern suburbs melbourneWell the obvious reason would be that there is a building complex being built next door or close to your boundary.

The reason you would be using a Registered VBA Building Practitioner to conduct the building dilapidation report for you would be that you want to protect yourself from any defects arising to your property from the building works which could be due to vibrations during the excavation process.

Recently we were asked to conduct a dilapidation report for a client in Lilydale-Doncaster ,these are two suburbs in Melbourne that are booming with new multi storey developments being built.

When we asked the client why they wanted the dilapidation report we were told that “they are building next door and we have noticed cracking to our walls”. After inquiring whether they had any photos of the condition of property before building commenced-they answered No,

The client should have contacted us prior to the commencement of building works that way we would be able to compile our report showing that No defects existed prior and they would have been successful in applying for compensation from the builder.

The council normally would require a dilapidation report be prepared as part of the builders planning application but in this case it was not required, which was strange as most councils require this.

Builders also normally would ask for a dilapidation report to protect themselves as well but again they did not organise for report prior to building works so they did not have any evidence that these defects were never there prior

Part of the process can be doing a drone building report which would be beneficial in tackling and recording areas which are inaccessible  by ladder ,the drone building reports are a great way in documenting and recording that in fact there are multiple defects to upper level walls or roofs and to also show the location and size of defect.

We at House-Inspections are Registered VBA Building Practitioners with many years of experience and have conducting Dilapidation Reports throughout all Melbourne Suburbs

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