Peninsula House Inspections


peninsula building inspectionsYes building inspections or house inspections are an important part of the pre purchase inspection cycle especially if you are buying at auction as there is no cooling off period so once you’ve signed the contract your stuck .

Every house even new homes have some sort of defect and most homes have minor defects which could be minor cracking to walls or blemishes to floor tiling but sometimes we come across significant structural defects that would cost you thousands to rectify.

We had a recent client that was worried about the $500 he had to pay for a building inspection report but he eventually decided to go ahead with the inspection as he was worried about a minor crack to the brickwork.

Well the crack was not minor as we discovered it was a structural defect as the outside beams were resting on the top plate that was sitting on the brickwork and internally there was a 15mm crack extending vertically from the footings up the wall for an  approx length of 4.5 metres.

We also recorded in our report that the garage beam that was attached to the brick wall was coming away and required urgent rectification works to re stabilize the beam as the garage roof would have collapsed.

We noted approx 6 major defects and 25 minor defects  within the report that would have cost a lot of money to repair and make good,so the $500 cost of the building inspection report turned out to be a lifesaver for this particular couple ,the feeling that you get when your building inspector advises that there are no structural defects is fantastic as you now that you have made a wise purchase.


Sure there are many minor defects within the property ,does this mean that its ok and will not cost much to rectify-NO its not as a lot of minor defects can add up to thousands and its important o now where these defects are and the nature and size as well as approx cost to rectify.

Our building inspection reports detail all defects minor and major ,where they are and how best to rectify, photos are part of the report as a photo is like a thousand words.

Once the inspection is final we will give you a call ,if you are not at inspection to advise what we have found and the extent of any damages recorded and will email report to you normally within the same day.

House- Inspections  was recently called to do a Building  inspection on a new house in Melton prior to handover. Melton has much development with so much building works being established.  Our Melton new home inspection found that the building was not built as to requirements of the VBA building regulations.

The  Melton area is very affordable  for young families and located only 33kms from Melbourne CBD. Our client  wanted to have belief that there building construction is being built as required to the VBA code.

Overall the property building report had minor defects recorded and there were no major building rectification works needed  There were many sections within the house that the painting was not up to standard as well as sections to walls were out of alignment by 15mm which is not acceptable within the VBA standards and tolerances , Its a requirement that all doors are to painted to top and bottom of all leaves and you would be surprised as to how many builders do not adhere to this requirement.

The owners of this property have made sure  that they know what needs to done to bring there property so as to comply with the VBA building code ,if you require advice for your next build or pre purchase building inspection please give George a call on 0450 632 867.