House Inspections Northern Suburbs Melbourne

Pre Purchase Building Inspections Northern Suburbs


A House Inspections Northern Suburbs Melbourne report will help you ensuring your peace of mind, and protection as the future owner of a building is free of defects that could cost you thousands to rectify.

House inspections are so important as are pest combined with building inspections

Engaging a house inspector is highly recommended for any house purchase making sure there are no hidden surprises.

If you are looking to make an investment in a property, then a house inspection will help assuring you that you’re that the investment is a wise choice.

The job of a house inspector is checking that the house you are about to purchase meets the requirements of the building code as you can rely on the professionalism of a certified VBA Building practitioner who will be able to distinguish which defects will impact you in the future

House Inspections Northern Suburbs
Water-Termite Damage to Sub Floor

We will identify all minor and major defects within the building envelope, we will take photos of the defects, our report will tell you where the defect is and the approx. cost required to rectify.

With the expert eye of a house inspector, who is trained to pick up minor cracking that will not impact your building or any major cracks to outside wall that are more severe and could require more investigation.

The inspector will identify any major defects or structural issues that could impact the assessment of the building.

Apart from major defects, the house inspector will identify all minor defects as well.

Here are some examples of minor defects:

• Blemishes to ceilings, walls
• Cracks that are superficial
• Wall dints or dents to timber fascia’s
• Taps dripping
• General Deterioration of cabinets
• Unevenness to floors within the tolerances

A minor defect is not a serious issue but will be identified during the inspection so that you are aware that it will require some maintenance on your part in the future.

These defects do not pose a safety risk so therefore we place less emphasis on these.

Becoming aware of all defects detected will give you the knowledge addressing these issues and in many cases re negotiating the contract price or not proceeding with the purchase.

House- Inspections has the expertise and knowledge to help you to decide whether the house you are purchasing will not give you stress or cause you thousands in the end..

We are VBA Registered Building Practitioners available within 24 hours or in some instances the same day providing advice that’s invaluable

House Inspections Northern Suburbs
Cracks to Wall above Laundry Door-Major Defect


• Interior
• Exterior
• Sub-floor space
• Roof space
• Roof exterior
• The property within 30m of the building

The phone rings “Hi John speaking i was referred to you by my real estate agent need a building and pest inspection in Greenvale

Yes we can do the inspection for you and we can schedule it in for Thursday 4pm ,you are welcome to attend but if you cannot then we will give you a call to go over the results of our inspection.

We will email you the report the same night, “are there any concerns that you have regarding the property”

No not really just want a thorough inspection looking for any structural issues as well as any termite damage

House Inspections Northern Suburbs
15mm Cracks to Wall -Major Defect

Personally i think that any prospective property owner going to a building inspection firm that’s been recommended by the agent is CRAZY ,sheer madness, CONFLICT OF INTEREST??

There are many real estate agents that work with building inspection firms that rely on kickbacks from the building inspector so as they can get favourable reports

This happens all the time so never ask your real estate agent to recommend you someone as you are asking for trouble

We do not work with agents and never discuss our reports with them as they are not the client .

After the building inspection i will always be asked “how did it go anything of major concern” and i always answer sorry i cannot discuss my findings my client will speak with you once she/he has the report

Once i was abused by the real estate agent saying that he always receives feedback from building inspectors on any concerns and in all his years it was the first time that a building inspector refused to discuss any defects found

I will never refer you to any future buyers” which i replied thank you for your time ,”have a good day”

Any smart agent should never refer a building inspection firm as if the inspection goes wrong in the future then it will come back to the real estate firm for recommending the building inspector

Recently i inspected a property in the northern  suburbs of Melbourne and it seemed reasonable considering the age of the property .

When i inspected the sub floor it was discovered that the timber stumps were so rotten that they needed immediate replacement and in most sections the floor joists were not sitting on the stumps ,was it safety risk -my word it was ???

Now if i had  told the agent what i found and my concerns would he have told all his other interested parties.

“NO WAY” so its always good policy for the real estate agent to never ask about the condition of the property and never ask your agent to refer a building inspector, NEVER take the risk!

We are experienced VBA Registered Building Practitioners conducting house inspections throughout all suburbs of Melbourne.

Reports include all defects found location and cost to rectify, photos included in all reports

For any advice ring George 0450 632 867