Building Pest Inspections Can Save You Money

A Building pest inspection conducted on a property you may want to buy can save you money and sometimes lots of money depending what is found by the inspector during the inspection.

Making sure that your building contract does not have the working “subject to a building defect or structural defect” as these clauses have the potential to not be abe to re negotiate the contract price in the event that minor defects exist.

We recently inspected a property in which most of the items inspected were satisfactory with no major structural defects found but we did include in our building report that there was one item that was listed as a minor defect and to rectify this defect would cost approx $2000.

The purchaser in this case was able to go back to the seller with the report and re negotiate the purchase price because he took our advice before signing the real estate contract and deleted the words “structural defect” read more

The ridge capping to this property required re pointing along the roof line and the cost to rectify was carried by the seller so in this case the purchaser saved himself a bit of money .

Another property we inspected had water damage to the floor boards and floor joists and the cost to rectify would have been in excess of $12,000 but in this case our client had an inspection of his property 6 months after he bought it ,if only he had a building inspection before purchase he would have saved himself a lot of money and stress.

Conducting a pre purchase building pest inspection is very important as for the small cost involved it can save you thousands in the case that defects are identified.

All homes inspected have some sort of defect even new homes but having your property inspected gives you peace of mind that your not going to have to rectify defects costing you thousands down the track.


To avoid unnecessary problems during your house inspections, you need to hire a house inspector. They should be a licensed VBA Registered Practitioner who will examine your potential house and give you a realistic assessment of the condition and the existence of any defects minor or major. They examine the current condition of the house, but can not make predictions about the future condition of the house.

The house inspector does not determine the value of the property, or check whether or not the state of the property is compliant with the appropriate laws including council approvals. They do not measure the size of the building or any internal or external areas. They can identify any  defects  within  the property and it is then up to the buyer to make an informed decision based on the inspector’s findings. He will not advise that you should not buy the property or you should as that is the clients responsibility only.

Often many clients think that they don´t require an inspection by a house inspector because  they think they have the relevant skills but they are wrong as we have found out multiple times that they have missed some crucial defect that they thought was ok initially only to find out later that it was a structural defect.

Its not a requirement to be a registered building practitioner to conduct Building pest inspections in Victoria so prospective buyers should be aware that if fact there house inspector was a past car mechanic ,they should ask appropriate questions and check there reviews and ask to see there documentation before hiring them . .

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