Structural building inspections

Structural Building Inspections Melbourne

Structural building inspections

House Inspections -Structural Inspections are used to determine the structural integrity of a property and to identify potential structural and/or engineering issues that may be present within the property to make the potential buyer aware of these defects before purchase-a pre purchase structural building inspections is an important part of the buying process.

We are independent and work for you the client only and will identify any areas of concern and provide a report identifying the type of defect and the location as well as the cost to rectify, for the small cost involved its sure worth it. Whether you are a property buyer needing assurance that no problems exist or a vendor needing advice on how to fix your property before it goes on the market it sure is worth alleviating any problems in the long term. It doesn’t matter whether you are the home owner or just wanting to renovate your property these reports will give you peace of mind.

The main advantage for a buyer going to auction is that House Inspections can provide you with a detailed report about the structure at a reduced inspection fee. If you want details about repairs and maintenance, structural, paving, fencing, drainage, etc then you should consider our full residential Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

We provide Building Inspections & Structural Inspections throughout all off Melbourne and surrounding regional areas.

What Does the Report Provide?

The House Inspections Structural Building Inspection Report is a thorough, independent document completed in accordance with the Australian Standards 4349.0.

On a Structural Building Inspection, our  Building Inspector will identify and report on existing structural defects within the main building, i.e. stumps and sub-floor or slab, walls and cladding, roof cover and related components such as chimneys, flashings, valleys, gutters.

We will advise you on any concerns with cracking to walls, sagging to the roof, roof framing, deteriorated roof tiles, rusted or inadequate flashing, gutters, downpipes and balconies so you can make an informed decision whether to proceed with the purchase..

The report also contains  Photos showing where the defects exist in assisting your decision making .

About the House Inspections Inspection

We provide you with expert, unbiased and independent assessments on the structure of the property, House Inspections inspectors are licensed builders with many years’ experience in the industry so you can rely on there advice with confidence.

What Does Our Structural Building Inspections Cover?

Our Structural Building Inspection includes a visual inspection of the following areas of the building, subject to access being provided

  • Roofing, internal and external
  • Roof frame
  • Walls, internal and external
  • Sub-floor structures
  • Doors and frames, internal and external
  • Windows and frames, internal and external
  • Guttering and downpipes
  • Balconies and stairs
  • Drainage and Plumbing


Storm water and drainage issues  that have  caused foundation movement are considered structural.


Drainage is often overlooked as a structural defect  although identification of this defect can be a common occurrence as we have inspected many homes throughout Melbourne that have developed cracking to brickwork that is related directly to  drainage.

Cracking to primary structural elements:

Cracking of primary structural elements may indicate foundation movement and as such a structural engineer should be engaged if cracks over 5mm are identified. Click here for more information.

Fungal Decay Caused by Wood Decay :

Any property with wood decay fungi  may be on the verge of collapse. This is particularly applicable to properties with a sub-floor (bearer & joist construction), or roofs that have been constructed in timber. Click here for more information.

Roof Framework:

Inspecting your roof prior to purchase is very important as it will help in identifying the presence of any defects within the building elements ,roof joists, Ridge boards, Rafters, insulation as well as many other items

Balconies & Stairs:

The stability of balconies & stairs are deemed to be  a safety issue and as such can be a structural defect so we inspect the stairs for any movement or any damage to timbers.

Within our report each item is directly addressed & accompanied by supporting information, ensuring that knowledge has been imparted to the client & clarity has been provided on the identification of structural defects.

The identification of the above defects may incur costs of tens-of-thousands of dollars. As such we recommend that a structural defects inspection be undertaken that may require the use of CCTV cameras inserted into your drainage and sewerage pipework.

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