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Melbourne Building Wall Cracks

Melbourne Building Wall Cracks

Understanding Cracks  in Your Melbourne Home

It’s normal to panic at the sign of cracks in the walls. You automatically assume your home has structural issues and needs major repairs. You envision the house falling apart before your eyes. But, what if we told you that not all cracks are structural major defects or building defects as most are just due to settlement, check the victorian building authority website foe more information.

Cracks happen for a variety of reasons, some of which really aren’t a big issue. It could be naturally settling that takes place after the home’s construction. If that’s the case, the cracks may only need a few minor repairs, leaving your home as good as new. Some cracks don’t even need any help – they just need time.

How do you know when to worry and when to not concern yourself? Keep reading to learn more.

What’s the Cause for Cracks in the Walls?

Before you jump in and pay for repairs, you should know the cause for structural cracks in the walls. While you should leave the work to the professional building inspectors, it doesn’t hurt to have some basic knowledge of how cracks occurred and what you can do about it.

The main thing to remember is not to freak out about every crack. Use the information below to get familiar with your home’s cracks:

  • Vertical cracks – Are you noticing vertical structural cracks in the walls at the point where the ceiling and wall meet? This is usually a sign of settling foundation. It’s not a sign of a faulty building or risk of serious issues. After the foundation settles following construction, the cracks will stop.
  • Horizontal cracks – Are you noticing 45-degree horizontal cracks along the walls? This could signify water damage, a shifting foundation, or other serious structural issues. Horizontal cracks are often a reason for concern and should be addressed as soon as you find them.
  • Diagonal cracks – Diagonal cracks could be another reason for concern. They could be a sign of poor footing or slab work, which could put the integrity of the building at risk. Getting professional help right away is essential.
  • Stuck windows and doors – If the windows and doors stick and the hardware and paint are in good condition, it could signify foundation damage. A shifting foundation causes cracked walls and warped doors and windows. This isn’t necessarily a horrible thing though. Sometimes the shifting is minor and the repairs simple.
  • Nail pops – If we notice a lot of nail pops throughout the home, we will look for drywall movement and dried out timber frames. This too isn’t the end of the world and only requires minor repairs.

Steps to Take

We know that it’s concerning to find cracks in the wall. Your first instinct is probably to call for emergency repairs. Don’t do that quite yet, though. Instead, call in professional structural building inspections. You need to know the root cause of the cracks so that you can get the proper repairs. Why pay for more repairs than you need?

Our inspectors thoroughly inspect the building and look for the root cause of the issue. Just repairing the cracks without knowing what’s going on underneath the crack could cause an even larger issue. Wall cracks themselves may not cause damage, but a faulty foundation or rotted slab could cause a serious concern down the road.

You need professionals that understand the cause of the cracks and will provide the right information. Just repairing the cosmetic appearance of the crack, doesn’t fix the root problem. The cracks will only reappear and the damage underneath will worsen. Our experts can identify structural major and minor defects, helping you choose the next best step.

We know that your building is probably one of the largest investments of your lifetime. If you notice cracks in the walls, call us right away. We will thoroughly inspect the home, determining the reason for the cracks. We will provide you with our professional evaluation and opinion so that you know what to do moving forward.

Are you ready to find out why your home has cracks in the drywall? Call George today at 0450 632 867 and we’ll schedule your appointment to find out the cause of your home’s cracks.