House Inspections Cobblebank

house inspections cobblebankAre all buildings built the same ? The answer is they are not as all houses are different but our building inspection reports whether its for a new building or a existing 40 year old house are the same as they inspect all elements of the buildings.

For our pre purchase building inspection we inspect over 1000 items within the property which includes the sub floor, roof space areas that the home owner never looks at and these are the most important areas that require inspection by our registered VBA inspectors.

The sub floor inspection is conducted looking for any structural damage to any brick piers as well as the stumps,bearers joists and flooring timbers.

We are also looking for any termite damage to any timbers and the presence of any live termites or termite droppings, termites are a huge problem within Melbourne and I always recommend that a property be treated for termites.

We recently inspected a property in the Yarra Valley with the sub floor covered with black sheeting and below the black sheets there was water in puddles throughout ,the presence of mould was prevalent and was so bad you could not breath without wearing a face mask.

The owners stated that they new nothing about the presence of the sheeting and were mystified how the water got into the sub floor.

We later discovered that this was a lie and that indeed they were they ones who had installed the black sheeting as they lived in a flood prone area ,our investigations to council revealed that the owners were aware of recent flooding.

Needless to say the client decided to not pursue this property due to it being in a flood prone area.

Looking into the roof space will help us identify any termite damage and damage to roof trusses ,floor joists, lighting and insulation as well as water damage .

Our building inspection report covers all areas of the property including drainage as well as plumbing and covers structural and minor defects

Our VBA Registered Building Practitioners will conduct the inspection and will contact you to detail all defects and report will be emailed the same day.

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